UNHCR Call for Proposals: Youth Initiative Fund 2019

Deadline: 3 December 2018

Applicants are invited to submit proposals for the “Youth Initiative Fund” 2019 which was initiated by the Division of International Protection in Geneva to support community based protection projects imagined, designed and led by young people.

Since 2014, the YIF has supported more than 100 youth led projects globally that have addressed protection challenges including sexual and gender-based violence, peaceful coexistence, child protection and psychosocial wellbeing.

The YIF is unique in that it targets and builds upon the existing capacities and capabilities of young people, rather than focusing on vulnerabilities. The YIF creates an enabling environment that provides young people with the space and support necessary to become active protection actors within their communities and helps them build life skills that strengthen resilience.


This is achieved through the realization of three main objectives:

  • Participation: Young people have genuine opportunities for community participation and opportunities to effect decision making processes, especially in the area of protection;
  • Empowerment: Young people learn about project management, use their initiative, evaluate options, learn to make informed decisions and choices, developing and enhancing leadership skills;
  • Innovation: Young people develop innovative, youth-appropriate protection solutions to addressing personal, group and community challenges.

Funding Information

  • The maximum funding allocation per project is US$ 10,000; there is no minimum.
  • Projects should be implemented before 31st December 2019.


Projects should take into consideration the following approaches:

  • Community-Based Protection and Capacity Development:
    • Young people should be encouraged and supported to imagine, research, design and implement projects based on protection concerns they identify within their communities.
    • Projects should be community based, and should incorporate a learning component that helps to further develop young people’s capacities in areas such as life skills, business or community work.
    • Capacity development should be sustainable so that acquired skills and knowledge remain in communities after the project.
    • Projects may also wish to support young people to develop relationships with host community groups and groups from their own or other communities to promote peaceful coexistence and address discrimination and xenophobia.
  • Innovation and Partnerships:
    • Initiatives should aim to address identified needs and use the preferred delivery method of the young people, while providing opportunities for young people to further develop their capacities and skills.
    • Young people should be supported to use arts, sports and music as vehicles for learning and addressing protection objectives.
    • Projects may also seek to provide opportunities for some young people to be trained and work as mentors, trainers, facilitators and young leaders to encourage a multiplier effect.
    • Where possible, young people should be supported to identify and partner with a broad cross section of stakeholders within and outside of their community to promote an integrated approach, learning opportunities and sustainability.

How do they ensure meaningful participation of young people?

  • Genuine participation of young people in project design, implementation and monitoring of the project is essential – young people should be the guiding force behind the project and lead it from start to finish.
  • UNHCR offices and partners should work with young people by:
    • providing guidance, advice and skills building opportunities when necessary, making sure to do so in a way that maintains and supports young people’s ownership of the project.

Please remember young people are a diverse group with different needs and interests. Age, Gender and Diversity must be mainstreamed into all proposals, with specific attention paid to the gender dimensions of all projects.

How to Apply

  • There are 2 forms and one log frame to be completed.
  • The youth group/s should develop the main proposal and a basic log frame, based on the template and guidance provided.
  • The participating office should then complete the online submission form via given website, and attach the forms completed by young people, as well as a photo of the process and any other supporting documents.
  • Countries with multiple operations may submit more than one proposal.

For more information, visit: https://bit.ly/2EE05XZ

  • Avatar St.Margret Women Association says:

    We have liked the idea but the UNHCR offices are very far away from us. And we have tried to communicate to them by email but they are not willing to respond to us. Thank you

    • Avatar Jimdean says:

      But hope you can apply as yo waiting for their response. Proposal writing and online submission UNHCR doesn’t come in or involved.Its not all that easy to reach those offices but I think its a matter of keeping the information, when its needed it can be submitted to them.

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