Counterpart International – ACEP: RFAs for Government Monitoring Grant (GMG)

Deadline: 17 October 2018

The USAID-funded Afghan Civic Engagement Program (ACEP), Counterpart International, Inc. (Counterpart) is seeking applications from eligible organizations for its Government Monitoring Grant (GMG) to support eligible Civil Society Organizations in holding state institutions accountable through various initiatives aimed at curbing corruption and improving government service delivery.

Under this grant, CSO initiatives will address issues at the policy and implementation levels which should improve government service delivery and create transparency and accountability of the government institutions to the public. CSOs must integrate gender and youth approaches in all of its initiatives.


  • CSOs are strongly encouraged to provide proposals that have identified a specific issue with service delivery within a government institution that they hope to address through this grant. The following areas of intervention are examples, however, CSOs are encouraged to include innovative and holistic approaches in addressing policy level issues related to anticorruption and government service delivery monitoring:
    • Anti-Corruption – CSOs may apply an inclusive approach towards anti-corruption activities with a particular focus on empowering citizens’ improved access to information. The anti-corruption efforts may specifically focus on:
      • Monitoring the performance and reporting of Afghanistan Anti-Corruption Justice Center, which is established to investigate and prosecute high-level corruption. The Center falls under the High Council of rule of law and anti-corruption established by the president in July 2016.
      • Reporting on the current status of assets declaration and registration by high-rank government officials, as well as current level of implementation of the asset declaration strategy developed by the high office of oversight and anti-corruption.
      • Implementing activities which promote transparency and accountability in public institutions, such as proposing simplifying the complicated government service delivery procedures, that reduces corruption. Activities of this kind may be implemented both at the sub-national and national level.
  • Government Monitoring and Service Delivery – Government Monitoring and Service Delivery efforts can include monitoring government procurement of large scale projects, service provision, and addressing issues of any on-going concern. CSO can monitor the implementation of already entities that has gone through reform process such as; department of public registration, ministry of Foreign Affairs (documents verifications such as; national ID cards, education documents etc.), Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Education, Municipalities both in Kabul and at the sub-national level etc.

Funding Information

Counterpart International anticipates awarding one (1) Advance Plus Cost Reimbursement grant to a CSO for a period of Nine (9) months, and for up to AFN Afghani 3,600,000. The anticipated start date of the Government Monitoring Grant is on or about December 31, 2018.

Eligibility Criteria

Counterpart will accept applications from organizations that meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Applicants must be an Afghan Civil Society Organization, holding valid registration certificates from the Ministry of Economy and/or the Ministry of Justice, should be formally constituted, recognized by and in good standing with appropriate Government authorities, have its principle place of business in the recipient country, and compliant with all applicable civil and fiscal regulations.
  • Applicants must be able to demonstrate successful past performance in implementation of anti-corruption, service delivery monitoring, and other ACEP priority areas as described in this RFA.
  • Applicants must display sound management in the form of financial, administrative, and technical policies and procedures and present a system of internal controls that safeguard assets; protect against fraud, waste, and abuse; and support the achievement of program goals and objectives. ACEP will assess this capability prior to awarding a grant.

How to Apply

Complete Applications should be emailed at the address given on the website.

Eligible Country: Afghanistan

For more information, please visit Government Monitoring Grant.

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