COSTECH/HDIF: 2018 Call on Opportunities for Fostering Innovation

Deadline: 8 September 2018

The Commission for Science & Technology (COSTECH) and The Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) are seeking applications for the 2018 call on “Opportunities for Fostering Innovation”.

The aim of the Call is to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in Tanzania through facilitating the building up of capacity to innovate amongst researchers, private entrepreneurs, innovators and others.

The purpose of this Innovation Fund is to provide financial support to implement innovative projects, which could contribute to the social-economic development of Tanzania. This will provide financial support to the enterprise domain and research community to contribute to the technological advancement and innovation in Tanzania. The fund is a limited resource made available for an agreed set of focused activities with clear deliverables.

Types of Funding Schemes

  • Prototype Development: The purpose of this funding scheme is to assist an applicant or innovator to advance their research and technological outputs to develop prototypes, establish proof of concept and validate business cases.
  • Technology Development: This fund assists innovators to advance technologies along the innovation value chain, from proof of concept/prototype to technology demonstration. The focus is on the activities that will make early stage technology development more attractive and reduce market risk.
  • Commercialization: This funding scheme is designed to support market testing and validation. The purpose is to connect technology innovators to onward business and investment opportunities.

Funding Information

Maximum of TZS 40,000,000. About 15 successful innovative projects will be funded. Maximum of four project (4) from researchers, four (4) from innovators in enterprises; and seven (7) from jointly project by researchers and entrepreneurs.

Grant Duration

Up to 12 months (2018-2019)

Fundable Activities

  • Prototype Development
    • Development of minimal viable solution
    • Protecting Intellectual Property (IP)
    • User Acceptance Test
    • Validation of Idea/Primary market research
  • Technology Development
    • Development of the final solution
    • Demonstration and piloting solution
    • Support for certification activities
    • Protection of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Commercialization Support Fund
    • Acquiring required approved certification and licenses
    • Business Plan development
    • Promotion and marketing activities
    • Up scaling
    • Contract management
    • IP management

Eligible Applicants

The fund will be provided to support innovations from three categories namely:

  • Innovation from researchers
  • Innovation from innovators in enterprises and organizations
  • Innovation developed jointly by researchers and entrepreneurs.

How to Apply

Completed application packs must be submitted at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit 2018 Call on Opportunities.

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