Call for Proposals: Supporting Indigenous Women

Deadline: 30 July 2018

GEF Small Grants Program (PPD) calls for the presentation of proposals from the competent regional non-profit organizations of the Latin American and Caribbean region (LAC) in order to “Support indigenous women in the implementation of the CBD and the Nagoya Protocol on Traditional Knowledge (TK) and Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS) “.

The Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) has three main objectives, namely: 1) the conservation of biological diversity; 2) the sustainable use of its components; and 3) the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits derived from the use of genetic resources. To achieve the third objective of the CBD, namely the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising from the use of genetic resources, the tenth meeting of the Conference of the Parties (COP10) approved in 2010, after more of six years of negotiations, the Nagoya Protocol on access to genetic resources and fair and equitable sharing of the benefits derived from its use. To achieve the third objective, support for the achievement of the other two objectives of the Convention is of paramount importance.

Specific Objectives

  • Assist in the implementation of the legal and regulatory frameworks related to access and benefit-sharing (ABS) of the recipient countries of the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region in association with the relevant networks of indigenous peoples at the national and subnational levels (Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru are among the recipient countries).
  • Intensify education and public awareness regarding the conservation and sustainable use of biological resources and ABS, with special emphasis on gender issues related to traditional knowledge (TK) and the empowerment of women indigenous.
  • Support the efforts of government and partners to build capacity in bioprospecting, conservation of medicinal plants and documentation of TK, including ABS mechanisms, with special emphasis on women and gender issues. Gender.
  • Contribute to poverty alleviation by supporting community initiatives for biodiversity conservation and income generation through field projects of the Small Grants Program that support supply chains of agrobiodiversity in the Andean, Mesoamerican and South American countries, as well as the CBD’s outreach activities at the global level.

Funding Information

The financing of the donation available for the activity amounts to US $ 150,000.


  • This call for proposals Proposals are aimed only at non-profit entities with proven trust, high reputation and more than seven years of work experience in the field of environment, gender issues and traditional knowledge and in the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol of the CBD on access to genetic resources and participation in the benefits that derive from their use (APB).
  • This experience should be supported by a brief description of the services provided and the duration of the contracts concluded with at least three relevant clients.
  • The entity must have work experience or be willing to work with one or more of the following countries in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC): Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru.
  • The beneficiary organization selected must have the necessary capacity to undertake, under the project, the activities listed in section 3 of this call for proposals:
    • Limitations: The proponents must be
      • International non-profit organizations, dedicated to the environment and development sphere, the conservation of biodiversity and the cause of indigenous peoples and grassroots communities.
      • Organizations that have the capacity to facilitate, including through collaboration with international partners, the realization of activities at the local level linked to traditional knowledge (TK), the empowerment of women and the ABS in at least two of the countries mentioned above.
      • Organizations that have their own capacities (qualified personnel required, partner organizations or affiliated entities or both) and can establish functional mechanisms to administer and carry out activities.
    • Minimum Requirements
      • Have a proven relevant professional experience more than seven years in the field of environment and development, TK, the empowerment of women, ABS and work with indigenous peoples and grassroots communities. This experience should be supported by a brief description of the services provided and the duration of the contracts concluded with at least three relevant clients.
      • Have at least two people fully dedicated who, preferably, have a Master’s degree in Environment and Development or related specialty. Please attach the relevant curriculum vitae and organizational structure.
      • Have a deep understanding and proven experience regarding C D B and its processes, the Aichi Targets for 2020, the Nagoya Protocol on access and benefit-sharing, and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.
      • Possess proven experience in coordinating the work of different partners and in the organization of workshops and policy dialogue forums.
      • Show administrative capacity for financial management, monitoring, evaluation and project reporting.
      • Have the necessary capacity to devote time and effort to obtaining results and reporting in a timely manner.
    • Other important considerations Examples:
      • Previous work experience or ability to work in close collaboration with program partners: International Indigenous Forum on Biological Diversity (IIFB), CBD Secretariat, World Consortium of areas and territories conserved by indigenous people and communities (ICCA, for its acronym in English) and other organizations and networks of indigenous peoples supported by the GEF Small Grants Program (SGP), which is executed by UNDP in the recipient countries of the LAC region.
      • Previous performance in the scope of the work described above, knowledge of the region and countries where the activities will be carried out, technical capacity and compliance with fiduciary requirements of the United Nations by the entity and its officials. All this will be seriously considered when selecting the most appropriate entity.
      • That entity must embrace the values ​​of the United Nations.

How to Apply

Proposals must be submitted at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit Call for Proposals.

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