Supporting Artistic Practice Fund: Strengthening and Developing Support for Canadian Artists

Deadline: 15 December 2017

The Canada Council for the Arts is seeking applications for Supporting Artistic Practice Fund that encourages a dynamic support system for the arts in Canada by funding Canadian arts professionals, groups, and arts organizations who champion the Canadian arts sector, boost the capacity for artists to realize work and advance the conditions of creation.

The fund contributes to the growing network of resources available to strengthen the arts and inspires sector innovation by supporting collaboration, targeted initiatives and career development opportunities for Canadian arts professionals.

Individuals who are Deaf or who have disabilities, including those living with mental illness, and require accommodation at any stage of the application process may be eligible for additional assistance.

Funding Information

  • project requests – up to $100 000
  • composite requests – up to $100 000 per year (to a maximum of $300 000 over 3 years)
  • Most grants are no more than $50 000 (or $50 000 per year for composite grants).
  • Higher amounts may be considered for activities that have elevated costs due to the duration of the project, number of people involved, and/or technical or other requirements related to the artistic practice.

Program Activities

  • Support towards the planning, development and/or implementation of projects that strengthen the arts sector, including but not limited to:
    • representation or management services for a stable roster of 3 or more Canadian artists, groups or organizations
    • production services for a number of Canadian artists, groups or organizations
    • publishing critical and interpretive magazines that support 1 or more artistic practice
    • developing new approaches to organizational models and management practices
    • opportunities for shared learning and networking, resource exchange or other forms of collaboration (including mentorship programs)
    • organizing conferences, symposia and workshops
    • sector research
    • implementing and adapting to new technologies
    • organizational capacity-building projects (Equity arts sector only)
  • Activities must have an impact in the arts sector beyond a personal gain or benefit to Applicant’s group or organization (this does not apply to Equity groups and organizations).
  • Applicants can’t apply for activities that occur before their project start date, those that receive funding from another Canada Council program or those on the general list of ineligible activities.

Program Outcomes

The Canada Council for the Arts expects this program to achieve the following outcomes:

  • artistic practice is supported through a sustained and interconnected arts infrastructure
  • artists and arts professionals benefit from activities that advance learning and strengthen networks
  • arts organizations and specialists assist artists in developing and producing work, as well as reaching a public

Eligibility Criteria

  • Types of potential applicants to this component include:
    • cultural connectors and sector builders (Equity arts sector)
    • artistic groups and collectives
    • architectural groups and collectives
    • artistic organizations
    • national arts service organizations
    • support groups, organizations and shared platforms
    • festivals, presenters and touring networks
    • book and magazine publishers
    • agencies and management service organizations
  • Applicant’s eligibility to apply to this component is determined by the approved profile created in the portal.
  • To be eligible for a composite grant, applicants must have received at least 2 Canada Council project grants in the last 5 years. This excludes grants from travel programs (with the exception of Audience and Market Development Travel Grants).
  • Organizations presently receiving core (operating) grants from the National Arts Service Organizations component of Supporting Artistic Practice can apply for research projects only. Other organizations presently receiving core (operating) grants can apply for exceptional projects that extend beyond regular activities. applicants are responsible for demonstrating the exceptional nature of their project.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, please visit Supporting Artistic Practice Fund.

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