Australian Embassy in Rome: Seeking Applications for Direct Aid Program in Albania

Deadline: 12 October 2017 The Australian Embassy in Rome is seeking project applications for funding under the Australian Direct Aid Program (DAP) in Albania that is a flexible small grants program funded by the Australian Government and managed through the Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade (DFAT) overseas posts. The aim of this program is to support projects with a strong development focus that complement Australia's broader aid program which contributes to sustainable economic growth … [Read more...]

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Mexico: Small Scale Local Projects Program 2018

Deadline: 15 October 2017 The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Mexico is currently inviting relevant legal entities for its "Small Scale Local Projects Program". Although the type and focus of projects are not strictly defined, the project should be geared towards supporting development activities through the provision of materials or equipment, training, financial support for the activities of local authorities, capacity and participation in larger projects (including international … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Frame’s Travel Grant for Foreign Art Experts for Travelling to Finland!

Deadline: 31 October 2017 Frame is seeking applications for its Travel Grant for Foreign Art Experts for Travelling to Finland to promote the international mobility and networking of art experts in order to promote the opportunities of Finnish art and artists for international interaction and the exhibition of Finnish art internationally. The purpose of grants awarded by Frame is based on the strategy of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and Frame’s own strategy. Frame is an … [Read more...]

Apply for Frame’s Travel Grant for Artists for Exhibiting Abroad!

Deadline: 31 October 2017 Frame is seeking applications for its "Travel Grant for Artists for Exhibiting Abroad" to promote the international career development of Finnish artists or artists based in Finland by promoting their networking and opportunities to exhibit or perform abroad. The purpose of grants awarded by Frame is based on the strategy of the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and Frame’s own strategy. Program Purposes Artists can apply for a travel grant when they … [Read more...]

Sida International Training Programme: Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation Integrated Processes

Deadline: 24 November 2017 The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) is seeking applications for its International Training Programme, “Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation – Integrated Processes” in order to contribute to planning and implementation of  better sustainable urban water and sanitation services, where the rights, needs and demands of  all citizens, including those of marginalised groups, are taken into account. Priority Themes Framing sustainable … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: GSMA Disaster Response Innovation Fund

Deadline: 13 October 2017 Do you have an innovative idea that supports responses to natural disasters or humanitarian emergencies? If yes then apply for GSMA Disaster Response Innovation Fund! The GSMA Disaster Response Innovation Fund can provide funding to help applicants to test or scale it. GSMA is looking for ideas that use mobile technology to assist and empower individuals or communities affected by humanitarian emergencies, or to strengthen prevention, preparedness and response in … [Read more...]

Australian Embassy in the Philippines: Call for Proposals for Direct Aid Program (DAP) 2017

Deadline: 10 October 2017 Australian Embassy in the Philippines has announced a call for proposals for Direct Aid Program (DAP) 2017 which is a flexible small grants scheme funded by the Australian Government and administered by the Australian Embassy in the Philippines. Under the program, grants are provided to worthwhile projects, which can demonstrate direct benefits to local communities. Funding Information Grants will be provided up to a maximum of PhP1 million per approved project with … [Read more...]

UNOPS Call for Proposals: Promoting Intergenerational and Intercultural Dialogue and Human Rights in Cambodia

Deadline: 27 September 2017 The European Union Delegation to Cambodia decided to provide support through UNOPS to Reparations Projects that benefit the victims of the Democratic Kampuchea regime. It is a unique opportunity to finally bring closure to a dark chapter of Cambodian modern history and to create a more informed society. It is expected that by preserving and diffusing a part of Cambodian history which would otherwise be forgotten, new generations of young Cambodians can better … [Read more...]

Embassy of Switzerland in Abuja: Inviting Applicants for Small-Scale Development Projects in Nigeria

Deadline: 31 October 2017 The Embassy of Switzerland in Abuja is currently inviting applicants from NGOs, organisations, groups and institutes for its  Small-Scale Development Projects in Nigeria in order to assist local initiatives of groups or of organisations whose works contribute to the country`s overall economic progress. Dynamic actors of the civil society, especially women and minority representatives, are thus helped in their efforts to generate sustainable reforms and overall … [Read more...]

Webinar Video: Donor Research and Identification

The webinar video on “Donor Research and Identification: Finding Great Funders for your Organization” is now available online. Conducting research on prospective institutional donors can be an overwhelming process and many NGOs don’t know where to start. This webinar video will provide some basic approaches to effective donor research methods. A key focus will be on how to use a variety of free internet tools to identify new international grants for your NGO. The research techniques covered in … [Read more...]

