DFID Call for Applications: BRILHO – Energy Africa Mozambique

Deadline: 13 March 2018

The UK’s Department of International Development (DFID) is currently seeking applications for its programme entitled “BRIHLO Energy Africa Mozambique”.

DFID’s BRILHO programme aims to increase energy access in Mozambique through innovative private sector provision of, and investment in, off grid renewables, expanding market access of off-grid renewable energy products and related services to rural communities and businesses in Mozambique.

Programme Components

  • Market Development Fund and Technical Assistance: This is the major component of BRILHO and involves providing start-up grants and loans, together with technical assistance, to new businesses, seeding innovation and supporting early stage market work.
  • Demand Activation: This activity will utilize the comparative advantages of GoM support (most likely FUNAE and/or MITADER) and their relationships with rural communities to facilitate private sector engagement with potential consumers in an efficient and collaborative manner, including education of the benefits of clean off-grid energy solutions as well as practical instruction in the use of mobile money and PAYG systems.
  • Research and Dissemination: BRILHO will support core market intelligence and will research a number of key complementary areas such as: improving the policy and regulatory environment; quality standards and control; and models and approaches that most impact on the poor, women and girls. This component will also look to strengthen Mozambique’s own capacity to deliver off-grid energy related research, including potential support to the solar and biomass labs at Eduardo Mondlane University.
  • Policy Reform and Institutional Strengthening: This will involve working with the key GoM institutions responsible for off-grid energy to help deliver programme objectives over the next 6 years and after BRILHO has finished.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must apply using DFID supplier portal.

Eligible Country: Mozambique

For more information, please visit BRIHLO Energy Africa Mozambique.

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