Government of Canada: Inviting Applicants for National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP)

Deadline: 31 October 2018

The Government of Canada is seeking applications for its “National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP)” that will address rising flood risks and costs, and build the foundation for informed mitigation investments that could reduce, or even negate, the effects of flood events.


The NDMP was established in April 2015 to reduce the impacts of natural disasters on Canadians by:

  • Focusing investments on significant, recurring flood risk and costs;
  • Advancing work to facilitate private residential insurance for overland flooding.

Program Components

  • Of the NDMP’s $200 million, the NDMP has an allotment of approximately $183 million for NDMP projects that will be cost-shared with the provinces and territories (up to 50 per cent of eligible provincial projects and up to 75 per cent of eligible projects in the territories).
  • In addition to the funds that will be dedicated to cost-shared projects with provinces and territories, the NDMP will also assist in building the foundation for future, informed, proactive prevention and mitigation by investing $17 million in three key areas:
    • Risk, resilience and return on investment tools to provide provinces, territories and communities with the needed information and capacity to plan and evaluate their flood mitigation projects;
    • A risk and resilience repository that will collect, store, manage and share NDMP information to inform future policy and program direction for all levels of government; and
    • Public awareness and engagement activities.
  • There are four funding streams under the NDMP:
    • Risk Assessments: This stream provides funding for the completion of risk assessments to inform flood risks. Risk assessments are the foundational step in disaster mitigation. These risk assessments will identify flood hazards, potential impacts, and community and infrastructure vulnerabilities, as well as the overall flood risk profile for the area.
    • Flood Mapping: This stream provides funding for the development and/or modernization of flood maps. A flood map identifies the boundaries of a potential flood event based on type and likelihood, and can be used to help identify the specific impacts of a flood event on structures, people and assets.
    • Mitigation Planning: This stream provides funding for the development and/or modernization of mitigation plans to address flood risks. A comprehensive mitigation plan allows applicants to develop realistic and sustainable mitigation solutions by clearly outlining the plan’s objectives, key activities, expected outputs, timelines, and roles and responsibilities.
    • Investments in Non-structural and Small Scale Structural Mitigation Projects: This stream provides funding for other non-structural and small scale structural disaster mitigation projects. Eligible proajects would include actions such as the replacement of storm culverts, or projects that improve flood resilience by proactively preventing or mitigating damages and losses.

Eligibility Criteria

Provincial and territorial governments are the eligible recipients for funding under the NDMP. However, provincial and territorial authorities may collaborate with, and redistribute funding to eligible entities, such as municipal or other local governments, public sector bodies, private sector bodies, band councils, international non-government organizations or any combination of these entities.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, please visit Government of Canada.

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