Rosenberg Fund for Children Grant Program: Providing Educational & Emotional Needs

Deadline: 21 March 2019

The Rosenberg Fund for Children is seeking applications for its Grant program which provides educational and emotional needs of targeted progressive activists, and youth who are targeted activists themselves. In most instances, professionals and institutions directly receive the grants to provide services at no or reduced cost to beneficiaries.

The RFC defines “targeted” as someone who as a result of their activism has: lost a job; suffered physical or mental injury or disability; been harassed or discriminated against; been imprisoned; or died. “Progressive activities” are actions taken to further the beliefs that:

  • All people have equal worth
  • People are more important than profits
  • World peace is a necessity
  • Society must function within ecologically sustainable limits

The RFC funds institutions and individual providers who support the values listed above. Subject to their financial ability, the RFC will fund such things as: counseling; K-12 school tuition; camp tuition; cultural lessons; after-school programs; prison visits; and books and supplies for college or other educational training after high school.

Granting Programs

  • Regular Granting – this program provides up to $3,000 per child per year but no more than $2,000 awarded for the benefit of a child or youth and UP TO $7500 per family in one granting cycle. For example, someone who receives a grant of $2,000 in the spring is only eligible to apply for $1,000 in the fall; someone who receives $1,500 in the spring can apply for $1,500 in the fall. Subject to financial ability, the RFC will fund such things as: K-12 school tuition; camp tuition; counseling; cultural lessons; recreational programs; and after-school programs. NOTE: there is a maximum of two providers per child per granting cycle and a completed computer request form (available on the applications page) MUST be submitted with all computer requests. This granting program is open to the children of targeted activists and to targeted activist youth AGE 18 AND YOUNGER.
  • Carry It Forward Awards (CIF) – this program provides $600 per year to beneficiaries aged 19 through 24 to help with the cost of books and supplies associated with post-high school education and training. Beneficiaries submit receipts from the purchase of books and supplies for reimbursement. The RFC cannot reimburse receipts for tuition and fees. This program is open to the children of targeted activists and to targeted activist youth who fit within age guidelines. Beneficiaries can only receive one Carry It Forward Award per year. Beneficiaries can receive up to four CIF awards.
  • Development Grants for Targeted Activist Youth (TAY) – this program provides targeted activist youth ages 18 to 24 with special development grants of up to $1000 per year to further their education, support their emotional needs or develop their organizing skills. The RFC cannot reimburse for tuition and fees. Targeted activist youth are eligible for a maximum of four of these grants (one per year) which are intended to support their development as activists and their transition to adulthood.
  • Attica Fund Prison Visit Program – this program provides funds for children and youth up to age 24 to visit activist parents from whom they have been separated because the activist parent(s) has been imprisoned. Beneficiaries can only receive one Attica Prison Visit Program grant per year. Attica funds are generally dispersed based on receipts submitted for reimbursement, up to $2,000 annually.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications may be submitted by parents, custodians, and guardians to benefit children (under age 18) in the United States whose parents’ pursuit of progressive values has left them unable to fully provide for that child as a result of being targeted as outlined above.
  • The young adult children (ages 18-24) of targeted activists may submit applications on their own behalf.
  • Applications may also be submitted by or on behalf of targeted activist youth (under age 25) whose targeting has resulted in a significant adverse life impact.
  • Although RFC usually receive applications from parents on behalf of their children, in special cases (for instance when anonymity is required for personal safety) they accept applications directly from a program or provider on behalf of a group of young people who meet their granting guidelines.
  • In addition, programs focused on serving the educational and emotional needs of children in a community that has experienced pervasive repression in response to the community’s resistance to oppression can apply directly to the RFC for a group grant.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

Eligible Country: United States

For more information, please visit

  • purity says:

    I am a Kenyan we have a children’s home and our children are mostly orphaned and street children,we have no donor and we request that you help us. Thank you,

    • Reena says:

      Hi Purity,

      FundsforNGOs is a social enterprise that provides fundraising guides, resources, and the latest funding opportunities to help you fundraise better and secure grant funding. We are not a funding organization and we do not provide grants.

      To find great donors for your cause, please visit: and apply accordingly.

      Good Luck!

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