Visegrad Fund’s Small Grants Program: Inviting NGOs/CSOs World-Wide

Deadline: 1 March 2017 The International Visegrad Fund is currently inviting non-governmental, civil society organizations (NGOs/CSOs), municipalities and local governments for its Visegrad Small Grants Program. The International Visegrad Fund founded by four countries the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Poland, and the Slovak Republic (collectively called Visegrad Group [V4] Countries annually provides small grants to organizations around the globe to facilitate and promote the … [Read more...]

US Department’s Fish and Wildlife Service: Seeking Applicants for Wildlife Restoration Grant Program in the US

Deadline: 31 August 2018 The US Department of State, Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) is currently seeking eligible applicants for its Wildlife Restoration Grant Program to provide funding for the selection, restoration, rehabilitation, and improvement of wildlife habitat, wildlife management research, and the distribution of information produced by the projects. Award Information WR provides Federal grant funding to the 50 States, Commonwealths, and territories (not the District of … [Read more...]

Visegrad Standard Grant Program: Inviting NGOs, CSOs and Other Public Institutions Worldwide

Deadline: 1 March 2017 The International Visegrad Fund is inviting non-governmental, civil society organizations (NGOs and CSOs), municipalities, schools and other public institutions for its Standard Grants for its Standard Grant. Project Categories Culture and Common Identity Education and Capacity Building Environment Democratic values and the Media Public Policy and Institutional Partnerships Scientific Exchange and Research Cooperation Regional Development, … [Read more...]

The David S. Lee Fund: Awarding Grants Upto $3,000 for the Conservation of Caribbean Birds

Deadline: 15 December 2016 The David S. Lee Fund for Conservation is seeking applications from the Scientists/naturalists for its "Conservation of Caribbean Birds Grant Program" for protecting wildlife. The fund will support direct, innovative conservation work in the Caribbean Region for birds and their habitats. The fund will be managed by BirdsCaribbean and used for annual small grants. David S. Lee was a pioneering naturalist and conservation biologist who helped get BirdsCaribbean … [Read more...]

German-African Innovation Incentive Award: Strengthening Innovative Research in Africa

Deadline: 10 January 2017 The Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) is seeking applicants for its German-African Innovation Incentive Award with an aim to strengthen innovative research in Africa, bolster its effect locally and at the same time consolidate German-African partnerships. Objectives The Innovation Prize will be awarded to researchers in African countries and their German partners for proven outstanding research with the potential for application, in combination … [Read more...]

GCFC Request for Proposals: Enhancing Landscape Governance and Capacity to Reduce Deforestation

Deadline: 31 January 2017 The Governors’ Climate and Forests Fund (GCFF) is accepting proposals for a thematic Programme “Enhanced Landscape Governance and Capacity” with an aim to reduce deforestation by supporting activities which address key institutional and capacity gaps identified in each GCF Task Force jurisdiction. Through this funding window, jurisdictions may choose to build technical capacities in any of the following aspects of forest and landscape governance Policy, legal, … [Read more...]

Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa: Supporting Research focused on Environment and Alleviation of Poverty

Deadline: 31 March 2017 The Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa (MCFEA) is seeking applications for its Grant Program in order to support research focused on environment and the alleviation of poverty. The Mitsubishi Corporation Fund for Europe and Africa (MCFEA) is a charitable foundation established in 1992 by Mitsubishi Corporation and its UK-based subsidiary Mitsubishi Corporation International (Europe) Plc. Over a period spanning more than two decades, the MCFEA has been … [Read more...]

Save Our Seas Foundation Small Grants: Seeking Applications for Small Projects up to US$10,000

Deadline: 31 May 2017 The Save Our Seas Foundation annually invites applications for small projects up to US$10,000 (with grants averaging US$5,000). Small Grant projects should be completed within a 12-month period. These Small Grants are designed for early career scientists and target research, conservation and educational projects on sharks, rays and skates. Projects should include at least two of these three components. This grant is designed for short (12- to 18-month) and small (grants … [Read more...]

PFAN WAFCEF-3 Call for Proposals: Inviting Project Developers from West Africa

Deadline: 12 December 2016 The Climate Technology Initiative-Private Financing Advisory Network (CTI PFAN) is currently accepting proposals from Project developers in West African countries for its 3rd Edition of the West African Forum for Clean Energy Financing (WAFCEF-3) Business Plan Competition. The WAFCEF-3 Business plan competition seeks to nurture entrepreneurs, start-up and existing companies, project teams and consortia with environmentally beneficial business proposals with the aim … [Read more...]

Entries Open for 2017 ChengLong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project!

Deadline: 20 January 2017 Entries are invited for 2017 ChengLong Wetlands International Environmental Art Project. The theme for 2017 is “Take Action, Live with Change”. Artists from all countries are invited to send a proposal for a site-specific outdoor sculpture installation that will raise public awareness and enlist people to take action and live with a changing global environment and in particular the sinking land, rising waters, strong winds, and increasingly powerful typhoons in the … [Read more...]

