Netherlands Enterprise Agency: Inviting Dutch Entrepreneurs for “Fund against Child Labour”

Deadline: 30 April 2017

The Netherlands Enterprise Agency is seeking applications from entrepreneurs from Dutch SMEs and large companies for “Fund against Child Labour” with an aim to help tackle child labour in their chain of production or as a multi-stakeholder project.

Entrepreneurs can help eliminate child labour with a subsidy from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Fund against Child Labour. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency ( is administering the fund. Due to the lack of education for example, child labour hampers the development of individual children and of society as a whole. This means child labour is not only a consequence of poverty, it is also a significant cause.

Funding Categories

  • Approach through the chain of production: due diligence projects- As an individual company or with assistance of companies in the chain, applicant can help identify child labour in their chain of production. They will identify any obligations and tools they have at their disposal to combat this practice and they are obliged to report on their findings. An important element of this is the use of change management strategies within their company.
  • Approach at local level: multi-stakeholder projects- Applicant have largely reviewed their company processes with regard to child labour, together with relevant organisations and experts. In cooperation with key stakeholders, they want to contribute to the elimination of child labour, focusing on the geographical location of the chain of production where child labour occurs. Their group consists of at least one Dutch company as applicant, one local company and one NGO. Together, they work out a plan to combat child labour at the local level in a selected area and in a specific chain of production. If they do not yet have any local companies as partners in this project, describe how they can become involved.

Funding Information

  • The budget for due diligence projects is €950,000.
    • The subsidy per project is a maximum of 70% of the eligible expenses, up to a maximum of €25,000 for large companies, €50,000 for individual SMEs and €100,000 for joint ventures between companies.
  • The budget for multi-stakeholder projects is €2,850,000.
    • The subsidy per project is a maximum of 70% of the eligible expenses up to a maximum of €475,000.

Eligibility Criteria

The fund is for entrepreneurs from Dutch SMEs and large companies who want to help tackle child labour in their chain of production or as a multi-stakeholder project.

How to Apply

Interested applicants can download the application form via given website.

For more information, please visit Fund against Child Labour.

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