Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Call for Proposals for 2018 Danida Market Development Partnerships Program

Deadline: 16 August 2018

The Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently accepting proposals for its 2018 Danida Market Development Partnerships (DMDP) with an aim to contribute to sustainable economic growth in developing countries within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Partnerships programme features an innovative approach to involvement of the business sector and contributes to motivating and mobilizing investments from the private sector.

Funding Information

  • Applicants will submit a concept note and may apply for a total grant of minimum DKK 5 million and maximum DKK 8 million for the partnership project.
  • In the concept note the applicants can apply for up to DKK 500,000 (of the total grant) to cover project development costs including studies, partner visits etc. during the project development period.

Projects will Take Place

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Mali, Myanmar, Niger, Palestine, Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Egypt, India, Morocco, Nigeria, Pakistan, Vietnam, The Philippines, Ukraine, Indonesia, Georgia, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The partner consortium: A consortium must as a minimum include a business partner (commercial partner) and a non-commercial partner (administrative partner). Consortia are encouraged to include other relevant partners, who can contribute to ensuring the success of the project. Such partners could be civil society organisations, business member organisations, employer associations, public authorities and other public institutions, trade unions etc. The model is open to the consortia mobilizing partners with different profiles and business sizes. A consortium must include at least one local partner from the partner country and at least one international business partner. The Partnership Project must build on the core business of the business partner(s) and also be part of the core activities of other participating partners.
  • The administrative partner: The application for support must be submitted by the administrative partner. The administrative partner will be overall responsible on behalf of the partner consortium for administrating the project and must play a key role in the implementation of the project. Therefore, the administrative partner must document proven project management experience and a solid presence in the partner country (i.e. own established office or long-standing partnership with local partner organization(s)). Multilateral organisations and public institutions (e.g. ministries, agencies, universities/university colleges) are not eligible as administrative partner.

Application Process

The application procedure consists of two phases:

  • Phase 1: Concept Note: The applicants will submit of a brief concept note for the project in a pre-defined format outlining expected scope, purpose, partners etc. as well as possible needs for further investigations needed to prepare a full project proposal.
  • Phase 2: Full Project Proposal (project development): Applicants successful at the Concept Note stage will be invited to submit a full Project Proposal.

For more information, please visit Danida Market Development Partnerships.

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