Nominations Open for Jamnalal Bajaj Awards!

Deadline: Various National Awards: 19 January 2018 International Award: 28 February 2018 Nominations are open for Jamnalal Bajaj Awards with an aim to felicitate the efforts of women and men who have dedicated their life to Gandhian constructive work and the ideals which Jamnalal Bajaj had cherished all his life. Types of Awards There are three National Awards and one International Award as listed below: National Awards ( for India) Constructive Work: Recognizes … [Read more...]

Michael Cornish Charitable Trust: Inviting Charities and Not-For-Profit Organisations Based in the UK

Deadline: 1 December 2017 The Michael Cornish Charitable Trust is currently accepting applications from the charities and not-for-profit organisations based in the UK for its grants program. The Michael Cornish Charitable Trust is a grant making charitable organisation. The trust was founded by Michael Cornish in 2005; the present trustees are Michael, Harriet Cornish and Richard Vigar. The Trust Administrator is Phillipa Cridland. Priority Areas Organisations that work in the following … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Comic Relief’s UK Tech for Good Programme 2018!

Deadline: 20 December 2017 Comic Relief, together with Paul Hamlyn Foundation has launched a UK Tech for Good funding programme to develop or scale web, mobile or internet based technologies which deliver new or improved services to beneficiaries. This programme aims to provide the opportunity for not-for-profit organisations, who already have some technological capacity, to take their digital innovation projects forward. A wide range of digital interventions will be considered and the aim … [Read more...]

BBC Children in Need Small Grants Programme: Improving Children’s Lives in the UK

Deadline: 1 December 2017 BBC Children in Need is currently inviting charities and not-for-profit organisations for its Small Grants programme with an aim to improve children’s lives in the UK. The funded projects make differences in children’s lives that help prevent or overcome the effects of the disadvantages they face. Projects achieve these differences by either working directly with children or seeking to improve their social and physical environments. Grant Information The Small … [Read more...]

Doris Duke Fellowships: Seeking Innovations to Prevent Child Abuse & Neglect

Deadline: 1 December 2017 Applications are Open for Doris Duke Fellowships for the Promotion of Child Well-Being that are offered by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago through the generous support of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation. These fellowships are designed to identify and develop a new generation of leaders interested in and capable of creating practice and policy initiatives that will enhance child development and improve the nation's ability to prevent all forms of child … [Read more...]

DHHS/NIH: Reducing Health Disparities Among Minority and Underserved Children

Deadline: 7 May 2020 The National Institutes of Health (NIH), an agency of Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) is seeking applications for the program entitled “Reducing Health Disparities Among Minority and Underserved Children”. This initiative includes a focus on ethnic and racial minority children and populations of underserved children to include: children from low literacy, rural and low-income populations, geographically isolated children, hearing and visually impaired … [Read more...]

Bureau of Democracy Human Rights and Labor: Countering the Recruitment and Use of Child Soldiers in Yemen

Deadline: 11 January 2018 The U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL) has announced an open competition for organizations interested in submitting applications for projects that support efforts to bring about a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Yemen.  This includes the demobilization and reintegration of combatants, including child soldiers. DRL’s objective is to support and empower local Yemeni efforts to address the recruitment and use of child … [Read more...]

Apply for People’s United Community Foundation Grants: Inviting Organizations based in the US

Deadline: 30 November 2017 The People’s United Community Foundation is seeking proposals from organizations that enhance the quality of life for residents, promote the economic development and well-being of neighborhoods and support the educational and developmental needs of children and youth, with special emphasis given to programs and services in low-income areas. Grant Information The majority of People’s United Community Foundation grants are less than $10,000 with the average … [Read more...]

Youth Health and Development Organization: Celebrating International Children’s Day

Deadline: 2 November 2017 Youth Health and Development Organization (YHDO) has announced an open request for proposals (RFP), seeking a qualified organization and institution to submit innovative approaches for organizing events for celebrating of World Children's Day. YHDO is currently implementing child support program with focus on community support for children victims of violence including child trafficking in Afghanistan. To better raise public awareness of child trafficking issues, … [Read more...]

ICATCH Call for Proposals: Improving Child Health in Low-Income and Lower-Middle Income Countries

Deadline: 28 November 2017 The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) Section on International Child Health (SOICH) is seeking proposals for its International Community Access to Child Health (ICATCH) program which is designed for pediatricians and other health workers in low- and lower-middle income countries who need financial and advisory support to plan and implement a project or program that improves child health, or increases children’s access to health care. ICATCH grants emphasize: … [Read more...]

