USAID Request for Applications: Cambodian Civil Society Strengthening (CCSS) Project Grant

Deadline: 10 August 2018

The USAID Cambodian Civil Society Strengthening Project (CCSS) is currently inviting Cambodian Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to apply for grants.

The aim of the grants are to fund CSOs, including Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), and Academic Institutions to undertake activities that serve to expand civic engagement, with particular attention paid to engaging women and youth, by building capacity and opportunities for effective engagement.

Funding Priorities

CCSS will give priority to applications that:

  • Are submitted by actors with a reputation for integrity, professionalism, and independence.
  • Reflect expertise in substantive experience in working with Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and communities affected by issues addressed in the application;
  • Reflect good collaboration with local NGOs, CBOs, community networks, and grassroots communities;
  • Are submitted by CSOs who have worked on projects engaging youth, women, children and disadvantaged communities, including indigenous, LGBT community and other grassroots communities;
  • Are submitted by CSOs who make use of teamwork, and have formed coalitions that seek to address issues of mutual concern across communities and regions, and/or issues that are relevant on both local and national levels;
  • Include innovative uses of technology in engaging citizens, such as through SMS surveys or internet-based activities; and/or
  • Are submitted by actors who apply sound financial and administrative procedures, and a demonstrable commitment to its own organizational development.

Eligibility Criteria

  • CSOs legally registered in Cambodia are eligible to submit proposals for the Grant Program.
  • Applicant organizations should meet the following criteria:
    • Have at least one year of operational experience. As a rule, CCSS will not provide “start-up” funding, although CCSS may make a rare exception if sufficient evidence is presented to show that the organization’s leadership has adequate prior experience and the organization is capable of filling a niche that has been underserved in the past.
    • Have a governance structure that ensures proper rotation of leadership and delegation of power, including at least, a Board of Directors, a Chairperson, and an Executive Director. The same individual should not hold the position of the Board Chairperson and Executive Director unless the size of the organization precludes this separation. If the above criteria are not met, the applicant must submit a proposed reform process that will work towards meeting these standards.
    • Be willing to participate in a program of organizational capacity development, including the administration of a participatory Organizational and Advocacy Capacity Assessments (OACA), and the development and implementation of a Capacity Development Plan (CDP). The OACA and CDP will be facilitated by the CCSS in close collaboration with each grant recipient.
    • Have a transparent system of bookkeeping that complies with the Cambodian legislation and International Accounting Standards (IAS). If such a system is not in place, the grantee must work closely with CCSS office to ensure that accurate financial management and transparent bookkeeping systems are developed.
    • Must not be a debtor and must have cancelled any debt to the state or arranged for debt collection prior to receiving the first disbursement of CCSS grant funds.
    • Must operate as an independent non-politically affiliated organization.
    • Must not be debarred, suspended, excluded or otherwise ineligible to receive US Federal funding.
    • Existing grantees of CCSS are eligible to apply.

How to Apply

Applicants should submit their application and required documents either in a sealed envelope or via email at the address given on the website.

Eligible Country: Cambodia

For more information, please visit CCSS Project Grant.

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