How 2018 fared for Non-Profit Fundraising

2018 has been an eventful year to say the least, from the British Royal Wedding to the world's largest democracy decriminalizing homosexuality, Robert Mugabe being forced to resign, and of course several whirlwind foreign policy shifts under President Trump. It has been no different for the … [Read More...]

A Quick Help Guide on ‘AmplifyChange Strengthening Grants to Support Small & Medium Civil Society Organizations’

Introduction: You were earlier notified about AmplifyChange Strengthening Grants opportunity for the same we will help you guide through the applying process so that you have best chance to get the proposal sanctioned under your civil society organization (NGO). Let us first understand what … [Read More...]

A Quick Help Guide on ‘How to Apply Effectively for Nestle Foundation’s Research Grants Program’

Introduction: For institutions who are interested in applying for the Nestle Foundation's Research Grants Program can make use of this this quick help guide develop their research proposal. What is the purpose of this Research Grant? Nestle has announced a Research Grants Program to support … [Read More...]

Instagram for NGOs: How Media for Social Change can help in Brand Building

If there was a Star Social Media Platform of the Year Award for 2018 Instagram would perhaps emerge victorious. It feels like everyone is on it—organisations, celebrities, individuals, even pets seem to have dedicated profiles! At a time where Instagram claims to have one billion users worldwide, … [Read More...]

How to Research and Identify New Donors for your NGO

We are sure you understand the reasons why your NGO both needs and merits funding - to further its mission and values, to run and implement the programs and projects, to plan for future programs, to ensure you hire and retain your amazing staff, and to spread the word about your work. But as the … [Read More...]


How to Build a Long-term Relationship with Donors

For ensuring sustainable funding support from donor agencies, NGOs need to develop skills to build long-term relations with them. This video provides an overview of how NGOs can build a long-term relationship with their donor organizations. … [Read More...]

5 Steps to Fundraising Success for Small and Grassroots NGOs

Simple steps for small and grassroots-based NGOs on how to approach funders, how to present your project ideas and how to achieve success in getting grants. … [Read More...]

What is a Concept Note?

An Introduction to what is a Concept Note and how to write it. This short video will help NGOs and fundraisers understand the basics of a Concept Note and the process of developing and submitting it to funding agencies. … [Read More...]

7 Steps for NGOs for Building a Network

Networking is crucial for one’s personal and professional growth in the work sphere. Organizations employ people specifically to expand their network in the ecosystem they work in. For NGOs, networking becomes even more important, because of closely linked roles of various stakeholders in the … [Read More...]

What is fundsforNGOs Premium?

fundsforNGOs Premium is a membership-based service for NGOs, development practitioners and fundraisers seeking to find new donors, receive regular grant updates, develop new skills for resource mobilization, interact with international experts on fundraising and more. To sign up, visit … [Read More...]