X-HALE Short Film Competition Grant: Encouraging Young People to Support a Tobacco Free Ireland

Deadline: 28 February 2018

Applications are now open for The X-HALE 2018 Short Film Competition that is an exciting opportunity for youth groups to spread the word about the impact of smoking by creating a youth-led short-film.

Every year, they provide funding and training to support youth groups from all over Ireland in making a short film to encourage young people to stamp out smokes for good.

They want youth groups, clubs, services, projects and centres to have their say about smoking and drive the movement towards Ireland’s first smokefree generation. Since 2011, they’ve supported over 225 youth organisations across the country to take part.

Theme Ideas

  • The aim of applicant’s film should be to encourage young people not to smoke and to inspire them to support the tobacco free movement.
  • Some themes applicant’s group could aim to explore and address with their film:
    • Why should young people choose to be smoke free?
    • Inspire young people to make a decision to be smoke free by focusing their film on the impact that tobacco has on:
      • Health
      • Relationships
      • Environment
      • Appearance
      • Life Opportunities
      • Tobacco Grower Exploitation
      • Addiction
      • Community
      • Finances

Genre Ideas

The genre applicant’s group chooses for their film could one of those listed below or a combination, whatever they think will appeal to their audience of young people:

  • True Story
  • Comedy
  • Science Fiction
  • Action
  • Drama
  • Musical

Film Type ideas

Some examples of film types are listed below, applicant’s group could use one or a combination for their film. Think about what would appeal to their audience of young people and be the best fit with their chosen theme and genre.

  • Short: Use actors to tell a story about a smoking topic
  • Animation : Use digital graphics created on a computer to tell their story
  • Stop Motion: Move an object in small increments between individually photographed frames to create the illusion of movement when the series of frames is played as a fast sequence. Dolls with movable joints, clay figures, paper cut outs or puppets are often used in stop motion.
  • Interview:Highlight opinions about smoking topics or share real life experiences by conducting an interview where one person asks questions and one or more others answer.
  • Documentary: Use pictures, interview clips and facts to provide a report or to highlight a project on a particular smoking topic
  • Music Video:Use originally created or copy right free musicand imagery to tell a story

Eligibility Criteria

  • Youth groups working with young people aged 10-24 are invited to apply for a grant to help them make a film that encourages young people to be smoke free.
  • The grants can be used for any costs related to making the film (equipment, props, film experts, and travel to X-HALE Youth Awards etc.).

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.

Eligible Country: Ireland

For more information, please visit X-HALE Short Film Competition Grant.

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