Latest Funds for NGOs, Call for Proposals and Call for Applications

A list of latest grant funding opportunities for NGOs and individuals including call for proposals, call for applications, request for proposals and expression of interest.

EACEA Call for Proposals: Technical Assistance and Capacity Building 2018

Deadline: 1 June 2018 The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) is accepting proposals for its program entitled "Technical Assistance and Capacity Building 2018" to contribute to strengthening the Union’s capacity to provide needs-based humanitarian aid and to strengthening the capacity and resilience of vulnerable or disaster-affected communities in third countries, particularly by means of disaster preparedness, disaster risk reduction and by enhancing the link between … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: Healthy Ireland Fund Round 2

Deadline: 11 May 2018 Applications are open for Healthy Ireland Fund, A Framework for Improved Health and Wellbeing 2013-20251 that is the national framework for action to improve the health and wellbeing of Ireland over the coming generation. The primary aim of the Healthy Ireland Fund Strand 1 is to support innovative, cross-sectoral, evidence-based projects and initiatives that support the implementation of key national policies in areas such as obesity, smoking, alcohol, physical activity … [Read more...] Grant: Helping to Fulfill Dreams of Parenthood

Deadline: Various Postmarked: 8 June 2018 Submitted online: 15 June 2018 The is inviting applications from couples and individuals regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, marital status or sexual orientation for its grant program in United States. The organisation supports domestic, international and foster care adoptions. They are fighting for the millions of children around the globe who are in need of a safe, loving, permanent home. Funding … [Read more...]

Call for Proposals: 2018 Traveller and Roma Pride Week Funding Program

Deadline: 4 May 2018 Mr David Stanton, TD., Minister of State with special responsibility for Equality, Immigration & Integration at the Department of Justice and Equality is inviting applicants to participate and celebrate 2018 Traveller and Roma Pride Week Funding. As part of its remit, the Equality Division endeavours to promote positive communications in relation to the Traveller and Roma Communities. This call is for proposals for funding to host events promoting Traveller and Roma … [Read more...]

UNODC Call for Proposals: Engagement of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)

Deadline: 13 May 2018 UNODC is implementing a large-scale project funded by the European Union under the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) entitled “Response to Drugs and Related Organized Crime in Nigeria”, which aims at supporting Nigeria’s efforts in fighting drug production, trafficking and use, and in curbing related organised crime, including counterfeit narcotics and psychotropic substances. The project proposes a balanced approach to drug control, with equal attention paid to drug … [Read more...]

British Embassy in Israel: Accepting Proposals for Programme Funds

Deadline: 24 May 2018 The British Embassy in Israel is accepting proposals for its programme fund. The main global strategic themes of the fund are; democratic values and the rule of law, the rules-based international order and human rights for a stable world. Issues As the British Embassy has made clear in their annual human rights report, two of their major priorities with regards to human rights in the OPTs are Gaza and minors in detention. The British Embassy would welcome projects on … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy in Benin: Seeking Applications for Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund (SSH)

Deadline: 31 May 2018 U.S. Embassy in Benin is seeking applications for its Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund (SSH) to assist Beninese community groups to develop lasting, self-sustaining projects that benefit entire communities. SSH grants in Benin have contributed to agricultural modernization, economic development, combatting early marriages and gender-based violence, improving sanitation, empowering women, improving learning conditions, and greater access to clean water, health services, … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy Lisbon OPA Annual Program Statement: Seeking Applications from United States and Portugal

Deadline: 31 May 2018 The U.S. Embassy Lisbon, Portugal Office of Public Affairs (OPA) of the U.S. Department of State has announced that funding is available through its Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program. OPA invites proposals from individuals, non-governmental organizations, think tanks, and academic institutions for projects that strengthen the bilateral ties between the U.S. and Portugal. OPA will only consider grants that have an American component or aspect in their … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy in Benin: Inviting Applicants for Humanitarian Assistance Program (HA)

Deadline: 15 December 2018 U.S. Embassy in Benin is seeking applications for its Humanitarian Assistance Program (HA), which is designed to offer friendly nations and allies of the United States support, basic humanitarian aid, and services to their populations in need.  Through this program, the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) seeks to help avert humanitarian crises, promote democratic development and regional stability, build local capacity, and enable countries to begin to recover from … [Read more...]

U.S Embassy in Rwanda: Ambassador’s Small Grants Program

Deadline: 25 June 2018 The U.S. Embassy in Kigali is seeking applications for its  "Ambassador’s Small Grants Program (ASG) former Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) program" to provide a one-time grant designed to support high-impact, quick-implementation activities which benefit a large number of people within one year without requiring further assistance. The objective of the ASG program is to provide small-scale assistance to community-based development projects that have immediate … [Read more...]

