Mondriaan Fund: Grant for International Collaborative Projects with Heritage Institutes

Deadline: 20 October 2017

The Mondriaan Fund is seeking applications for its grant program entitled “Grant for International Collaborative Projects with Heritage Institutes” that is intended for one or more Dutch cultural heritage institutions that collaborate with foreign cultural heritage institutions in research projects in fields covered by both of their collections. The grant may be used in the development phase to pay for the travel and accommodation expenses incurred by researchers and curators, and towards the costs of presenting the study results in the Netherlands.

The objective of this program is to promote new insights, research and international collaborations in the field of cultural heritage whose importance will draw international attention and which will result in a presentation.

The amount of a Grant for International Collaborative Projects with Heritage Institutes will be determined per application.

Target Groups and Target Areas

  • Visual Artists: The Mondriaan Fund defines visual artists as all those who work professionally in one or more of the following fields: drawing, painting and graphic arts, (social) sculptures and installation art, conceptual art, performance art, artistic research, non-traditional forms of visual arts, photography, audio-visual, digital and (new) media art, visual art applications and art in public spaces.
  • Mediators: The Mondriaan Fund defines a mediator as a curator, critic, theorist or observer in the area of modern visual arts and/or cultural heritage. A mediator develops projects that increase the knowledge and/or visibility of and insight into contemporary visual art and cultural heritage in the Netherlands.
  • Cultural Heritage: The Mondriaan Fund defines cultural heritage as everything which has cultural historical value and together forms the material and immaterial heritage of Dutch society.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Grant applications may be submitted by Dutch institutions managing cultural heritage of national significance.
  • In order to be eligible, such a Dutch institution must have entered into a partnership with similar cultural heritage institutions abroad.
  • The proposed research project must be shown off by both the Dutch institution and its international partner/s.
  • The applicant will make a significant financial contribution to the acquisition of the object itself. The grant application is more likely to be successful if the applicant has raised some funds itself by means of a crowd-funding campaign, e.g. through
  • The foreign partner’s or partners’ share of the project costs must be in acceptable proportion to the grant awarded by the Mondriaan Fund.
  • Visual artists and mediators
    • In order to qualify for a grant, a visual artist or mediator who does not have the Dutch nationality must perform activities with an artistic content in the area of visual arts and/or cultural heritage and be integrated as such in the professional visual arts and/or cultural heritage field in the Netherlands.
    • Applicants who do not have the Dutch nationality have to include a recent certificate of residence (no older than 3 months) in their application. This applies for artists and mediators who submit an application to the Mondriaan Fund themselves, as well as for artists and mediators on behalf of whom another party is submitting the application.
  • Institutions, clients and other legal entities
    • In order to qualify for a grant from the Mondriaan Fund, the applying institution, organization, client or other legal entity has to be located in the Netherlands.
    • For the International Presentation Grant an exception is made for organizations in other countries applying for an activity relevant to contemporary visual arts in the Netherlands.

How to Apply

Applications for a Grant for International Collaborative Projects with Heritage Institutes can be submitted through the Mondriaan Fund’s online application system given on the website.

Eligible Country: Netherlands

For more information, please visit International Collaborative Projects.

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