ARIMNet2 Joint Call 2017: Preparing the New Generation of Young Researchers!

Deadline: 14 September 2017

The ARIMNet2 Project, funded by the European Union through the EU 7th Framework Programme is currently inviting young researchers to reinforce the capacities of young scientists around the Mediterranean Area and to prepare the new generation of young research talents to become leaders and pioneers in their research area.

It aims to promote international collaborations among young researchers to take up in an innovative approach the global stakes and challenges that the Mediterranean Agriculture is facing.


The call will cover two topics:

  • Topic 1: “Promoting sustainable agriculture for socio-economic development”
  • Topic 2: “Valorising local products through food value chains improvement”

Expected Impacts

  • Integrated approaches to address complex challenges linking technical and socio-economic issues;
  • Improved soil and water quality and agronomic practices with limited input use (e.g. pesticides, chemical fertilisers, energy and water);
  • Improved local products and farming systems best suited to Mediterranean conditions;
  • Diversification and increase of farmers’ incomes through access to new markets;
  • Innovations along the whole food chain contributing to local development

Eligibility Criteria

Each project proposal must meet the following criteria:

  • Project consortium must include at least three (3) young researchers from three (3) different countries participating and funding the call (at least 1 from a southern country: Algeria, Egypt, Morocco or Tunisia and from a northern country: France, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain)
  • A young researcher is somebody who has obtained his/her PhD (or equivalent to be defined in the national regulations) within the last 10 years (meaning that applicants must have obtained their PhD after 1 January 2007). In some cases, the definition can be slightly different according to the countries, then the definition of eligible profiles is specified in the national regulations.
  • This limit of 10 years may be pushed back for the following events occurring after the PhD is awarded: maternity leave, parental leave, long term sick leave (> 90 days), national service. The limit is pushed back for a period equal to the duration of the event. Where appropriate, the events will be specified at the time of proposal submission and supporting documents will be provided
  • Additional young researchers from other countries not funding the call are welcome in a Project Consortium but will have to participate on their own financial contribution. Applicants with own or other sources of funding than ARIMNet2 are not taken into account in the minimum requirement of eligible consortium partners
  • Additional senior researchers (not young researchers as defined in the call) can participate in the consortium but cannot lead a team nor coordinate the consortium, they must be part of a team led by a young researcher.
  • Be of a maximum three-year duration,
  • Fit the formal requirements for proposal submission,
  • Be in line with the call scope and topics.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must apply online via given website.

Eligible Countries:  Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Croatia, France, Greece, Spain, Turkey, Slovenia.

For more information, please visit ARIMNet2.

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