HIF Invention Grants: Move Beyond Insights and Bring an Idea to Life

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund's Invention Grants are provided for the invention of a creative solution or novel idea, which helps address a problem or seize an opportunity. Combining analysis, discussion and, most importantly, creativity to generate ideas or harness new technologies. By invention, the fund means moving beyond insights and starting to bring an idea to life. Applicants will need to prioritise what is important about their innovation and develop a coherent solution that can be … [Read more...]

HIF Diffusion Grants: Extended Outreach of Successful Innovations

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund's Diffusion Grants are for the diffusion and extended outreach of successful innovations – taking them to scale and leading to wider adoptions outside the original setting. This might mean scaling within a large organisation, or transferring knowledge to other actors. This will likely see the original innovation continually developed and refined. A grant up to £50,000 is available for the Diffusion phase of the process. All proposals will be assessed … [Read more...]

Humanitarian Innovation Fund: Recognition Grants

Are you an aid worker in a humanitarian setting that can see a process isn’t efficient, or a product not adequate, but need support to research this further? Or, do you have a bright idea for inventing a device or process that could improve the quality and speed in which aid is delivered but need support to delve deeper and consult with relevant stakeholders? The recognition grants are for projects that involve generating meaningful insights to inform the invention of potential solutions.  It … [Read more...]

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund: Core Grants to Provide Solutions to Humanitarian Challenges

Do you have an innovative project? Does your project relate to humanitarian aid? If yes, then apply for Humanitarian Innovation Fund's Core grants. The Humanitarian Innovation Fund supports organisations and individuals to identify, nurture and share innovative and scalable solutions to the challenges facing effective humanitarian assistance. The Fund exists to support humanitarian innovation as the process of  creating, testing and scaling novel approaches in humanitarian aid, in order to … [Read more...]

The Summerlee Foundation’s Animal Protection Program: Promoting Animal Welfare across US

Deadline: Ongoing The Summerlee Foundation is currently accepting proposals from eligible entities for its Animal Protection Program, supporting projects of animal rescue, research, rehabilitation and advocacy. This program has assisted a wide variety of programs including companion animal issues, carnivore protection, sanctuary and refuge, and endangered species throughout North America and overseas. Objectives The Foundation makes grants for two specific purposes: to alleviate fear, … [Read more...]

Apply for Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Lost Childhoods Fund!

Deadline: Ongoing The Paul Hamlyn Foundation is currently accepting applications for its Lost Childhoods Fund to enable especially vulnerable people living anywhere in India to improve their lives. Lost Childhoods is concerned with the many thousands of children and young people who run away from home and gravitate towards railways, where they are vulnerable to many forms of exploitation, trafficking, drugs and crime. Eligibility Criteria Funding under this theme can be for work taking … [Read more...]

Applications Open for WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships 2017 for Nature Conservation

Deadline: 6 January 2017 Applications are open for WWF Prince Bernhard Scholarships 2017 for nature conservation with an aim to provide financial support to individuals who wish to pursue short-term professional training or formal studies that will help them contribute more effectively to conservation efforts in their country. Each scholarship empowers a dedicated conservationist to build his or her capacity. In turn, these people are in a position to share the benefits of their knowledge and … [Read more...]

The Rufford Foundation: Providing Small Grants for Nature Conservation Projects Across Developing World

Deadline: Ongoing The Rufford Foundation is currently seeking applications for Rufford Small Grants for Nature Conservation program. The Rufford Foundation is a UK registered charity which funds nature conservation projects across the developing world. It has awarded grants to over 3000 projects in 155 countries. Funding Information A grant of up to £5,000 available for nature conservation projects Further Funding Criteria On successful completion of a Rufford Small Grant, having provided … [Read more...]

2016 Lawrence Foundation’s Grant Programme: Supporting Environment & Education

Deadline: 1 November 2016 The Lawrence Foundation is currently accepting applications for its Grant Programme 2016 with an aim to support environmental, human services and other causes. The Lawrence Foundation is a private family foundation focused on making grants to support environmental, education, human services and other causes. Focus Areas Environment (US headquartered organizations operating programs in the US or elsewhere in the world), Human Services Disaster relief (US … [Read more...]

Apply for Volvo Environment Prize 2017: Promoting Scientific Research & Innovations

Deadline: 10 January 2017 The Volvo Environment Prize Foundation is currently inviting applications from individuals and organizations to submit nominations for the Volvo Environment Prize 2017 with an aim to promote scientific research and innovations that in broad terms fall within the environmental and sustainability field. There are many outstanding biologists and environmental scientists among the laureates, but the scope of the award is wide. The award ceremony takes place in Stockholm … [Read more...]

