Applications Open for Swedish Institute’s BALTICLEAD Program

Deadline: 29 April 2019

Do you see opportunities, even in large complex challenges? Are you a change maker that wants to grow even stronger in your leadership? Do you also want to learn from some of the most impactful people and solutions in sustainability science, leadership, technology and impact investment? If yes, then apply for the BALTICLEAD program!

BALTICLEAD is a leadership program that aims to increase applicants capacity to work for humans and the planet as an individual leader and as a part of groups. Through the programme, they work with seeking new solutions and methods to the planet’s problems. BALTICLEAD is a joint initiative between the Swedish Institute and the Stockholm Resilience Centre, at Stockholm University. It is a leadership programme designed for entrepreneurship and systems change in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe.

The initiative is based on the Resilience Centre’s research on Planetary Boundaries, Resilience Thinking and Transformations to Sustainability. The programme is structured over three integrated fields: human, social and planetary thriving. Participants of BALTICLEAD will address some of the world’s biggest social and ecological challenges as opportunities. Participants will build global solutions with the Planetary Opportunities model as a framework. The programme aims at starting a journey to create a new network of changemakers that serve both people and the planet.

BALTICLEAD will give applicants:

  • Theoretical and practical know-how on technological and social innovations and how technological enablers can be used for social-ecological transformations.
  • Knowledge about the planet’s climate and ecosystems and understanding of key concepts like; planetary boundaries and opportunities model, system entrepreneurship (and society’s need for it), transformations to sustainability, biomimicry – nature-based solutions.
  • Access to knowledge from, and the chance to work with, top leaders from science, business and the public sector.
  • Chance to develop as a leader and entrepreneur.
  • Awareness around one’s own impact as human and skills on self-leadership and Neuroleadership.
  • An opportunity and generator mindset, mapping one´s resources and knowing how to share.
  • Access to a global network consisting of leaders, with the common aim to promote sustainable change at local, national or global level.


  • All costs related to accommodation, food and transport during the BALTICLEAD programme are covered. The programme will pay for transportation to and from the modules locations.
  • During the programme, all participants will be insured against acute illness and accident.
  • Training and content.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants are a permanent resident or citizen of one of these countries: Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Azerbaijan or Armenia.
  • Applicants are approximately 25-40 years of age.
  • Applicants are fluent in spoken and written English.
  • Applicants have an international aim and thinking.
  • Applicants are an expert within their field.
  • Applicant’s interest is deeply rooted in social and environmental sustainability and new technological and social innovations.
  • Applicants have a distinct motivation for participation.
  • Applicants can be present at all modules and courses.
  • Applicants have experience of leading and mobilizing around urgent issues.
  • Applicants are a team player and a generator for their community.
  • Applicants have been trained in social intelligence and the ability to listen.
  • Applicants have the capacity to contribute opinions and reflections whilst accepting and learning from different perspectives in the group.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via the given website.

For mroe information, please visit

  • Avatar Keiti Utiata says:

    What about if you are above 40 years of age and willing to attend this workshop? Not only that but if you are not from the country mention can you have a chance for this? I really want this for my community and for my country as well. As for now I am a one of their leader and willing to learn more.
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

    • Avatar Reena says:

      Hi Keiti Utiata,

      To get detailed information on eligibility criteria and application requirements, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good Luck!

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