Call for Proposals for Rwanda Innovation Challenge

Deadline: 30 April 2019 In collaboration with its partners, the National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) would like to invite interested youth, students, scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs to submit innovation proposals under the Rwanda Innovation Challenge, RIC. The RIC is a scheme established under the National Research and Innovation Fund (NRIF) that is aimed at strengthening national innovation capacity and promoting technology breakthroughs by enabling innovators … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Swedish Institute’s BALTICLEAD Program

Deadline: 29 April 2019 Do you see opportunities, even in large complex challenges? Are you a change maker that wants to grow even stronger in your leadership? Do you also want to learn from some of the most impactful people and solutions in sustainability science, leadership, technology and impact investment? If yes, then apply for the BALTICLEAD program! BALTICLEAD is a leadership program that aims to increase applicants capacity to work for humans and the planet as an individual leader … [Read more...]

Apply for 2019 Miss.Africa Digital Seed Fund Round IV

Deadline: 2 July 2019 Miss.Africa Initiative led by DCA Academy has announced a Seed Fund in Africa that will offer grants to support women and girls in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields to launch or expand their own initiatives that will increase their digital opportunities in IT related training, jobs and leadership roles. The program is interested in learning about successful activities that are currently supporting women and girls in STEM, and through … [Read more...]

UNESCO Kalinga Prize 2019: Bridging the Gap between Science and Society

Deadline: 31 May 2019 UNESCO Kalinga Prize for the Popularization of Science is inviting applications to reward exceptional contributions made by individuals in communicating science to society and promoting the popularization of science. By bridging the gap between science and society the benefits of scientific knowledge can be used to improve daily lives, empower people and find solutions to global, regional and local challenges. The prize is awarded to persons who have had a … [Read more...]

Call for Nominations: 2020 Millennium Technology Prize

Deadline: 31 July 2019 The Technology Academy Finland (TAF) is currently seeking nominations for its Millennium Technology Prize 2019. The Prize is Finland’s tribute to innovations for a better life. The Millennium Technology Prize highlights the extensive impact of science and innovations on the well-being of society. The Prize is one million euros, and it is awarded every two years by Technology Academy Finland (TAF). The Millennium Technology Prize, first awarded in 2004, was … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy in Serbia seeking Applications for Fulbright Graduate Study Program 2020-2021

Deadline: 22 April 2019 U.S. Embassy in Serbia is seeking applications for its Fulbright Graduate Study Program 2020-2021 that enables young professionals from Serbia to study for one year or longer at U.S. universities to pursue Master’s level of study in many fields. Fields of Study Agriculture Economics Linguistics American History Education Mathematics American Literature Engineering Philosophy American Studies Environmental Sciences … [Read more...]

Islamic Development Bank announces “Call for Innovation via Transform Fund 2019”

Deadline: 31 May 2019 The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is seeking applications for the second round of its "Call for Innovation under Transform Fund". The Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) has established a special Fund, known as Science, Technology and Innovation Transform Fund (IsDB-STIF) to support its Member Countries in finding practical solutions to key development challenges related to 6 focused Sustainable Development Goals through the power of innovation. Transform is a … [Read more...]

Applications Open for “$2,000 PixelPlex Annual Scholarship” Program

Deadline: 1 August 2019 The $2000 PixelPlex Annual Scholarship was established to help support and inspire students to pursue further education in the fields of science, technology, and business. One student will be chosen from the applicant pool and will be awarded based on the strength of their written essay. The scholarship will be awarded to a qualified candidate who writes the most compelling essay on one of the prompts below: Blockchain: Describe how blockchain technology will … [Read more...]

KWEF’s 2019 Research Grant Program for Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia

Deadline for Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia: 15 May 2019 Deadline for Thailand: 31 May 2019 Applications are open for Kurita Water and Environmental Foundation for its Research Grant Program 2019 to support scientists of Asian nationality who are conducting research in their own countries. The focal research area is water-related Environmental Science and Technology. Research Area Research subjects related to water environment in the applicant's country can be applied. Examples of … [Read more...]

KWEF Overseas Research Grant Program 2019 to support Water-related Environmental Science and Technology in Asia

Deadline: 24 April 2019 The Kurita Water and Environment Foundation(KWEF) is seeking applications for ASIAN countries for Research Grant 2019 to support scientists who are conducting research in their own countries with the focal research area is water-related Environmental Science and Technology. Research Area Research subjects related to water environment in the applicant's of Asian Countries can be applied. Examples of appropriate research subjects are; water/wastewater … [Read more...]