Disney Conservation Fund: Supporting Projects with a Holistic Approach to Conservation

Deadline: 3 March 2017 Applications are open for Disney Conservation Fund, grants to support projects with a holistic approach to conservation – blending both scientific research and community engagement to protect wildlife and their habitats. The Disney Conservation Fund provides support to organizations helping animals during emergencies and natural disasters through its Rapid Response Fund. Priorities The Disney Conservation Fund gives priority consideration to holistic programs … [Read more...]

IRD’s SEP2D Programme: Reinforcing the Scientific Research on Plant Biodiversity

Deadline: 31 December 2016 The IRD (Institut de recherche pour le développement) is seeking applications for its Sud Expert Plantes Développement Durable (SEP2D) programme with an aim to reinforce the scientific research on plant biodiversity in these countries, through the strengthening of a partnership culture with the economic operators, the civil society and the political authorities. SEP2D seeks to participate to the development of this scientific research that would be inclusive of … [Read more...]

Prince Bernhard Nature Fund: Accepting Proposals to help save Critically Endangered Flora and Fauna

Deadline: 1 March 2017 The Prince Bernhard Nature Fund (PBNF) is currently accepting grant proposals from organizations with an aim to help save critically endangered flora and fauna in the tropical and subtropical regions of Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Fund prefers to act as a catalyzer of larger initiatives, and link its project support as much as possible to larger themes and organizations. The Prince Bernhard Nature Fund was established in 1994 by the late Prince Bernhard of the … [Read more...]

Applications Open for 2017 Kinship Conservation Fellows Training Program!

Deadline: 16 January 2017 Applications are open for “The Kinship Conservation Fellows Training Program” to explore new ways to apply market-based approaches to environmental issues. Benefits $6,000 stipend and a month of valuable, cutting-edge training are awarded to the best and the brightest practitioners in the field of conservation. Housing: Kinship Fellows are housed in comfortable residence hall suites located on the award-winning “green” Western Washington University campus in … [Read more...]

Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund: Supporting Conservation Programs Worldwide

Deadline: 1 June 2017 Roger Williams Park Zoo is seeking applications from organizations for its Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund (SDCBF) with an aim to support conservation programs that protect threatened wildlife and habitats worldwide. Priority is for projects that demonstrate a multi-disciplinary approach to biodiversity and ecosystem conservation and Projects that involve in-country collaborators. Projects must directly affect biological conservation. Funding Information The … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund!

Deadline: 28 February 2017 The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund is seeking applications for its Grant program to provide targeted grants to individual species conservation initiatives recognize leaders in the field and elevate the importance of species in the broader conservation debate. Its focus is global and eligibility for grants will extend to all plant, animal and fungi species conservation efforts, without discrimination on the basis of region or selected species. It is the … [Read more...]

WSBE17 Hong Kong International Youth Competition: Transforming Environment through Innovation and Integration

Deadline: 21 December 2016 WSBE17 Hong Kong – International Youth Competition invites imaginative ideas, projects and action plans that best demonstrate an innovative interpretation of the Conference theme “Transforming Our Built Environment through Innovation and Integration: Putting Ideas into Action”. Benefits All shortlisted teams will: Display brilliant ideas at WSBE17 Hong Kong Be known to over 1,800 global industry experts Present in front of a panel of internationally … [Read more...]

Weeden Foundation Grant Programs: Inviting Organisations to Protect Biodiversity

Deadline: 6 January 2017 The Weeden Foundation is accepting letter of intents from organizations for its various funding programs in order to protect biodiversity. The Foundation works to protect old-growth forests, expand habitats for endangered species on public and private lands, and link key wildlife corridors. The Weeden Foundation’s primary mission has been to protect biodiversity.  Since its inception, the Weeden Foundation has supported international and domestic population … [Read more...]

KR Foundation Grant: Addressing Root Causes of Environmental Issues

Deadline: 19 January 2017 The KR Foundation is currently inviting applications from organisations to help provide answers to, stimulate mind shifts about, and encourage action on, the long-term challenges faced by current and future generations living on a planet with finite resources, fragile ecosystems, and climate change. KR Foundation address root causes of climate change and environmental degradation, and safeguard the planetary boundaries. Objectives Address root causes of … [Read more...]

The Fonds SUEZ Environment Initiatives: Improving Access to Essential Services in Developing Countries

Deadline: 30 April 2017 Applicants are invited for The Fonds SUEZ Environment Initiatives that provides direct or indirect financial support and/or technical skills, via skills-based sponsorship and volunteer work by Group pesonnel. The Fonds SUEZ initiatives support projects for the development of access to essential services like drinking water, sanitation and waste management, trough partnerships with international solidarity organisations and specialized institutions in all countries. The … [Read more...]

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