Call for Applications: Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship

Deadline: 17 August 2017 Applications are open for Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship. Fellows in this program will participate in substantial, policy-based and administrative work in the office of a United States Representative or a Congressional Committee for five days per week. The program will introduce Fellows to a variety of topics concerning contemporary policies and politics in Washington, DC. The Humanity in Action Congressional Fellowship will run for four months in … [Read more...]

Nominate Social Justice Innovators for the $100,000 Grinnell Prize!

Deadline: 9 October 2017 The Grinnell College is currently inviting applicants for its 2018 Grinnell Prize with a mission to educate men and women “who are prepared in life and work to use their knowledge and their abilities to serve the common good.” Focus Areas Agriculture, Food Animal Related Arts, Culture, and Media Business Civil and Human Rights Crime, Legal Services Education Environmental Sustainability, Protection, and Conservation Government Health … [Read more...]

Australian Embassy in Lebanon: Seeking Applications for Direct Aid Program

Deadline: 29 September 2017 The Australian Embassy in Lebanon is seeking applications for its Direct Aid Program (DAP) which is a flexible, small grants program which focuses on relieving humanitarian hardship and advancing developmental objectives in Lebanon through projects that are consistent with Australia’s international relations and public diplomacy objectives. The Embassy is looking for projects that: Are participatory in nature, and have involved the beneficiaries in the … [Read more...]

Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR): Domino’s Give for Good Grants

Deadline: 25 August 2017 The Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal (FRRR) is seeking applications for Domino's Give for Good Grants program to support positive outcomes in three focus areas which underpin many efforts in building and sustaining strong and vibrant rural, regional and remote communities: Education and youth initiatives (17 yrs and over): recognising the importance of providing young people in rural communities with opportunities to develop skills, access quality … [Read more...]

Norad Call for Applications: Supporting Research Institutions and Organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa

Deadline: 1 September 2017 The Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad) is inviting research institutions and research organizations based in the Sub-Saharan Africa to submit applications for funding to increase research-based knowledge of high quality on poverty alleviation and sustainable development informing development policies, development programs, private sector investments, the general public and further research. The main desired outcomes would be: Increased … [Read more...]

EPRM Call for Proposals: Improving Conditions in Conflict-Affected and High-Risk Areas all over the World

Deadline: 19 September 2017 The European Partnership for Responsible Minerals (EPRM) is seeking proposals for its grant program in order to improve conditions in and around mines and for the miners concerned in conflict-affected and high-risk areas. The European Partnership for Responsible Minerals is a multi-stakeholder partnership established to create better social and economic conditions for mine workers and local mining communities, by increasing the number of mines that adopt responsible … [Read more...]

The Khaled Hosseini Foundation: Seeking Applications for Omid Grant Program

Deadline: 1 October 2017 The Khaled Hosseini Foundation is seeking applications for its Omid Grant to support humanitarian projects in Afghanistan. The Khaled Hosseini Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit provides humanitarian assistance for the people of Afghanistan. The Foundation works with the United Nations refugee organization (UNHCR) to build shelters for refugee families. It also provides economic opportunities, education, and healthcare for women and children of … [Read more...]

Islamic Relief USA: Seeking Applications for Grants to Promote Sustainable Socio-economic Development

Deadline: 30 September 2017 Islamic Relief USA is seeking applications to provide grants to nonprofit organizations throughout the country, to provide access to quality health care; to promote sustainable socio-economic development; and to elevate the standard of living of those in need. Islamic Relief USA provides relief and development in a dignified manner regardless of gender, race, or religion, and works to empower individuals in their communities and give them a voice in the … [Read more...]

Elrha 5th Call for Proposals: Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC) Programme

Deadline: 16 August 2017 Elrha is seeking applications for its programme entitled "Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises (R2HC)" with an aim to improve health outcomes by strengthening the evidence base for public health interventions in humanitarian crises. The scope of this programme covers any research that will strengthen the evidence base around public health interventions, and thereby lead to more effective public health interventions in humanitarian crises. "Humanitarian crises" … [Read more...]

DFID Call for Proposals: Strengthening Humanitarian Preparedness and Response (SHPR) Programme in Bangladesh

Deadline: 10 July 2017 The Department for International Development (DFID) of the UK Government is seeking proposals for its “Response to Cyclone MORA” under the Emergency Response and Recovery Fund (ERRF) which is managed by the SHPR Fund Management Office to support a humanitarian preparedness and response programme in Bangladesh. The aim of the Strengthening Humanitarian Preparedness and Response (SHPR) programme is to provide more effective, timely and predictable humanitarian support … [Read more...]