National Science Foundation: Energy for Sustainability Programme

Deadline: 20 October 2016 National Science Foundation (NSF) is accepting applications for its Energy for Sustainability Programme with an aim to support fundamental engineering research that will enable innovative processes and solutions for the sustainable production of electricity and fuels, and energy storage. Processes for sustainable energy production must be environmentally benign, reduce greenhouse gas production, and utilize renewable resources. Topics Biomass Conversion, … [Read more...]

Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust: Grants to Individuals Undertaking Nature Conservation Projects

Deadline: 31 October 2016 The Whitley Wildlife Conservation Trust awards a number of Grants to Individuals Undertaking Nature Conservation Projects; projects may involve practical habitat or species management, research, training, education, awareness raising or campaigning. Funding Information The Trust awards grants to both UK and overseas projects, and they typically range in value from £500 to £1,500. Eligibility Criteria The Awards are open to all, and each application is judged on its … [Read more...]

WFN Whitley Awards 2017: Inviting Grassroots Conservation NGOs

Deadline: 31 October 2016 The Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN) is offering Whitley Awards 2017 to support outstanding nature conservationists around the developing world. Aims Find and fund the most effective grassroots conservation leaders in developing countries. Support the scale-up of projects with a track record of success, founded on scientific evidence and community involvement. Fund practical work that will have a long-lasting impact on the ground. Provide a platform for … [Read more...]

Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund: Addressing the Needs of Species Conservation

Deadline: 31 October 2016 The Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund is currently inviting applications for its Grant program with an aim to provide targeted grants to individual species conservation initiatives recognize leaders in the field and elevate the importance of species in the broader conservation debate. Its focus is global and eligibility for grants will extend to all plant, animal and fungi species conservation efforts, without discrimination on the basis of region or selected … [Read more...]

Apply for the Prestigious Energy Globe Award for Sustainability!

Deadline: 18th November 2016 Applications are open for the world’s most prestigious award for sustainability- the Energy Globe Award 2017. The objective of the Energy Globe Award is to present successful sustainable projects to a global audience and to demonstrate that for many environmental problems feasible solutions already exist. Projects submitted from over 170 countries take part each year in the awards. Prizes and Benefits The best projects will be honored as part of a ceremony … [Read more...]

Waitt Foundation: Rapid Ocean Conservation (ROC) Small Grants Program

Deadline: Ongoing The Waitt Foundation’s is currently seeking applications for its Rapid Ocean Conservation (ROC) small grants program to strengthen and expand marine protected areas, and to promote sustainable fisheries. ROC Grants provide small grants with a quick turnaround time for solutions to emerging conservation issues. The major grants program are responsive to conservation opportunities, support higher-risk ideas at a low financial cost, and engage with small, local NGOs on a global … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: Indigenous Leaders Conservation Fellowship 2016-2017

Deadline: 30 September 2016 Conservation International is inviting indigenous people to apply for the Indigenous Leaders Conservation Fellowship 2016-2017. This seven-month fellowship creates opportunities for new leaders from indigenous and traditional people’s communities and organizations from different parts of the world. This fellowship program will enable selected applicants to develop their leadership skills, interact with indigenous organizations and leaders in their region, and … [Read more...]

Call for Proposals 2016: SEPS Knowledge Exchange Program

Deadline: 17 October 2016 WISIONS is currently inviting applications for its Sustainable Energy Project Support (SEPS) Knowledge Exchange program with an aim to mobilize knowledge and expertise among energy practitioners and other stakeholders in the field of sustainable energy technologies in the ‘Global South’, with a focus on decentralized energy solutions. Consequently, applications for SEPS Knowledge Exchange support should be directly linked to sustainable energy solutions applying … [Read more...]

WHO Call for Applications: Collaborative Research on Health & Environment in the South East Asian and Western Pacific Regions

Deadline: 15 October 2016 The World Health Organization (WHO) is seeking applications for its Collaborative research on health and the environment in the South East Asian and Western Pacific Regions in order to undertake a socio ecological systems approach to understanding the challenges of VBDs that will inform the implementation of innovative and sustainable environmental public health approaches and solutions. Objectives Implement multi-stakeholder-driven, ecosystem-based innovative … [Read more...]

CAPPP’s Conservation Stewards Program: Supporting Biodiversity Conservation & Ecosystem around the World

Deadline: 15 October 2016 The Conservation Agreements Private Partnership Platform (CAPPP) is currently inviting applications for its Conservation Stewards Program (CSP) in order to catalyze private sector participation in biodiversity conservation and ecosystem service maintenance. CAPPP’s goal is to protect at least 1 million hectares  of high biodiversity areas, by supporting conservation agreements with at least 30 communities around the world and engaging at least 15 private sector … [Read more...]

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