Call for Proposals: Think it over! – Empowering Young Girls through the Arts

Deadline: 11 May 2018 The Embassy of Switzerland in Dar es Salaam is seeking applications from individuals, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), social enterprises and public bodies for its annual arts and culture fund. The primary focus of this funding stream is to contribute to a more diverse and inclusive arts and cultural sector that provides livelihood opportunities while promoting dialogue and exchange. The main objective of the 2018 call is to address the issue of adolescent … [Read more...]

U.S. Mission to Cote d’Ivoire: Seeking Applications for Annual Program Statement

Deadline: 30 November 2018 The U.S. Embassy in Abidjan is pleased to announce that funding is available through its Small Grants Program. The U.S. Embassy in Abidjan is seeking proposals for small community projects that is designed to improve basic economic and social conditions in local communities and support high impact, quick implementation activities that benefit a large number of people. U.S. Embassy Community Small Grants Program projects include, but are not limited to: income … [Read more...]

IAL: Workforce Development Applied Research Fund Grant

Deadline: 31 July 2018 Institute for Adult Learning Singapore (IAL) is seeking applications for its Workforce Development Applied Research Fund (WDARF) Grant with an aim to encourage inter-disciplinary research in the areas of workforce development and lifelong learning. Focus Areas Enabling and Sustaining Economic Performance through Workforce Development and Skills Skills strategies and utilization Returns on investment to workforce development and skills individual, … [Read more...]

High Commission of Canada in Mozambique: Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) 2018-19

Deadline: 11 May 2018 The High Commission of Canada in Mozambique has launched a call for proposals for the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) 2018-19. The CFLI is also a major tool of the government of Canada to strengthen relations between Canada, civil society and the local communities, helping to build networks of contacts around the world. Thematic Priorities Proposed projects must align with one of the following six CFLI Thematic Priorities for 2018-19: Gender equality and … [Read more...]

Mission of Canada to ASEAN: Canada Fund for Local Initiatives 2018-2019

Deadline: 18 May 2018 The Mission of Canada to ASEAN is pleased to announce its Call for Proposals under the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (CFLI) program 2018 - 2019. CFLI for ASEAN is targeted to eligible organisations that work to increase awareness and build networks to address challenges across ASEAN. The organisation may be based in any one of the ten ASEAN countries. Themes Gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls; Inclusive governance, including diversity, … [Read more...]

IFA Request for Proposals: Arts Research Programme

Deadline: 30 June 2018 India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) is seeking proposals for its Arts Research programme from researchers and practitioners who are interested in undertaking research projects that investigate marginalised or relatively unexplored areas; intend to create spaces for dialogue between theory and practice; offer new readings/frameworks of artistic practices; and use interdisciplinary approaches to break new conceptual ground, among other things. IFA specifically encourages … [Read more...]

DFID: Transparency and Accountability for Inclusive Development (TAcID) in Mozambique

Deadline: 2 July 2018 The UK’s Department of International Development (DFID) is currently seeking applications for its programme entitled "Transparency and Accountability for Inclusive Development (TAcID) in Mozambique." The UK’s wider engagement and DFID’s portfolio in Mozambique have been working towards stronger civil society, greater citizen participation and influence in public services and improved state-society relations over the last decade with some successes and significant lessons … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy in Nepal: Building a Fiscal Transparent Ecosystem

Deadline: 4 May 2018 The U.S. Embassy is seeking proposals to help develop a “Transparency Ecosystem” that will build upon the foundation of creating a transparent system at the local government level.  Successful proposals will need to include the following elements in their project narrative: Innovative Ways to Make Budgets Open to the Public: An innovative proposal to ensure how local budgets and expenditures of a local Village Council – highlighting financial transactions like … [Read more...]

Sage Fund: Enforcing Remedies in Corporate Accountability Cases

Deadline: 11 May 2018 The SAGE Fund is inviting two-page concept notes from organizations working with affected communities to design and pilot robust enforcement strategies for legal decisions in corporate accountability cases. The Fund aims to pilot targeted approaches that break through barriers to enforcement. SAGE will select up to six projects seeking to enforce a judicial or quasi-judicial decision through creative strategies employing a combination of tactics that may include … [Read more...]

Global Affairs Canada: Innovation for Women’s Economic Empowerment Program in Ghana

Deadline: 6 June 2018 Global Affairs Canada has launched a call for preliminary proposals for its program entitled “Innovation for Women’s Economic Empowerment in Ghana”. Objectives Under this call, the preliminary proposal must contribute to the achievement of this ultimate outcome: Enhanced economic empowerment, well-being and inclusive economic growth for women in Ghana. The preliminary proposal must also contribute to at least one of the following intermediate outcomes: … [Read more...]