Newton Fund’s Workshop Grants 2016: Promoting Economic Development and Welfare

Deadline: 19 September 2016 The Newton Fund, a UK Government initiative is currently inviting applicants for its Workshop Grants 2016 with an aim to promote the economic development and welfare of either the partner countries or, through working with the partner country, to address the problems of low-income and vulnerable populations. Challenge Areas Agriculture (e.g. irrigation, crop yields) Climate and environment (e.g. climate change, green technology, sustainable development, … [Read more...]

CSUDP Call for Proposals: Inviting Urban Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Kenya

Deadline: 2 August 2016 The Civil Society Urban Development Platform (CSUDP) is currently accepting proposals from eligible urban Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) for a programme entitled “Organizing, influencing and inspiring civic competencies towards equitable and just urban societies”. The Programme seeks to reverse urban inequalities through promoting just and fair access to urban services and building resilience of the disadvantaged urban majority. This programme is a component for … [Read more...]

Islamic Relief: Social and Community Development Projects in South Africa

Deadline: 30 September 2016 Islamic Relief is currently inviting applications from non-profit and other qualifying organizations for its Social and Community Development Projects in South Africa with an aim to integrated sustainable development, educational development, disaster risk reduction and resilience, orphan and vulnerable children support, health and nutrition. Projects Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC): Child and orphan welfare and protection, youth-care centers and … [Read more...]

2016 ICTD Award: Promoting Mountain Development & Environmental Conservation

Deadline: 30 November 2016 The International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD) is seeking applicants for its 2016 ICT for Mountain Development Award with an aim to promote mountain development and environmental conservation. ICIMOD‘s mission is to enable sustainable and resilient mountain development for improved and equitable livelihoods through knowledge and regional cooperation. Objectives To recognize innovations in ICT for Development that can promote mountain … [Read more...]

Japan Water Forum Fund 2016: Supporting Grassroots Organizations in Developing Countries

Deadline: 31 July 2016 The Japan Water Forum (JWF) accepts applications for its Japan Water Forum Fund 2016 with an aim to support organizations in developing countries addressing the water-related issues at a grassroots level. The selected projects have to be started as soon as the grants are received, which will be the end of November 2016, and the activity in the field should be completed by the end of February 2017. The recipients must complete the project and then submit a project report … [Read more...]

European Union: Direct Support to Non-State Actors & Local Authorities in Actions Promoting Achievement of the MDGs

Deadline: 2 September 2016 The European Union (EU) is currently accepting proposals from eligible organisations for a programme entitled “Direct Support to Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in actions promoting achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in the Republic of Mauritius”. The programme is divided into two lots: Lot 1: Low value grants (MUR 400,000 – 1,000,000) to Non-State Actors and Local Authorities in actions promoting achievement of the Millennium … [Read more...]

European Commission: Development and Protection Programme in Ethiopia

Deadline: 15 September 2016 The European Commission is currently accepting proposals from eligible organisations for its Development and Protection Programme (RDPP) with an aim to create evidence-based, innovative and sustainable development and protection solutions for refugees and their host communities in Ethiopia. The Programme is divided in to five lots: Lot 1: Shire area (Tigray Regional State)- EUR 8 500 000 Lot 2: Dollo Ado area (Somali Regional State)- EUR 8 000 000 Lot … [Read more...]

BLM Land and Water Conservation Fund: Inviting Applicants for Conservation Easement Management

Deadline: 23 August 2016 The United States Department of the Interior Bureau of Land Management is seeking applications from the eligible organisations for a program entitled "Land and Water Conservation Fund Conservation Easement Management" with an aim to conserve and enhance significant scenic, recreational, and wildlife resources within the Snake River corridors and Henry’s Lake Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC), predominately through the acquisition of conservation … [Read more...]

Fund for Local Cooperation: Improving the Functioning of the Local Civil Society

Deadline: 15 August 2016 The Embassy of Finland, Hanoi is accepting proposals for its Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) with an aim to improve the functioning of the local civil society and to enhance the cooperation and partnerships between private sector actors in Viet Nam and in Finland. The Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC) complements other development cooperation efforts of the Finnish government and is available in most Finnish Embassies in developing countries. Priorities The … [Read more...]

Bureau of OES: Community Support for Combating Wildlife Trafficking in the Heart of Borneo

Deadline: 1 August 2016 The Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs’ (OES) Office of Conservation and Water at the Department of State is seeking applications from eligible organizations for a program entitled “Community Support for Combating Wildlife Trafficking in the Heart of Borneo through Sustainable Livelihoods” with an aim to conserve and sustainably manage biodiversity and forests and to strengthen wildlife trafficking interdiction through … [Read more...]

