International Youth Forum: Youth Culture for Social Transformation and Equality

Deadline: 30 July 2016

The International Youth Forum (IYF) is inviting the participation of youths from around the world, with a particular emphasis on independent thinking and social transformation, to represent the youth voice in an effort to mainstream culture into the agenda of development.

The main theme of IYF, “Youth Culture for Social Transformation and Equality” is directly correlated to the WCF theme, “Culture for an Inclusive Sustainable Planet”.

The International Youth Forum (IYF) will be held in Bali for six days, from October 9-14, 2016, parallel and in conjunction with the World Culture Forum (WCF) and engage in a series of activities aimed to discover and develop the role of youth in building a more inclusive and sustainable world, including discussions on four sub-themes derived from the IYF main theme.


  • Youth and New Engagement with the Public – This issue will discuss the role of youth in engaging with the public. In the discussions, issues like youth apathy in the social and political spheres will be discussed, as well as contemporary concerns facing the world today and how to identify the role of youths and what they can positively contribute.
  • Youth and New Modes of Belonging – This issue will discuss youths in the context of contemporary digital culture that has inevitably introduced and constructed a new concept of space and identity issues of being and becoming for youths today. With the rapid wave of information and communication technology, youths are presented with a myriad of often conflicting ideas on how to identify themselves in an increasingly borderless youth community, transcending culture and traditional boundaries of space. Consequently, this raises a need for a space to express and articulate the identity of youths.
  • Activism: Deconstructing Youth as Threat – This issue will discuss the stereotype of youths and their capacity for social transformation. As an illustration, the discussion will begin by comparing and contrasting society’s general perception of youth as a threat to social order and governance with the history of youth movements where youths have taken an active role in creating a better society and standing against various forms of injustice.
  • Youth and the Problems of Socio-Economic Inequality – This issue will examine how youths respond to the problems of social and economic disparity by discussing real-world examples found in society, for instance, the reality of unequal access to education. The youth participants will explore issues like transparency and equal access to education free from discrimination, in an effort to build a more ideal form of education in the interest of youths and to enhance the role of youths as cultural agents to realize socio-economic parity and social justice.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Local Participant
    • 18 – 26 years old
    • Indonesian Citizen
    • Highly motivated and passionate at least on the theme of IYF or the sub themes
    • Flexible and open-minded
    • Fully available for the entire program duration
    • Fluent in English (please enclose the ITP certificate preferably with minimum score of 500)
    • Active in organization or attended the symposium in cultural aspect at least 3 years
  • Foreign Participant
    • 18 – 26 years old
    • Highly motivated and passionate at least on the theme of IYF or the sub themes
    • Flexible and open-minded
    • Fully available for the entire program duration
    • Fluent in English (please enclose the IBT certificate preferably with minimum score of 80 or IELTS certificate preferably with minimum score of 6.00)
    • Active in Youth organization in local level or regional level or international level in origin country
    • Active in organization or attended the symposium in cultural aspect at least 3 years

WCF 2016 offers free accommodation. This forum is fully funded by the Government of Indonesia under the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia.

For more information, please visit

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