National Arts Fund: Preserving and Fostering Cultural Values of Mauritian Society

Deadline: 23 November 2018

The National Arts Fund has launched its second call for projects under the Emerging Talents Grant, Production Grant, Capacity Building Grant and Research Grant Schemes.

The National Arts Fund (NAF) has been set up under the aegis of the Ministry of Arts and Culture to contribute to the funding of creative arts projects, schemes and events to empower artists and arts organisations in the different fields of arts and culture.

The Fund aims at supporting and accompanying a wide range of artistic activities/ projects/ programmes from both emerging and established artists.


The National Arts Fund will support projects in the following fields:-

  • visual arts (e.g. paintings, drawing, cartooning, fine art, photography, sculpture);
  • literary arts (e.g. poetry, slam, etc.); performing arts (e.g. music, dance, theatre, cinema);
  • digital arts (e.g. artistic work using digital technology); and
  • multi-disciplinary art forms that have an impact on the arts scene of Mauritius.


The Fund shall contribute to the financing of projects aiming at, a maximum of the following:-

  • developing the artistic scene of Mauritius;
  • creating opportunities for Mauritian artists and practitioners;
  • improving standards of the arts in Mauritius;
  • stimulating public interest in the arts;
  • promoting knowledge, appreciation and practice of the arts;
  • promoting interculturalism and cultural diversity;
  • using arts to fight societal ills;
  • promoting professional development of artists;
  • empowering artists and encouraging the creation of artistic and cultural related productive labour; and
  • preserving and promoting elements of cultural and artistic heritage.

Grant Schemes

The National Arts Fund (NAF) has set up the following Grant Schemes:

  1. Emerging Talents Grant:The Emerging Talents Grant supports emerging individuals or art groups with talent, vision and innovative ideas that can ensure their further artistic development and nurture future generations of talented Mauritians.
    • Funding Information: 70% of PV* with ceiling of Rs 300,000
  2. Production Grant: The Production Grant supports established artists/ arts groups to continue to present quality arts activities/ projects having a high level of originality and creativity.
    • Funding Information: 50% of PV* with ceiling of Rs 800,000
  3. Capacity Building Grant: The Capacity Building Grant supports short training programmes related to the different art forms to artists and art practitioners by organisations/ associations of artists and training institutions.
    • Funding Information: 70% of PV* with ceiling of Rs 300,000
  4. Research Grant: Innovations in the arts is an on-going process which, amongst others generate new forms of artistic expression and cultural experiences.
    • Funding Information: 60% of PV* with ceiling of Rs 500,000

PV* = Project Value of the Proposal

Projects to be funded

The projects to be funded will include, but will not be restricted to, the following:-

  • artistic performances (music, songs, dances, etc.);
  • exhibitions;
  • drama and other theatrical productions;
  • artistic competitions, talents search, arts fair/ festivals;
  • publications (in arts and culture);
  • serials, documentaries, animations, short and feature films;
  • capacity building programmes/ workshops/ seminars; and
  • research and documentation.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Emerging Talents Grant: Individual artists/ art groups who are emerging in their respective fields and have never presented an artistic project for the public.
  2. Production Grant: Individual artists and art groups and Art/ Events Companies who are actively contributing to the Mauritian art scene and have a strong track record of artistic achievement and production, and be able to demonstrate commitment to the long-term development of art.
  3. Capacity Building Grant: Organisations/ Associations which are actively contributing to the local arts scene. Organisations/ Associations duly registered with the Registrar of Companies/ Registrar of Associations and recognised by the relevant institutions having the following profile:-
    • Have established professional arts training as an integral component of their overall activities;
    • Have significant administrative capacity to support the objectives of the programme;
    • Have a track record in similar activity;
    • Training Programme has to be recognised by a Government institution and recognition certificate to be produced by applicants with application form;
    • The Training shall be provided free-of-charge to beneficiaries; and
    • Content of the training programme to be provided.
  4. Research Grant: Academics, researchers, artists and arts organisations/ associations registered with the Registrar of Companies/ Registrar of Associations, with the ability to carry out research to its completion. Applicants should provide a referee or document of support from relevant sources or institutions.

How to Apply

Applicants can download the application form via given website.

For more information, please visit

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