A List of Corporate Donors supporting NGOs

Download this resource guide on "A List of Corporate Donors supporting NGOs" available exclusively for our premium members. Poverty, lack of education, improper water and sanitation, human rights, violence against women etc have always been the issues that need to be emphasized for proper growth and development. Despite of various efforts that have been made to ameliorate these issues, our developing world still lacks in refining the growth and boosting the lives of people … [Read more...]

DFID Call for Applications: Rehabilitation of the Water Supply in Sierra Leone

Deadline: 31 August 2016 The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), invites applications to manage a new multi-million pound programme for rehabilitation works for the water supply system to Freetown, Sierra Leone. DFID expects that the delivery of this programme will require the suppliers to fulfil a range of functions. These could include programme and funds management, technical design, procurement, contract management and site supervision/quality control of … [Read more...]

Nominations Open for World Habitat Awards 2017-2018! Identifying and Recognizing Good Habitat Practices

Deadline: 21 April 2017 The Building and Social Housing Foundation (BSHF) is seeking nominations for 2017/18 World Habitat Awards with an aim for identification and recognition of innovative and sustainable housing solutions worldwide and the promotion of good habitat practices. The World Habitat Awards (WHA) demonstrates solutions to current housing issues faced by countries worldwide. The WHA take a broad perspective to include energy, waste management, water conservation, resilience to … [Read more...]

NATO’s Science for Peace and Security Programme: Grants, Expert Advice & Support to Security-relevant Activities

Deadline: 1 October 2016 The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is currently accepting applications for its Science for Peace and Security (SPS) Programme to provide funding, expert advice, and support to security-relevant activities jointly developed by a NATO member and partner country. SPS Programme is a policy tool that enhances cooperation and dialogue with all partners, based on scientific research, innovation, and knowledge exchange. The SPS Programme provides funding, expert … [Read more...]

SSRC Abe Fellowship: Seeking Proposals from Research Professionals to Foster their Skills

Deadline: 1 September 2016 The Social Science Research Council (SSRC) and the Japan Foundation Center for Global Partnership (CGP) has announced the annual Abe Fellowship Program competition. Funding for the Abe Fellowship Program is provided by CGP. The Abe Fellowship is designed to encourage international multidisciplinary research on topics of pressing global concern. The program seeks to foster the development of a new generation of researchers who are interested in policy-relevant topics … [Read more...]

The Fonds SUEZ Environment Initiatives: Supporting Humanitarian and Social Integration Projects

Deadline: 31 October 2016 Applicants are invited for The Fonds SUEZ Environment Initiatives that provides direct or indirect financial support and/or technical skills, via skills-based sponsorship and volunteer work by Group pesonnel. The Fonds SUEZ initiatives supports projects for the development of access to essential services like drinking water, sanitation and waste management, trough partnerships with international solidarity organisations and specialized institutions in all countries. … [Read more...]

AuthorAID Travel and Workshop Grants 2016: Awarding Participants from Developing Countries

Deadline: 17 July and 27 July 2016 AuthorAID is inviting applicants for its 2016 travel grants and workshop grants. AuthorAID helps researchers in developing countries to publish and otherwise communicate their work. It also serves as a wider global forum to discuss and disseminate research. Award Criteria 6 travel grants ($1500 each): For researchers who have an accepted abstract or proposal to present at a conference. Deadline to apply: 17 July 2016, 10 PM GMT. 6 workshop … [Read more...]

Nominations Open for Stockholm Water Prize 2017!

Deadline: 25 September 2016 Nominations are open for Stockholm Water Prize 2017 by Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) with a  mission to generate and promote knowledge, solutions and tools leading to water-wise decisions for sustainable development. Thematic Areas Water Governance Transboundary Water Management Climate Change and Water Water, Food and Energy Water Economics Prize Categories Policy and Practices human rights, conflict resolution, … [Read more...]

Land and Water Conservation Fund State and Local Assistance Program

Deadline: 29 July 2016 The Department of the Interior National Park Service is currently inviting applications for its Land and Water Conservation Fund State and Local Assistance Program with an aim to provide grants to States, their political subdivisions, and Indian tribes to acquire and/or develop public land for outdoor recreation purposes. The fund provides grants to States, their political subdivisions, and Indian tribes to acquire and/or develop public land for outdoor recreation … [Read more...]

National Geographic Air and Water Conservation Fund: Exploring Innovative Solutions to Water & Air Issues

Deadline: 4 July 2016 The National Geographic Society is currently accepting applications for its Air and Water Conservation Fund with an aim to support the field research of Chinese scientists who are exploring innovative solutions to water and air quality issues. Funding will be given to on-the-ground projects in China at the cutting edge of research, technology, and conservation that require seed capital, including those that investigate risky or unproven approaches. Priority will be given … [Read more...]

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