Entries Open for 2019 Ockenden International Prizes!

Deadline: 30 November 2018 Entries are invited for the 2019 Ockenden International Prizes for successful self-reliance Refugee Projects. Ockenden International has launched its seventh annual quest to find and reward the most effective self-reliance projects for refugees and internally displaced people. Prizes criteria include projects providing education, legal assistance, livelihood assistance and any other highly effective programmes that help refugees and/or displaced people build stable, … [Read more...]

ygap’s First Gens Program: Supporting Migrant and Refugee Led Social Impact Ventures

Deadline: 7 October 2018 ygap is seeking applications for its First Gens Program to support migrant and refugee led social impact ventures that are improving the lives of people living in disadvantage in Australia. Predominantly funded by LaunchVic, ygap will be offering multiple intakes into its internationally acclaimed and proven program. Each First Gens program will consist of a five-day live-in accelerator followed by three months of tailored support. The best part – the program is … [Read more...]

A B Charitable Trust: Supporting Charities Registered in the UK

Deadline: 3 September 2018 A B Charitable Trust is accepting appliations for its grant program to support charities working where human dignity is imperilled and where there are opportunities for human dignity to be affirmed. ABCT supports charities that defend human rights and promote respect for vulnerable individuals whatever their circumstances. Focus Areas Applications are particularly welcomed from charities working to support: migrants, refugees and asylum seekers criminal … [Read more...]

Dart Center: Call for Applications for Covering Children and the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Deadline: 1 October 2018 The Dart Center is currently accepting applications for a four-day journalism training workshop in Amman, Jordan, with a special focus on the Syrian refugee crisis and response. This workshop, to be held January 20-23, 2019 at the Columbia Global Center in Amman, is designed for local, regional and international reporters already covering the Syrian refugee crisis as either part of a broader beat or as a standalone issue. The four-day workshop will bring journalists … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Innovate for Refugees Competition!

Deadline: 2 November 2018 Applications are open for the Innovate for Refugees Competition (IFR) which is a global competition for the best tech-driven solutions addressing the challenges faced by refugees across the globe. The MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab has a proven track record in promoting MIT-style entrepreneurship through its solid platform that was developed over 10 years, enabling it to empower entrepreneurs by providing opportunities for networking, knowledge sharing, showcasing … [Read more...]

The Community Foundation for Ireland: Seeking Applications for Social Change Grants

Deadline: 28 September 2018 The Community Foundation for Ireland is seeking applications for Social Change Grants to address mental health issues through innovative, community-based approaches that strive to bring about social, behavioral, attitudinal and cultural change and ultimately improve the mental health of beneficiaries in the target groups. Type of Strands Travellers: Projects aimed at suicide prevention, in particular via the reduction of stigma around accessing mental health … [Read more...]

European Commission CFPs: Engaging Diaspora Communities on Awareness Raising

Deadline: 31 January 2019 European Commission is seeking proposals for its programme entitled "Engagement of diaspora communities on awareness raising" to sensitize the target audience and to provide prospective migrants, vulnerable communities, diaspora members and local media with objective information about the perils of migrant smuggling and the legal, social and economic realities of life in Europe, as well as the available legal pathways to Europe. Objectives Engage with and … [Read more...]

European Commission: Legal Migration Projects with Third Countries

Deadline: 31 January 2019 European Commission is seeking applications for its grant programme entitled "Legal migration projects with third countries" to promote the role that legal migration can play in the overall management of migratory flows, by encouraging and promoting the development of concrete projects by Member States in the area of legal migration, with a particular focus on labour migration (including opportunities for traineeships). Objectives Promotion of specific labour … [Read more...]

European Commission: Care for Migrant Minors, including Unaccompanied Minors Grant Programme

Deadline: 31 January 2019 European Commission is seeking applications for its grant programme entitled "Care for migrant minors, including unaccompanied minors" for children who are temporarily deprived of their family environment, including migrant children, are entitled to special protection and assistance. The specific objective is to finance projects focusing on the exchange of good practices and/or provision of the necessary training so as to support the … [Read more...]

UNOV/UNICRI: Grant Initiative to Strengthen Cooperation with Civil Society Organizations in Conflict Mitigation

Deadline: 19 August 2018 United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI) is seeking proposals from eligible organizations for a programme entitled “Grant Initiative to Strengthen Cooperation with Civil Society Organizations in Conflict Mitigation”. This Call for Proposals seeks to provide funding support to not-for-profit organisations working in the area of democratic citizenship, conflict prevention and mitigation, human rights, countering violent extremism, … [Read more...]

