Applications Open for Battle of Minds Competition!

Deadline: 15 March 2018

Applications are now open for the Battle of Minds(BAT) competition which will challenge to put together a team, form an original business plan and compete with students across the globe. It’s a huge opportunity to show why you’re the future of business, testing your desire to collaborate and determination to win.

Research your market, develop a product idea and convince of its success, and your prize will be a prestigious three to six-month internship at BAT.  All you need to do is to show what makes you BAT material. Leadership and desire to be a top-performer are good qualities, but to really succeed in this challenge, you should prove you work well with people who have different abilities and perspectives.

Competition Structure
The Competition is divided into three distinct judging stages:

  • DRBU Level.
  • Regional Level.
  • Global Level.


After registeration, teams will be able to select one of four challenges on the Competition web-portal. Teams must prepare a pitch in response to their chosen challenge. Teams will only be able to make a submission in relation to one challenge. The challenges are as follows:

  • Rickshaw Revolution
    • Also known as a tuk-tuk in Thailand, the rickshaw is a three-wheeled vehicle used to taxi passengers across India and the Asia-Pacific region. For decades, it’s been essential for travelling through urban congestion, but it could be modernised with the aid of GPS and application-based technology. Capitalise on this opportunity before somebody else does. How will you build your network? What separates you from the big taxi app companies like Uber?
  • Flipping the Scales
    • As far as flip flops go, Havaianas – the home-grown Brazilian brand – is an international sensation and isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. But it’s your mission to design some footwear that competes for the attention of its loyal customers. Do you go in with a different price point? Are your designs more adventurous or the materials better? Or will you invent a totally new form of footwear that better serve a purpose? It’s up to you whether to focus on the Brazilian market, or follow their lead and go global.
  • Play to Learn
    • The gaming industry is a multi-billion-pound industry, but what if it could be profitable and beneficial? People in countries across Europe play a lot of games, but those games do not always have a strategic or knowledge-enhancing purpose. Can you develop a game that’s modern, exciting and helps people learn without realising they’re doing it? Target an age group (from 18years +), discuss the subject matter and show the features of the game itself. What market are you launching it in and how will it be delivered?
  • Witness the Fitness
    • Fitness is an enormous money-making market, with incredibly popular products like the Fitbit merging health and style. But not everybody is bothered. With huge investment in technology, convenience services and fancy cars, people throughout some of the world’s richer countries have become less physically active. Choose a market and invent an innovative new fitness product they can’t resist. How will you convince them to change their lifestyle?


  • Win an Internship
  • Make Connections
  • Fly to London

Eligibility Criteria

This Competition is free to enter and open to all participants who meet the following criteria (“Entrants”):

  • Students aged 18+ at universities (or equivalent institutions) (“University”) located within Eligible Countries  studying for a bachelor’s degree (or other equivalent courses) at that University, or who have completed their studies at their University less than one year before the Closing Date.
  • Only students studying (or who have formerly studied) at institutions in the countries set out at Eligible Countries will be entitled to participate in the Competition
  • The Competition is not open to the following:
    • current or former interns of BAT, or of any affiliate, partner and/or subsidiary of BAT;
    • current or former employees (whether full or part-time, permanent or temporary or otherwise), agents,
    • consultants or contractors of BAT or of any affiliate, partner and/or subsidiary of BAT;
    • anyone professionally connected with the Competition or with BAT or any affiliate, partner and/or subsidiary of BAT;
  • immediate family members of (or persons living in the same household, whether related or not, as) any such individuals referred to above as not being eligible to participate;
  • anyone who has already worked in a professional capacity or otherwise acquired professional experience (other than through short-term internships or similar).
  • Entrants should be aware that all communication relating to this Competition shall be in English, and all entries to the Competition are required to be submitted in English.
  • Entrants should ensure that they have a sufficient level of spoken and written English to be able to enter this Competition, as translations will not be provided by BAT.
  • BAT reserves the right to reject entry by, or cease the continued participation of, a person it considers to have entered in breach of these Competition Terms and Conditions.
  • BAT reserves the right to require Entrants to provide proof of eligibility to enter at any point during the Competition.
  • Entrants will need to have access to the internet, and will need to have the ability to film a video and prepare supporting documents in Microsoft Word and/or PDF, and upload these files to the internet.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

Note: Videos that are published will be uploaded unedited. Entrants should therefore not include anything in their videos that they are not happy to be uploaded publicly on the internet.

Eligible Countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Vietnam, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, Denmark, Russia, Romania, Italy, Spain, Algeria, Egypt,Turkey, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Nigeria, Kenya.

For further information, please visit BAT

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