Apply for Water JPI 2017 Joint Call: Supporting International Cooperation Activities

Deadline: 11 December 2017

Applications are open for Water JPI 2017 Joint Call with an aim to enable transnational, collaborative research, development and innovation projects addressing questions relating to the water challenges faced by society with focus on Water Resource Management in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Water JPI 2017 Joint Call will be funded by 12 Funding Partner Organisations from 12 countries.

The Funding Partner Organisations (FPOs) particularly wish to

  • promote trans-disciplinary research,
  • encourage proposals combining basic and applied approaches,
  • stimulate mobility of researchers within the consortia,
  • enhance collaborative research and innovation during the project’s lifespan and beyond, and
  • promote international cooperation in the water area.

Types of Challenges

Proposals are invited on the topic “Water resource management in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals”, organised around two challenges:

  • Multiple pressure effects on ecosystems and ecosystem services as well as effective mitigation – adaptation tools and assessments for implementing the water related targets of the UN SDGs.
  • Developing accessible solutions for clean water management to address UN SDG6 targets and associated SDGs.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Only proposals submitted by transnational consortia will be eligible;
  • Each consortium must be composed of at least a minimum of three eligible partners that request funding from participating Funding Partner Organisations from three different countries;
  • Proposals must be submitted by Universities and other higher education institutions, public research institutions, private non-profit organisations, and private companies, according to National Regulations. The relevant National/Regional participation rules apply to each partner in relation to the corresponding Funding Partner Organisation (FPO).
  • Proposals must meet all the formal criteria (submitted electronically, respect page limits and number/type of attachments allowed, written in English language);
  • Topics of the proposals must be fully relevant to the scope of the call;
  • The requested total budget cannot exceed 1.5 M€ (per proposal);
  • Duration of projects must range between 24 to 36 months;
  • A participant in a proposal is defined as
    • a principal investigator that requests funds on behalf of his/her applicant organisation/institution/company or
    • a principal investigator that contributes with own funds to the proposal;
  • A Consortium Coordinator can only participate in the proposal he/she is coordinating (i.e. if the principal investigator is the coordinator of a proposal, he/she cannot participate in any other proposal, neither as a coordinator nor as a partner);
  • The Consortium Coordinator must be eligible to be funded by one of the Funding Partner Organisations;
  • Researchers from the Funding Partner Organisations cannot apply to this call.
  • Researchers from other countries can also participate at their own costs (commitment needed for being associated to a consortium applying to the Water JPI 2017 Joint Call).

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted via given website.

For more information, please visit Water JPI 2017.

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