Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine: Seeking Proposals for Matra Programme 2018

Deadline: 1 March 2018

Embassy of the Netherlands in Ukraine is seeking Proposals for its Matra Programme 2018 to support initiatives of civil society organisations aimed at assisting and monitoring of the implementation of reforms, both at the central and local levels, promoting transparency and accountability of government structures through capacity building and monitoring.

In 2018 the Matra programme remains focused on Rule of Law and Good Governance.

Priority Areas

The following priority areas have been identified:

  • facilitation and monitoring of reforms in the area AA implementation, specifically in the areas of combating corruption;
  • improvement of rule of law and democratic practices at the central and local levels through constructive civic oversight.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Matra Program is open for applications from civil society organisations registered in Ukraine and encourages national, local and regional organisations to apply.
  • Applicants should meet the following requirements:
    • be registered according to Ukrainian legislation and work in the field in line with organisation’s statute;
    • have adequate track record and proven management capacity and expertise in the selected area(s) of intervention;
    • have an efficient decision-making structure which can take legal responsibility for the administration and use of funds;
    • have the nesessary capacity and the network to achieve stated results.
  • The project proposal is expected to meet the following criteria:
    • address one or more of the above-mentioned priorities;
    • demonstrate the change-making potential in the selected area(s) of intervention;
    • identify strategies that ensure sustainability of the interventions/activities;
    • be designed in accordance with the application form;
    • maximum project duration is up to 24 months;
    • identify the organisation’s own financial and in-kind resources allocated to the proposed project (not less than 15% of the total budget);
    • the requested contribution should range in principle between UAH 2,000,000 and UAH 3,000,000;
    • the starting date of the project should be no earlier than 1 June 2018.

How to Apply

Proposals must be submitted at the address given on the website.

Eligible Country: Ukraine

For more information, please visit Matra Programme 2018.

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