Latest Grants and Resources for WASH

Latest grants, calls for applications, calls for proposals, requests for proposals and other resources for NGOs and individuals for WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene).

Applications Open for Brazilian-Swiss Joint Research Programme 2018!

Deadline: 23 November 2018 The Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF), the Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico (CNPq) and the National Council of State Funding Agencies (CONFAP) are seeking applications for Brazilian-Swiss Joint Research Programme 2018. Grants for Joint Research Projects (JRPs) are meant to promote collaborative projects with clearly defined goals involving at least one partner based in Switzerland and one based in Brazil. Applications should … [Read more...]

Elisabeth & Amelie Fund: Grants for Students From Developing Countries Studying in Belgium

Deadline: 22 October 2018 The King Baudouin Foundation is seeking applications for its Elisabeth & Amelie Fund with an aim to instigate a new form of support for sustainable water management in developing countries by financing on-the-spot internships for students from developing countries who are studying in Belgium. The Elisabeth & Amelie Fund takes into consideration an integrated approach to water management that includes technical and/or sociological aspects. Theme “Access to … [Read more...]

Czech Embassy in Islamabad: Call for Small Local Projects Proposals 2019

Deadline: 27 September 2018 The Czech Embassy in Islamabad has announced a call for small local project proposals in 2019, which could be supported by financial contribution within the framework of the Czech Republic Development Cooperation. Small local projects are small-scale development projects identified and managed by the Czech Embassy after being approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic. The project implementer is a local entity registered in the country. It can … [Read more...]

Go. Go Love: Accepting Grant Proposals for Projects in 2019

Deadline: 8 October 2018 Go. Go Love is currently accepting Grant Proposals for Projects in 2019 to increase its activities, developing long-term relationships and partnerships with organisations that work directly with beneficiaries and communities. Go. Go Love is a privately funded foundation that aims to create a little more love to share through the world. They believe that in order to make a positive impact in world, country and community, they need to love all people, to love the earth … [Read more...]

Embassy of the Czech Republic: Call for Proposals for Small-Scale Local Projects (SLP) 2019

Deadline: 5 October 2018 The Embassy of the Czech Republic has launched its annual call for proposals for the Small-Scale Local Projects (SLP). These projects are complementary to the large multiple-year projects implemented by the Czech Development Agency (CzDA) and are important component of the Czech Republic Development Cooperation since 2006. Funding Information Funding provided by the Czech Republic for each project ranges between 200 000 CZK (approx. 8 000 USD) to maximum limit … [Read more...]

TIA: Call for Proposals for Natural Resource

Deadline: 30 September 2018 Technology Innovation Agency (TIA, organisation) is seeking funding applications for projects in the Natural Resources business unit, focusing primarily on these sectors: Waste sector covering the following subsectors: – e-Waste and Waste beneficiation Water sector covering the following subsectors:- Acid Mine Drainage (AMD), Water purification, water saving and repairing water leakages Technology Innovation Agency (TIA, organisation) an entity of the … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: 2018 APEC Climate Center Downscaling Training Program​​

Deadline: 31 August 2018 The APEC Climate Center has announced the hosting of training program with the subject of User-oriented Statistical Downscaling of Climate Change Scenario for Agriculture and Water Resources from October 15th to 20th to be held in Busan, Korea. The 1-week training program aims to provide an introduction to statistical downscaling for climate change scenarios, and to guide participants in applying the produced data to the fields of agriculture and water … [Read more...]

The Embassy of Japan in Uganda: Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects

Deadline: 31 January 2019 The Embassy of Japan in Uganda is seeking proposals for its Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects (GGP) which provide financial assistance to non-profit, development-oriented organizations to support community development projects which directly benefit people at the grassroots level. Project Areas Any projects geared towards grassroots assistance are eligible for financing under GGP. Preferable, however, are projects in the areas below. Particular … [Read more...]

Nominations Open for Energy Globe Award 2019 for Sustainability!

Deadline: 21 November 2018 Nominations are open for the world’s most prestigious award for sustainability- the Energy Globe Award 2019. The objective of the Energy Globe Award is to present successful sustainable projects to a global audience and to demonstrate that for many environmental problems feasible solutions already exist. Projects submitted from over 170 countries take part each year in the awards. Award Categories Earth Fire Water Air Youth Sustainable … [Read more...]

Entries Open for European Environment Agency WaterPIX Photo Competition!

Deadline: 15 August 2018 What comes to your mind when you think of water: summer holidays by the sea or fishing on a river? Or a stroll in the rain, feeling thirsty on a hot day, flood-damaged buildings, or spring cleaning at home? To highlight the importance of water in our daily lives, the European Environment Agency is organising the photography competition WaterPIX. Every year, the EEA organises a photo competition to raise awareness about an environmental issue and allow Europeans to … [Read more...]

