Pathway 2 Tomorrow Call for Proposals: Inviting Innovative and Agile Solutions

Now Funding Agencies will be at your Fingertips

Deadline: 31 August 2018

Pathway 2 Tomorrow is seeking proposals to match responsive and agile education policy solutions with the needs of states and local communities.

P2T is an inclusive approach to education solutions, and is interested in hearing from voices not always heard – those of educators, practitioners, parents, researchers, advocates, nonprofit and business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

The Call for Proposals is intentionally broad, but has a few high level guidelines informed by conversations with state and local leaders: proposals should meet local needs, be research-informed, innovative, implementable, and drive measurable outcomes and results. Ideas can effect change in education across the spectrum, from early childhood education to career readiness and anything in between.

P2T will support the development of selected proposals into policy papers and curate the final papers into a catalog of solutions for state and local leaders.

Thought Starters

P2T and its Partners have developed Thought Starters to inspire proposal ideas. The questions are intended to jumpstart applicants’ thinking. If applicants have a policy idea or proposal which does not fit into one of these Thought Starters, the foundation encourage them to submit it anyway.

  1. Thought Starter 1: Over the past two decades, America’s public schools have improved – but there is still significant improvement to be made. What is the most important missing ingredient(s), policy lever, or institutional change which would fuel faster and broader growth? And what changes would be required at the state, local or even national level to enable such growth?
  2. Thought Starter 2: Some might argue that, to work more effectively for the broad range of students that the foundation serves, public school systems need to be redesigned. What would “redesigned” systems look like? What would they include – or exclude – from the current model? What would be necessary to put the new systems in place?
  3. Thought Starter 3: What is needed to fuel transformation in the high schools and beyond? How can states ensure secondary and post-secondary education are cohesive and responsive to workforce needs? What policy or institutional changes would help students be better prepared for college and work?

Eligibility Criteria

  • P2T is calling for proposals across state and local communities from educators, parents, researchers, advocates, nonprofit and business leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by a cross-professional group of local educators, leaders and advocates from across the country. The committee will evaluate proposals using these criteria:

  • Evidence of Need: The proposal clearly establishes and illustrates the need for the solution.
  • Research-informed: The proposed solution is linked to or informed by existing literature, scholarship, or research.
  • Innovation: The proposal is innovative and presents creative new solutions, insights, and/or approaches.
  • Implementation: The proposal has practical applications that will be impactful. The proposal is applicable to a broad spectrum of K-12 or higher education components and suggests methods for implementing the proposed ideas or strategies.
  • Outcomes/Results: The proposal provides thoughtful discussion and sufficient evidence of the reasonable results if the idea is successful, with a presumption of high expectations for all students and measurable outcomes. The proposal makes a convincing case that the idea’s anticipated impacts outweigh the costs or risks of pursuing it.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.

For more information, please visit Pathway 2 Tomorrow.

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