Webinar Video: Grant Fundraising for HIV & AIDS Programs

The Webinar video on "Grant Fundraising for HIV & AIDS Programs" is now available online. In recent years, much progress has been made in understanding HIV & AIDS. Both in preventing contraction and improving the health and quality of life for people affected. However, while there is still much important work to be done in this sector, HIV & AIDS are no longer a priority for many donors and there is a lot of competition for limited resources. This video will explain how NGOs … [Read more...]

Download! The FundsforNGOs Guide on Proposal Writing Basics: The Complete “How-To” for Everything Proposal-related

Donor proposal requirements have over time become more complex. This reflects increased competition and ever-larger resources available to the NGO sector. The enormous growth in funding opportunities as well as NGOs has also made fundraising more competitive and requiring higher-quality proposals. The following guide has been prepared to provide comprehensive information about basic proposal writing for local grassroots NGOs in developing countries and international development workers and … [Read more...]

Webinar Video: How to Raise Funds for Humanitarian Relief

The Webinar Video on "How to Raise Funds for Humanitarian Relief" is now available online. The number of emergency situations around the world is increasing. When a crisis erupts, or within the context of an ongoing emergency, there are many funding mechanisms that are available. However, it can be difficult to access this funding, due to the system’s complexity and the chaos that ensues in an emergency situation. This video will help to explain the complexities of the humanitarian funding … [Read more...]

Upcoming International Conferences and Training Opportunities you can apply for support to attend them!

We have identified a list of 8 international conferences and training programs that offer support to attend them. Whether you are working on sustainable development or promoting democracy or seeking to bring about change using innovation or empowering yourself with new leadership skills, there are opportunities available to network and enhance your reach. These workshop opportunities are available for NGOs and individuals working across African and Asian countries. This information is … [Read more...]

Webinar Video: How to Find Sources of Funding for LGBT Organizations and LGBT-Focused Programs

The Webinar Video on “How to Find Sources of Funding for LGBT Organizations and LGBT-Focused Programs” is now available online. In the past few years, there has been a shift with the donor community that LGBT rights are human rights and they have supported this shift with more funding and new funding mechanisms. This new funding is sorely needed as many local LGBT-focused organizations have for too long faced too few sources of funding for their work. This video will provide participants … [Read more...]

Donors for Women Empowerment in Africa

Most African women, in common with women all over the world, face a variety of legal, economic and social constraints. There is a wide gender gap in the education sector in Africa. In some places, women are regarded as being the equals of men, but their roles are nevertheless different. So, women traditionally look after the homestead, while men find jobs outside the home. Though African government is committed to providing equal education for girls, in practice girls drop out from school … [Read more...]

The Most Awaited Funding Opportunities of 2017

In our process of assisting you in raising funds, we are back with a new resource guide so that you can mark up your calendars in order to apply in advance for the most important grant programs of 2017. Due to a number of big grant opportunities and foundations, there are chances of missing some important opportunities that are actually worth applying for. Therefore, we have compiled all such important grant programs in a single guide so that a regular check on all good opportunities can be … [Read more...]

New Year Special: Large Grant Awards and Prizes to apply in 2017

In our process of assisting you in raising funds and accomplishing new goals in 2017, we are happy to bring to you this resource guide on "Big Awards and Prizes to Apply in 2017". We have researched and listed 15 big awards and prizes that are open every year globally or regionally. Mark up your calendars, so that you can prepare in advance for these opportunities. The opportunities have open and closing dates- so keep a warm watch on them. Download the guide on “New Year Special: Large … [Read more...]

A List of Donors Supporting Urban Development Worldwide

The need of community and economic development from job retention, creation, training priorities to new investments in public facilities, to the development of affordable housing is increasing day by day. Countries, cities around the world are facing problems of urban development and thus prefer to live in cities. The urban environment provides a variety of options to people from economic sector to every aspect of a better life. Today’s urban centres are the basis of economic activities. … [Read more...]

Webinar Video: Social Media- Using Facebook and More to Sell Your Mission

The webinar video on “Social Media: Using Facebook and More to Sell Your Mission” is now available online. Tweets, e-newsletters, web 2.0 — gone are the days of slow paced, one-way communication. Nonprofit professionals today have extraordinary opportunities at their fingertips to connect with resources that extend far past their location. However, with this rapid growth, it is critical to stay in tune with all the new developments. As Web 2.0 evolves into Web 3.0, a lack of knowledge on of … [Read more...]

