Call for Nominations: Vigor Awards International 2018

Deadline (For the Toronto event): 1 August 2018

Nominations are open for Vigor Awards International 2018 to celebrate, honour, and acknowledge individuals who have made impact in the world by bringing positive changes to, improving, encouraging or empowering other people’s lives.

Vigor Awards International seeks to honor those who ordinarily would not receive recognition or be publicly appreciated for their selfless efforts to enhance the lives of people around them, through their unrewarded volunteering or humanitarian work, or by their acts of valor in extraordinary circumstances.

The award aims to inspire others to bring people together in communities to promote the empowerment of other people and to effect social change through the celebration of unsung heroes in all areas of life.

What Is a Vigor Awards Nominee?

You’re probably asking yourself this question, and wondering if anyone you know might qualify to be nominated for a Vigor Award. Do you know anyone who exemplifies these qualities? If so, let them know right away!

  • Someone who meets a need, reacts in the moment, or feels strongly about some injustice in the world;
  • who faithfully serves one or more people or the community as a whole;
  • whose service or sacrifice involves a risk to their own physical comfort, social stature, or quality of life; and
  • who initiated this activity without the expectation of material gain.
  • If you think others will be inspired by their story, then nominate them today.

They want to tell the world about them!

List of Awards

  1. Lifetime Achievement Award: The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to individuals who’s life work has been a service to help others.
  2. Achievement Award: The Achievement Award is given to individuals who have achieved great things that revolve around helping others.
  3. Volunteer Award: The Volunteer Award is given to individuals who put their free time aside and give their time, blood, sweat and tears to others on a regular basis.
  4. Philanthropist Award: The Philanthropist Award is given to the nominee who believes totally in a certain cause, notion, or higher power, and live, act and show this belief in everything they do everyday.
  5. International Leader Award: This award is given to an actual leader of a country or region, from anywhere in the world, who has demonstrated a noble heart dedicated to improving the lives of his or her constituents by reducing poverty, crime and corruption, improving sanitation, employment, or health and welfare of the general population, especially the weakest members of the community. By highlighting these women and men, we intend to inspire other world leaders to rise to the same standards.
  6. Humanitarian Award: The Humanitarian Award is given to individuals who dedicate themselves to aid and help other people in hard times facing natural disasters, civil war, or other injustices that devastate the world.
  7. Literary Achievement Award: The Literary Award is given to individuals who have authored books or material with the sole purpose of helping, spreading knowledge or taking up a cause for the benefit of others.
  8. Leadership Award: The Leadership Award is given to nominees who show absolute Leadership, and use their born attributes / skills to spread positivity and benefit to others.
  9. Honoree Award: The Honoree Award is given to outstanding people who show promise, passion, excellence and a positive example to others.
  10. Spirit of Host City Award: The Spirit of Host City Award is given to an individual who has gone the extra mile to impact lives around the host city. This individual has a passion and the heart to serve the city in which they live.

Eligibility Criteria

  • They are your neighbours, your friends, your colleagues and your parents.
  • They are Vigor Award Heroes, each of whom shows how one person can truly make a difference.
  • Again this year, Vigor Awards encourages you to tell them about these everyday people changing the world — by nominating them here. Taking a few minutes to share their story with them could propel them to worldwide recognition.

Rules for Nominations

  • To accept the award, they would appreciate the recipients to be present at the award show
  • Nominations need to be made before August of each year.
  • After all nominations are received, an impartial and qualified team will carefully review and evaluate all of the nominations based on a specially designed set of criteria, and will choose the nominees who will receive trophies at the event. The Nominations Committee’s decisions are final.

Nomination Disclaimer

  • All nominees are their heroes but there are a limited number of trophies given out at the event. Not all nominees will receive a trophy.
  • ​Only confirmed nominees will receive a free ticket to the event. The Nomination Confirmation only includes the ticket for the Confirmed Nominee and no other guests.  Any guests who wish to accompany the nominee must purchase their own tickets in advance. Please be aware that seating is limited, so get your tickets early.  Any nominees who have not been confirmed will also have to purchase their own ticket to the event – only confirmed nominees are invited free to the event.

How to Apply

Nominees can apply online via given website.

For more information, please visit Vigor Awards International 2018.

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