AIDS United Call for LOIs: People Organizing Positively (POP) Initiative 2018-2019

Now Funding Agencies will be at your Fingertips

Deadline: 27 July 2018

AIDS United, with funding from Gilead Sciences, has announced an opportunity for grant support through the People Organizing Positively (POP) initiative 2018-2019.


The goals of this initiative are to:

  • Support innovative projects that fully embody the principles of Meaningful Involvement of People Living with HIV (MIPA);
  • Increase leadership capacity of People Living with HIV (PLHIV);
  • Support grassroots activities that involve the leadership of PLHIV; and,
  • Strengthen the organizational practices that embody and operationalize MIPA values

Grant Information

Grant awards will range between $40,000 and $60,000. This funding will cover a project implementation period of 8 months.

Project Focus Areas

The POP Initiative will fund projects that are innovative, address leadership/capacity development of PLHIV, address reduction of HIV stigma, and are rooted in a thorough understanding of the principles of MIPA at the community and organizational level. The letter of intent must be for a project that addresses one or more of the following:

  • Community issues:
    • HIV-related stigma is prejudice against people and populations based on perceived HIV seropositive status. This prejudice may be institutionalized through policies, such as HIV criminalization, or enacted at the individual or community level. Applicants may propose addressing HIV-related stigma through institutional, community-level, or individual interventions, including policy change.
    • Building capacity for people living with HIV involvement in state-level advocacy. There is a need to build capacity among people living with HIV to meaningfully participate in and lead state-level advocacy efforts. Applicants may propose projects that support and enhance participation of people living with HIV in state level advocacy and policy work.
  • Organizational and community issues:
    • Structural barriers to MIPA may derive from complex historical and current processes that intersect with stigma and oppression related to race, gender, gender expression and identity, sexual orientation, class, opportunities for formal education, mental illness, HIV status, and more. Applicants may propose organizational and institutional interventions to reduce these barriers, including addressing organizational policies that may reduce participation by disproportionately affected communities in decision-making roles.
    • Leadership development is a central tenet of MIPA. At the organizational level, this could include processes that prepare people living with HIV to participate at the board level, to apply for jobs with the organization, develop an active and engaged advisory board, and to organize networks of people living with HIV to address local and regional challenges.
    • Organizational culture can affect participation by people living with HIV, especially for people of color and people of trans experience. Applicants may propose initiatives to improve organizational culture. Such efforts should be developed and led by people from the affected communities, and proposals should have clearly articulated problems along with potential solutions.

Project Support

AIDS United will support projects via the following two tracks:

  • Building a MIPA-driven Organization: projects focused on concrete activities that strengthen the organizational practices and that operationalize MIPA values at the organizational level.
  • MIPA-driven Grassroots Projects: projects focused on specific grassroots activities that involve the leadership of people living with HIV.

Eligibility Criteria

Regional, community and faith-based organizations, including but not limited to AIDS service organizations, Federally Qualified Health Centers, and/or established networks of people living with HIV are invited to apply as long as they meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Documented Non-Profit Status – Applicants must be non-profit, tax-exempt organizations, per the guidelines set forth by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) with proper 501(c)3 status. Appropriate verification of this federal status will be undertaken by AIDS United before final grant decisions are made. Only organizations located in the United States, or the US Territories of Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands may apply. Organizations that do not hold 501(c)3 status must have an already established relationship with a fiscal sponsor, holding such status, in order to apply.
  • Organizational Viability – Organizations should be viable with or without the grant. These funds are not intended to provide general support, help start new organizations or serve as a replacement for discontinued funding.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.

For more information, please visit People Organizing Positively.

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