ECHO announces new Funding for Refugees and Host communities in Uganda

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has received funding worth EUR 2 million from the European Union's Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations department (ECHO) to support refugees and host communities in western and north-western Uganda. The overarching objective of the project is to neutralize the risk of WASH-related diseases such as diarrhoea and cholera.These funds will be used to deliver life-saving interventions on Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) for refugees … [Read more...]

MADE West Africa Call for Proposals: Promoting the Positive Potential of Migrants for Development

Deadline: 20 August 2018 Migration and Development (MADE) West Africa has launched a call for proposals for actions to promote the positive potential of migrants for development from Ghana and Sierra Leone. The program objective is to promote good governance of migration and mobility, as well as the protection of the rights of migrants in the ECOWAS region, in order to increase the benefits of migration and mobility on development. The call for proposals particularly concerns maximizing the … [Read more...]

CEB grants € 1 Million to help Bosnia and Herzegovina cope with Migratory Inflows

Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) provides € 1 million grant to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) from its Migrant and Refugee Fund (MRF) to help Bosnia and Herzegovina cope with renewed migratory inflows in 2018. This MRF grant will contribute to the implementation of the government’s plan for addressing the current migrant situation in the country. It was commended by Samir Rizvo, Assistant Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and will be implemented in coordination … [Read more...]

EU adopts Special Measure on Education for Syrian Refugees in Turkey

A new assistance package worth €400 million has been approved by the European Commission for the education of Syrian refugees in Turkey. This funding will be given in the form of a direct grant to the Turkish Ministry of National Education of Turkey for the continuation of the current education project for Syrian refugees in Turkey which will expire in October 2018. The package aims to ensure the sustainability of activities for the period after EU Facility funding has ended. It will focus on … [Read more...]

DFID: Seeking Applications for Strengthening Host and Refugee Populations in Ethiopia

Deadline: 28 August 2018 The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) is seeking applications for its Strengthening Host and Refugee Populations in Ethiopia (SHARPE) with an aim to strengthen the economies of refugee hosting populations in Ethiopia via long-term interventions to promote refugee self-reliance in protracted crises. The objectives of this approach are to deliver large-scale, sustained improvements in people’s lives by utilising local systems and facilitating change in … [Read more...]

Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation: Seeking Applications for Conflict and Violence Grant

Deadline: 15 November 2018 The Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation is seeking applications for its Conflict and Violence grant program to protect the lives, safety, dignity and physical and mental well-being of people affected by war and armed conflict. The projects they back deal primarily with the causes, attendant circumstances and consequences of violence, and include: protection for civilians, especially displaced persons and refugees psychosocial assistance and rehabilitation of … [Read more...]

IOM, AU and Partners sign USD 9 Million Swedish Government Grant to support Labour Mobility in Africa

International Organisation for Migration (IOM) on behalf of the African Union Commission (AU) and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) has signed a new grant amounting to USD 9 million with Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), to support labour migration policy development, capacity-building for the African Union Commission, labour institutions and RECs, skills development and skills mobility, and overall labour migration governance. The program will target the East African … [Read more...]

€89.5 Million in Humanitarian Assistance to Somalia and Djibouti

Somalia and Djibouti have received €89.5 million in humanitarian assistance from the European Union, as millions are grappling with the consequences of prolonged extreme weather conditions. Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management, Christos Stylianides said, "The devastating effects of two years of drought and the recent intense flooding are taking their toll on the livelihood of millions of people in Somalia. Our aid will target the most vulnerable and provide life-saving … [Read more...]

National Geographic Society: Seeking Proposals for Documenting Human Migrations Program

Deadline: 3 October 2018 The National Geographic Society is seeking proposals for a program entitled “Documenting Human Migrations” to support impactful projects that – through education or storytelling – seek to increase understanding of and acceptance of migrants and migrant communities. These migrations are challenging social bonds and resource allocations across the world, motivating political agendas and potential backlash, but also creating new and dynamic multicultural communities. … [Read more...]

2018 Call for Proposals: ‘NEVER ALONE’-Towards Life Autonomy for Foreign Children and Young People who Arrive in Italy

Deadline: 7 September 2018 The Italian Foundations Fondazione Cariplo, Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CON IL SUD, Enel Cuore, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino, Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Padova e Rovigo, Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena and Fondazione Peppino Vismara have published the 2018 call for proposals “NEVER ALONE: Towards life autonomy for foreign children and young people who arrive in Italy alone”. This call for proposals focuses on … [Read more...]