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of NEA/AC seeking Applications for “Promoting Fintech Sector in MENA” Program

Deadline: 20 May 2019 The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs Office of Assistance Coordination (NEA/AC) is inviting applicants for a program entitled “Promoting Fintech Sector in MENA”. Aligned with the Department of State’s regional strategic objective of promoting increased employment, economic growth and U.S. economic and commercial engagement, this funding opportunity seeks to advance this strategic objective through a focus on development of the region’s … [Read more...]

Kurita Water and Environment Foundation (KWEF) Research Grant Program in Thailand

Deadline: 31 May 2019 The Kurita Water and Environment Foundation (KWEF) is seeking applications for its research grant program 2019 to support scientists who are conducting research in Thailand. The focal research area is water-related Environmental Science and Technology. Research Area: Research subjects related to water environment in the applicant's of thailand country can be applied. Examples of appropriate research subjects are; water/wastewater treatment, water quality … [Read more...]

Applications Open for OWSD Early Career Fellowship 2019

Deadline: 30 April 2019 Applications are open for Organization for Women in Science for the Devloping World (OWSD) Early Career Fellowship 2019. The OWSD Early Career Fellowship programme is administered by OWSD with funds generously provided by the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada. The fellowship programme supports early career women scientists to lead important research projects in those countries which have been identified as especially lacking in scientific … [Read more...]

Submit Applications for Mozilla Fellowships 2019

Deadline: 8 April 2019 Applicants are invited to submit their applications for Mozilla Fellowships to provide resources, tools, community and amplification to those building a more humane​ ​digital​ ​world. During their tenure, Fellows use their skill sets in technology, in activism, in science, in policy to design products, run campaigns, influence policy and ultimately lay the groundwork for a more open and inclusive internet. Mozilla Fellows are working to stop the spread of … [Read more...]

Apply for Seeding Food Innovation Grants Program 2019

Deadline: 10 April 2019 Weston is seeking Letter of Intent (LOIs) for its Seeding Food Innovation Grants Program 2019 to provide seed funding for interdisciplinary research or technology development that help accelerate solutions to sustainable food challenges. Goal To provide seed funding for innovative transdisciplinary research whose goal is to safely increase the production of food and other agricultural products, that will feed and nourish the growing population in ways that are … [Read more...]

Fulbright-Hovnanian Grant inviting applicants from Armenia

Deadline: 24 May 2019 The Fulbright-Hovnanian Grant, which is sponsored by the Hirair and Anna Hovnanian Foundation that awards grants to Armenian students with a vision for contributing to Armenia’s future through a Master’s Degree in STEM fields and/or entrepreneurship. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program awards grants to students to conduct Master’s Degree studies at U.S. universities. These studies will be funded pending: a successful application for a J-1 visa; receipt of medical … [Read more...]

DST Call for Proposals inviting Indo-Canada Joint Research Programme

Deadline: 31 May 2019 IC-IMPACTS and the Department of Science & Technology (DST) are inviting researchers to submit proposals for projects that can be completed in two years (or less) and that focus on Cyber Physical Systems to Support Green Buildings in Smart Cities. Focus Areas Development of Sensors, Cyber-Physical Interfaces and Solutions for: Monitoring Structural Performance of Buildings for Safety, Reduced Life Cycle Costs, and Efficient Asset Management. Building … [Read more...]

Welcome Trust announces Senior Research Fellowships Program to Support Independent Researchers

Deadline: 25 July 2019 Welcome Trust has announced the Senior Research Fellowships Program 2019 to support independent researchers who want to tackle the most important questions in science and who are leaders in their field. Benefits Senior Research Fellowship is for up to seven years. After this time, applicants can apply for one renewal of up to 5 years. The fellowship may be held on a part-time basis. The award includes: A basic salary A fellowship supplement of … [Read more...]

U.S. Department of Justice, NIJ: Research and Evaluation in Safety, Health, and Wellness in the Criminal Justice System

Deadline: 27 May 2019 The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), Office of Justice Programs (OJP), National Institute of Justice (NIJ) is seeking applications for research in four areas: the cumulative effects of shift-work schedules, overtime, and secondary employment on the health, safety, performance, and quality of life of police or correctional officers; enhancing strategies for officer interaction with individuals presenting with mental illness; understanding the impact and … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Reimagine Education Conference & Awards 2019

Deadline: 1 September 2019 Applications are open for Reimagine Education Conference & Awards that is a global competition rewarding innovative approaches aimed at enhancing student learning outcomes and employability, offering $50,000 in funding to the overall winner/s and 16 ‘Oscars’ of Education. It culminates in an international conference for all those seeking to shape the future of education. Reimagine Education is a fantastic forum for the sharing of ideas on how to improve … [Read more...]