Apply for Africaid’s Zvandiri Challenge: Supporting HIV+ Adolescents through Community Level Outreach Programmes

Deadline: 24 November 2017 The Positive Action Challenges in collaboration with Africaid is seeking applications for its Zvandiri Challenge. The challenge seeks an innovative digital solution that will engage, recruit, train and support Peer Supporters so they may continue to help HIV positive adolescents through community level outreach programmes. Zvandiri aims to support the Ministry of Health and Child Care in the provision of comprehensive care through ensuring a robust continuum of care … [Read more...]

Strategic Legal Fund: Promoting Rights of Vulnerable Migrant Children and Young People

Deadline: 3 November 2017 The Strategic Legal Fund for Vulnerable Young Migrants (SLF) is seeking applications to support legal work that goes beyond securing justice for an individual and makes a significant contribution to law, practice and procedures to uphold and promote the rights of vulnerable migrant children and young people more generally. The SLF aims to tackle injustices and inconsistencies in law and practice that disadvantage or discriminate against vulnerable young migrants as a … [Read more...]

Caplan Foundation for Early Childhood: Grants to Improve the Quality of Life of Children

Deadline: 30 January 2018 Caplan Foundation for Early Childhood is seeking applications to provide funding to research and development projects that may ultimately enhance the development, health, safety, education or quality of life of children from infancy through seven years of age across the country. Each of its grants is made with the expectation that a successful project outcome will be of significant interest to other investigators or developers, within the grantee’s field of endeavor, … [Read more...] Helping to Fulfill Dreams of Parenthood and Family

Deadline: 9 December 2017 The is accepting applications from couples and individuals regardless of race, religion, gender, ethnicity, marital status or sexual orientation for its grant program in United States. The organisation supports domestic, international and foster care adoptions. They are fighting for the millions of children around the globe who are in need of a safe, loving, permanent home. Funding Information At this time, the organisation awards a total of $100,000 … [Read more...]

UNWG Charity Programme: Supporting Children’s Charities in Austria and the Developing World

Deadline: 15 December 2017 The United Nations Women’s Guild (UNWG) is currently accepting applications for its UNWG Charity Programme for Children that will financially support many children’s charities in Austria and the developing world. This project-based programme is organised for the sole purpose of benefitting children in need.  The UNWG charity programme assists abused children, those having restricted access to education, children with serious health problems, children having no access … [Read more...]

USAID/Nepal: Seeking Applications for “Reading for All” Project

Deadline: 25 October 2017 The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission in Nepal is seeking applications for a cooperative agreement to support the “Reading for All: Disability Inclusive Education for Nepali Children” project. The goal of the Reading for All activity is to improve reading outcomes for children with disabilities (CwDs) in grades 1 – 3 in USAID-supported Early Grade Reading Program (EGRP) districts. Objectives The three main objectives of the Reading … [Read more...]

UNICEF Moldova Call for EOIs: Inviting CSOs for Child Rights Advocacy and Promotion Program

Deadline: 9 October 2017 The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Moldova is currently inviting interested Civil Society Organisations to express their interest in partnering with UNICEF for Child Rights Advocacy and Promotion projects to promote public-private engagement in the realization and promotion of child rights through a number of joint initiatives involving government and corporate actors in Moldova: Joint child rights advocacy events Joint initiatives on child rights … [Read more...]

BBC Children in Need Main Grants Programme: Improving the Social and Physical Environments

Deadline: 16 January 2018 BBC Children in Need is currently inviting charities and not-for-profit organizations for its Main Grants programme to fund the projects that will make a difference in children’s lives to help prevent or overcome the effects of the disadvantages they face. Projects achieve these differences by either working directly with children or seeking to improve their social and physical environments. Focus Areas Children and young people of 18 years and under … [Read more...]

Applications Open for GenH Challenge!

Deadline: 18 October 2017 Applications are open for GenH Challenge that is based on the notion that new thinking and new ways to apply everyday ideas can support those on the front lines of health care worldwide. Working together, we can spark the next great idea that will change the trajectory of health. In the landscape of competitions, the GenH Challenge is committed especially to a high standard of openness, fairness, and transparency. Their goal is to provide value for everyone who … [Read more...]

Impact Giving: Seeking Applications for Potential Grant Program

Deadline: 1 December 2017 Impact Giving is seeking applications for its Potential grant program to award projects that transform lives. It is a women’s collective giving organization. The purpose is to make an IMPACT both locally and globally by supporting positive sustainable social change where most needed. Principles High Impact & Transformation: Grants are awarded only to projects or programs which make a high impact by transforming lives, with obvious, significant change … [Read more...]