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Yerevan, Armenia: Call for Small Scale Development Projects 2018

Deadline: 10 October 2017 The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Yerevan, Armenia is currently inviting relevant Armenian legal entities (NGOs, non-state healthcare, educational, social and cultural organizations, cooperatives, communities and local administration institutions) to present for consideration their projects in the framework of the “Small Scale Development Projects Programme” of the Czech Republic Development Cooperation. Although the type and focus of the projects are not strictly … [Read more...]

Checchi: Inviting CSOs and NGOs for ADALAT Traditional Dispute Resolution (TDR) Grants Program

Deadline: 23 September 2017 Checchi and Company Consulting Inc. (Checchi) is currently inviting registered CSOs and NGOs to submit proposals for its ADALAT Traditional Dispute Resolution (TDR) Grants Program. Traditional dispute resolution (TDR) is widely familiar and trusted in Afghanistan as it effectively serves the primary cultural objective of reconciling disputants and maintaining community harmony. Even formal justice actors, recognizing these essential strengths and the limitations of … [Read more...]

UN Women Call for Proposals: Women’s Economic Empowerment – Increasing Entrepreneurship Skills for Out of School Adolescent Girls in Sustainable Energy UN Joint Programme for Empowering Adolescent Girls (2017-2020)

Deadline: 1 October 2017 Under its mandate to support Member States to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) gender-related targets in general and in particular SDG 5 with a focus on addressing gender-based inequalities to increase economic opportunities and access to productive resources for women of all ages; UN Women Tanzania has announced a Call for Proposals for Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) with innovative and high impact programmes … [Read more...]

BTC Call for Concept Notes: Skills Development Fund Albertine Rwenzori

Deadline: 10 October 2017 BTC is piloting a Skills Development Fund (SDF) in Albertine & Rwenzori, Northern Uganda and Karamoja region. This Call for Proposals for the Skills Development Fund (SDF) is part of the Support to Skilling Uganda Strategy (SSU) project. The SSU intervention is jointly implemented by Belgium Development Agency (BTC) and the Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) with support of the Belgian Government, European Union Emergency Trust Fund and Irish Aid. The … [Read more...]

Australian High Commission in Mauritius: Direct Aid Program to provide Small Grants to Organizations

Deadline: 5 October 2017 The Australian High Commission in Port Louis, Mauritius is seeking applications for its Direct Aid Program which is a flexible small grants program to help fund development projects in Mauritius, Rodrigues, Madagascar, Comoros and the Seychelles. The primary objective of the DAP is to achieve a practical and tangible humanitarian or developmental outcome in vulnerable communities. DAP funds activities that have a direct, practical and immediate impact. Priorities In … [Read more...]

CPDC Call for Concept Notes: Inviting Umbrella Non-Governmental Organisations for Small Grant Program

Deadline: 6 October 2017 The Caribbean Policy Development Centre (CPDC) in partnership with the European Union (EU) is currently inviting umbrella non-governmental organisations for its small grant program to enhance the capacity of umbrella NGOs to efficiently and effectively provide services to their beneficiaries/members by providing financial support for actions that improve their operational responsiveness and performance with regards to members’ needs. Objectives Improve … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Edith M Ellis Charitable Trust’s Grant Program!

Deadline: 31 December 2017 The Edith M Ellis Charitable Trust is currently accepting applications for its funding program with an aim to make small grants to a broad range of Quaker and other UK-registered charities or Non-Governmental organisations, public bodies and social enterprises, in normal circumstances limited to those with an annual turnover of less than approximately £350,000. Priority Areas Grant giving categories include: Quaker work and witness Peace-building and … [Read more...]

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of INL: Criminal Justice Civil Society Program

Deadline: 5 November 2017 The United States Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs, is seeking applications from qualified Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), for a Grant to implement a program entitled "Criminal Justice Civil Society Program". The United States Embassy in Podgorica supports specific projects and initiatives that facilitate the engagement of Montenegrin citizens in criminal justice reform efforts through grant awards up to … [Read more...]

Voice’s Cambodia Sudden Opportunity Grants: Inviting Civil Society Organisations (CSOs)

Deadline: 31 December 2017 Through this sudden opportunity grant, Voice Cambodia is currently inviting Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) to undertake a collective action to address specific, unanticipated opportunities to influence policy or deal with a threatened/imminent attack on civil society space in Cambodia, especially one that could have a ripple effect or that can impact one or more of Voice target groups in one or more of the impact themes. It is an opportunity for strategic … [Read more...]

Nominations Open for Ashden Awards 2018!

Deadline: 7 November 2017 Nominations are open for Ashden Awards that uncover and reward the most exciting sustainable energy pioneers in the UK and developing world, who are leading the way to a thriving low-carbon future. Benefits Award of up to £20,000 National and international media exposure Tailored support to develop applicant’s work even further Media materials to help applicant tell applicant’s story Categories Finance and business innovation for delivering … [Read more...]

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