Webinar Video: Donor Research and Identification (Funding Great Funders for your Organisation)

The webinar video on "Donor Research and Identification: Funding Great Funders for your Organisation" is now available online. Many NGOs face challenges with the research on prospective institutional donors, that happens to be an overwhelming process sometimes. The effective methods of donor research are insistent to the NGOs and the approaches will be discussed in this webinar, with the focus on efficient use of a variety of free internet tools to identify new international grants for your … [Read more...]

Webinar Video: How to Create a Concept Note for the European Commission

The Webinar Video on "How to Create a Concept Note for the European Commission" is now available online. The European Commission (EC) programmes are a significant potential source of funding for NGOs, but understanding what it is exactly that the Commission wants is often daunting. Drafting a comprehensive concept note under highly competitive conditions often discourages organisations from even applying. Those that do apply frequently end up wasting a lot of time and resources drafting … [Read more...]

Webinar Video: How to Raise Funds in Humanitarian Situations

The webinar video on "How to Raise Funds in Humanitarian Situations" is now available online for FundsforNGOs Premium Members. In the context of an increasing number of emergency situations, many funding mechanisms are available around the world. But due to the system's complexity and the chaos persuading the emergency situations, the accessibility to these funds becomes difficult. The difficulty may still pursue in knowing what is available and from whom, which may particularly be … [Read more...]

Creating a Social Media Strategy for Your NGO

A social media strategy is a plan to help NGOs best take advantage of the opportunities available through social media. Just as a communications strategy ensures your NGO’s communications efforts are consistent and effective, a social media strategy will do the same for your organization’s social network activity. While a social media strategy should be comprehensive, this is not a time to set overly ambitious goals. Rather, this is an opportunity for your NGO to look realistically at how and … [Read more...]

Webinar Video: How to Raise Funds from DFID

The Webinar Video on “How to Raise Funds from DFID” is now available online for FundsforNGOs Premium Members. The Department for International Development (DFID) in the United Kingdom is a major source of funds and partnership opportunities for NGOs around the world. DFID offers a significant amount of funding resources for NGOs through grant opportunities and requests for applications. DFID ‘s funding resources support a wide range of issues areas: education, health, poverty reduction, the … [Read more...]

Webinar Video: How to Raise Funds from US Foundations

The Webinar Video on "How to Raise Funds from US Foundations" is now available online. Broadening the funding sources at present, has become more challenging  for the NGO managers and fundraisers, as sources of funding are numerous, and thus navigation gets complicated. This has caused them to be under more pressure than ever, often getting discouraged by the complexity of donor’s systems ending up with not even applying for those funds. Unaware and lacking the knowledge of donors’ landscape, … [Read more...]

Top Donors for Democracy and Good Governance in Africa

The essence of democracy assistance in Africa has focused on various sectors of development but, there still exist issues under-served and that are in need of being put into focus. According to a UN report, African leaders and politicians themselves do recognize the fact that western systems of democracy have failed to take root in many African countries. This failure is the root cause of the lack of security and peace in many countries. Also, governance has increasingly become a major … [Read more...]

A List of Top 25 Donors for Nigeria

Nigeria; despite of having a rich land mass, human and natural resources lacks in quality of life of its citizens. Nigeria suffers various problems like corruption, crime and terrorism, unemployment, education and university systems, environment, infrastructure, gender , road accidents etc. The government, through its various policies has always supported people in Nigeria to curb these problems but still a million in Nigeria lack these support and are living a life of scarcity. Foundations … [Read more...]

Webinar Video: How to Raise Funds from US State Department Bureaus

The Webinar Video on “How to Raise Funds from US State Department Bureaus” is now available online. The US Department of State, being a vast source for fundraising, can sometimes be tricky to navigate. This video will help fundraisers in avoiding such complications, providing them information on where and how the Department and its Bureaus give to NGOs. The US Department of State is a major donor popular for its activity in all major regions around the world. In general, they are considered to … [Read more...]

World Humanitarian Day: Donors Providing Humanitarian Assistance Worldwide

The World Humanitarian Day is celebrated each year on 19 August and its theme for this year is "One Humanity". Humanity is the best religion of mankind. The world today is facing several adversities due to which the development and growth sectors are being demolished. There is an urgent need of curing such problems and minimizing the impact of destruction in every sector. Despite of various programs and funding by governments worldwide, people still face issues on livelihoods, human rights, … [Read more...]

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