Government of Canada: Seeking Applications for National Disaster Mitigation Program

Deadline: 31 October 2017 The Government of Canada is seeking applications for its "National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP)" that will address rising flood risks and costs, and build the foundation for informed mitigation investments that could reduce, or even negate, the effects of flood events. Program Objectives The NDMP was established in April 2015 to reduce the impacts of natural disasters on Canadians by: Focusing investments on significant, recurring flood risk and costs; … [Read more...]

Australian High Commission: Seeking Applications for Direct Aid Program in Bangladesh

Deadline: 27 July 2017 The Australian High Commission is currently inviting individuals, community groups, local NGOs, academic institutions, research bodies, libraries, museums, sports organisations or any other organizations engaged in development activities in Bangladesh to submit project proposals for funding under its Direct Aid Program for the year 2017-18. The goal of the Direct Aid Program in Bangladesh is to address humanitarian hardship and to advance development activities. Funding … [Read more...]

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs: Humanitarian Demining and Explosive Ordnance Disposal in Afghanistan

Deadline: 31 July 2017 The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Office of Weapons Removal and Abatement (PM/WRA) is pleased to invite eligible organizations to submit grant applications for humanitarian demining and explosive ordnance disposal in Afghanistan during fiscal year 2017. Project Scope Enhance regional security by reducing at-risk, illicitly proliferated, or indiscriminately used conventional weapons of war. Secure stockpiles of surplus, … [Read more...]

Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves: Submit Project Concepts for Humanitarian Clean Cooking Fund (HCCF)

Deadline: 21 July 2017 Applications are open for "The Humanitarian Clean Cooking Fund (HCCF)", which is a new grant fund established by the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (Alliance) with support from the Norwegian Agency for International Development. The HCCF's primary objective is to increase access to cleaner fuels and more efficient cooking technologies among crisis-affected people through the scale-up of successful cooking interventions in humanitarian settings. HCCF also aims to … [Read more...]

Call for Expression of Interests: UNFPA Turkey Grants Programmes

Deadline: 31 December 2017 As part of the UNFPA 6th Country Programme and the Humanitarian Programme on Syrian Crises UNFPA Turkey is currently inviting civil society organizations and community based not-for-profit organizations to express interest in receiving grants (up to $30,000 and up to duration from 3 months to one year) in 2017 to develop/strengthen capacity in one or more of the following UNFPA mandate areas: Area 1: Promoting Gender Equality and Combatting Gender Based … [Read more...]

Nominations Open for 2018 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity!

Deadline: 8 September 2017 Nominations are open for the 2018 Aurora Prize for Awakening Humanity, a global humanitarian award granted by the Aurora Humanitarian Initiative on behalf of the survivors of the Armenian Genocide and in gratitude to their saviors. The Aurora Prize is seeking the stories of selfless individuals who demonstrate exceptional courage, commitment and impact at personal risk for the sake of others. The Aurora Prize aims to recognize and support those who risk their life, … [Read more...]

Japan Foundation Asia Center: Call for Applications for HANDs! Project 2017 – 2018

Deadline: 18 July 2017 If you are young professionals concerned about disaster and environmental education, then please apply for HANDs! Project 2017 – 2018!! Applications are open for HANDs! Project 2017 – 2018 which is a human resource development program sponsored by the Japan Foundation Asia Center. The Project was created as a place for mutual learning, sharing knowledge, and cooperating to solve problem for disaster prevention and support for disaster-affected areas, primarily in Asian … [Read more...]

Apply for ICRC International Humanitarian Coverage Award!

Deadline: 10 August 2017 The International Committee of The Red Cross (ICCRC) is seeking applications for its "International Humanitarian Coverage Award" to recognize the work of Brazilian journalists and media outlets covering humanitarian issues. Humanitarian issues in armed conflict should be addressed, but recorded reports may refer to the application of the norms of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL), i.e. the norms applicable in war. The content may also refer to the human impact … [Read more...]

UNOPS Call for Proposals: Assisting Victims of Explosive Hazards and Trauma in Syria

Deadline: 20 June 2017 United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) is seeking proposals for its “Assisting Victims of Explosive Hazards and Trauma in Syria” with an aim to support victim assistance activities in Syria in line with the overall aim of the mine action sector to reduce the impact of explosive hazards in Syria. Program Pillars Victim assistance comprises six pillars: Emergency and continuing healthcare Physical rehabilitation; Psychological and psycho-social … [Read more...]

Call for Submissions: Humanitarian Assistance Projects for Sri Lanka

Deadline: 12 June 2017 The Embassy of the Czech Republic in New Delhi is currently seeking applications for its Humanitarian Assistance Projects for Sri Lanka. Following the current devastating floods and landslides in Sri Lanka, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic approved an amount of CZK 2.5 million from the humanitarian budget of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the reconstruction of the country. The Czech assistance will be implemented through the financing of a … [Read more...]

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