YES Cleantech Accelerator: Focusing on Energy Efficiency, Waste Management & Water Management

Deadline: 30 August 2018 YES BANK is currently inviting applicants for its Cleantech Accelerator program that scale up startups focusing on energy efficiency, waste management and water management – paving the way to a cleaner future. Themes Energy Management Renewable Energy Electronic Vehicle (EV) solutions Energy Efficiency (EE) Water Management Water Supply Management Water Usage Management Water Treatment technology Waste Management Water … [Read more...]

DST-NWO: Seeking Expressions of Interest for Urban Water Systems

Deadline: 10 September 2018 The Department of Science and Technology (DST) of the Government of India and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) is seeking Expressions of Interest for Urban Water Systems - towards sustainable and integrated urban water management systems in fast-growing secondary cities. Objectives This call is aimed to design one joint Indian-Dutch research programme to develop integrated and sustainable urban water management systems and implement … [Read more...]

Innovate4right: Inviting Individuals & Groups from Anywhere in the World

Deadline: 30 July 2018 Innovate4right is currently accepting applications from either individuals or groups, from both the public and private sectors anywhere in the world for the World Humanitarian Innovation Day in Basel - Switzerland. Proposals can be wide-ranging in scope but should include a description of the contribution with a focus on how it is solving the human basic needs, the sustainability and its impact within the community (ies). Application Selection A panel of independent … [Read more...]

Jewish Helping Hands: Seeking Applications for Tikkun Olam Grant Program

Deadline: 14 September 2018 Jewish Helping Hands is seeking applications for its Tikkun Olam Grant program to advance their goal of inspiring and supporting tzedakah, justice and righteousness, throughout the world. The goal is to help vulnerable populations in the United States and abroad through a variety of programs focused on economic development and social empowerment, with a particular focus on those demographics that have been overlooked and/or marginalized. The objective is to promote … [Read more...]

Heinrich Boll Foundation: Seeking Applications for Reportage on Water Management in Morocco

Deadline: 27 July 2018 The Heinrich Boll Foundation Afrique du Nord-RABAT (hbs) is part of the Green political movement is seeking applications for its Reportage on Water Management in Morocco. Activities Reportages covering the management of selected resources in Morocco, Tunisia, South Africa, Senegal Compilation of statistical data on natural resource management that will be edited in an easily accessible way Short cartoons on the challenges of natural resource management in … [Read more...]

empowering people. Award 2019: Inviting Social Entrepreneurs and Developers from across the World

Deadline: 31 October 2018 Siemens Stiftung has launched empowering people. Award 2019, calling on social entrepreneurs and developers from across the world to submit their projects with impact. The award identifies and supports low-tech solutions that address crucial basic needs sectors in developing regions. Technologies entering the competition should be simple, feasible, embedded in a social business model, and deliver sustainable support to a local community in one of the following eight … [Read more...]

Hindustan Unilever Foundation: Supporting Solutions that can Transform India’s Water Footprint in Agriculture

Deadline: 15 August 2018 Hindustan Unilever Foundation (HUF) has announced a call to support solutions for highly efficient use of water in agriculture. HUF invites organisations with scalable solutions that can transform India's water footprint in agriculture from a highly inefficient state to one of 'more crop per drop' for submission in 2018 (July-September). Focus Areas The foundation is seeking projects that demonstrate innovation and measurable outcomes in the following areas: … [Read more...]

Entries Open for 2018 Uganda WASH Media Awards (UWMA)!

Deadline: 30 September 2018 Applicants are invited to apply or the 2018 Uganda WASH Media Awards (UWMA), an initiative of the Ministry of Water and Environment together with Civil Society Organisations in the Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Sector, to reward excellent reporting on WASH services in Uganda. The UWMA is a deliberate effort to promote coverage of WASH issues in the local, national and international media and have a positive influence on decision-makers, private sector, civil … [Read more...]

UK Aid grants £2 million to support Gazans with access to Clean Water and Sanitation

The Middle East Minister, Alistair Burt has announced that UK Aid has allocated £2 million to UNICEF to support Gazans with access to clean water and sanitation. This UK aid package will help install over 1,000 roof water tanks to help families store clean water, provide over 3,000 communal water drums so that households can collect clean water, provide chlorine to treat water in 280 wells and 38 water treatment plants. The UK has allocated £2 million to UNICEF from the DFID OPTs 2018/19 … [Read more...]

Applications Open for World Water Challenge 2018!

Deadline: 30 July 2018 Applications are open for World Water Challenge 2018 which is an international contest for water solutions. This 4th edition of World Water Challenge is expected to serve its role as an important platform to share the ideas and know-hows towards solving the defined water issues around the world and to forge a broad network among the water-related experts and stakeholders. World Water Challenge 2018 will be held as one of the signature programs of KIWW 2018 which will … [Read more...]