Filmmakers Without Borders: Seeking Applications for Filmmaking Grants Programme

Deadline: 1 January 2019 Filmmakers Without Borders is seeking applications for its Filmmaking Grants which support independent filmmakers around the world via grants and other funding initiatives. Supported projects include narrative films, documentary films, and new media projects that align with themes of social justice, empowerment, and cultural exchange. Filmmakers Without Borders (FWB) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empowering the next generation of digital … [Read more...]

Nominations Open for YALI Leadership Award!

Deadline: 31 August 2018 The Mandela Washington Fellowship Alumni Association of Nigeria (MWFAAN) in partnership with IREX International has launched the inaugural YALI Leadership Award. The award aims to recognize, celebrate and encourage youths and individuals who are contributing immensely towards the pursuit of the sustainable development goals as well as youth and economic development in Nigeria. Objectives Highlight the contribution young people are making to the youth and … [Read more...]

PhotogrVphy Grant: 2018 Edition Call for Entries

Deadline: 31 August 2018 Entries are now open for the 2018 Edition of PhotogrVphy Grant to support all photographers from every corner of the world. PhotogrVphy Grant awards $1000 annually to the applicant with the most inspirational photographic idea to support visual project of the artist. They only accept series of photographs which share a common theme and are built as a one consistent project in the following categories: Body, Climate, Daily Life, Experimental, Urban. The Grand Prize … [Read more...]

Applications Open for ConDev’s Student Media Grants!

Deadline: 30 September 2018 Applications are now open for ConDev’s Student Media Grants to award up to $5,000 to current students interested in capturing conflict-related issues facing fragile and conflict-affected areas of the world through stunning photography. ConDev—part of Texas A&M University’s Department of Agricultural Economics—works to improve the effectiveness of development programs and policies for conflict-affected and fragile countries through international research, … [Read more...]

Movies that Matter: Seeking Applications for Start-up & Impact Grants Programme

Deadline: 15 April 2019 Movies that Matter is offering grants to human rights film events in Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, especially in countries with limited resources and freedom of press. These events can take various forms, such as human rights film festivals, LGBT film festivals and mobile cinema projects. Please note that Movies that Matter does not support film production. Types of Grant Start-Up Grant Movies that Matter supports film … [Read more...]

U.S. Mission to Myanmar: YSEALI Media Literacy Regional Workshop

Deadline: 13 September 2018 The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Rangoon announces an open competition for a cooperative agreement to develop and implement a six-day workshop (inclusive of arrival and departure days) in Rangoon on Media Literacy for the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI). The program will bring together 50 to 60 YSEALI members from the eleven YSEALI member countries, namely, the ten ASEAN member states and Timor-Leste, who have backgrounds or … [Read more...]

Nieman Foundation: Seeking Applications for Knight Visiting Nieman Fellowships

Deadline: 28 September 2018 The Nieman Foundation is seeking applications for its Knight Visiting Nieman Fellowships Program. These Fellowships at Harvard offer short-term research opportunities to individuals interested in working on special projects designed to advance journalism. Candidates need not be practicing journalists, but must demonstrate the ways in which their work at Harvard and the Nieman Foundation may improve the prospects for journalism’s future. Benefits For fellows … [Read more...]

Apply for Chevening South Asia Journalism Fellowship Programme!

Deadline: 10 October 2018 The Chevening is seeking applications for its South Asia Journalism Fellowship Programme funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office that offers an opportunity to explore the range of approaches taken by the UK and the South Asian region, and then use that knowledge to direct discussions that tackle the big issues challenging the field. The Chevening South Asia Journalism Programme Fellowship is aimed at mid-career journalists from South Asian countries including … [Read more...]

Submit Applications for KAICIID Nigeria Grants 2018!

Deadline: 19 August 2018 The International Dialogue Centre (KAICIID) is inviting applications for Nigeria Grants 2018 to sponsor small scale Nigerian-led short-term initiatives that focus on building bridges between diverse religious, ethnic, political and regional communities. Projects focusing on the following areas will be given preference: Prevention of hate speech and/or electoral violence, Media Engagement; Interfaith Exchange Programmes, Interfaith Education; promotion of the Freedom of … [Read more...]

Nominations Open for Diraj Media Awards!

Deadline: 1 October 2018 The Disaster Risk Reduction Network of Africa Journalists (DIRAJ) in partnership with the United Nations office for Disaster Risk Reduction in Africa, Arab States and Geneva have announced the inaugural "Diraj Media Awards" to recognize and honour the work of journalists and media houses that have provided coverage and consistent reporting on stories that enhance public understanding, awareness and engagement with policies aimed at reducing economic losses as a result … [Read more...]

UNFPA: Public Awareness Raising Activities by Media Institutions on GBV/DV in Mongolia

Deadline: 3 September 2018 The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), an international development agency, is seeking qualified Bids for the provision of Public awareness raising activities by Media Institutions on Gender‐based violence or domestic violence in Mongolia. UNFPA seeks proposals, which are culturally sensitive (tailored to the local context) and using the most innovative ways to address GBV. Additionally, the selected media institutions will help to sensitize journalists and the … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Global Health Journalism Fellowship!

Deadline: 12 August 2018 Applications are open for the "Global Health Journalism Fellowship" which is inviting outstanding young journalists to participate in the first ever international conference on Medicine Quality and Public Health at the University of Oxford, from 23-28 September. This conference will bring together over 200 stakeholders from academia, NGOs, private sector organisations and policy-makers to discuss the opportunities to strengthen international collaboration in medicine … [Read more...]

Stigler Center: Seeking Applications for Journalists in Residence Program

Deadline: 15 October 2018 The Stigler Center is seeking applications for its Journalists in Residence Program that provides a transformative learning experience for up-and-coming journalists from around the world, working in all forms of media. It aims to shape the next generation of leaders in business reporting. The program will take place over approximately 12 weeks at our Hyde Park campus, during which selected participants will audit classes, participate in events, collaborate with peers, … [Read more...]

European Union: Regional Training and Support Program to improve Quality and Professionalism in Journalism

Deadline: 2 October 2018 The European Union (EU) is currently accepting proposals for "Regional Training and Support Program to improve Quality and Professionalism in Journalism" to contribute to the promotion of free and professional media in the Western Balkans and Turkey and to enhance quality and trustworthiness of news and journalism available to citizens. The call for proposals will support actions focusing on building new generations of young and mid-career journalists trained in … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Internet Freedom in Africa 2018!

Deadline: 21 September 2018 The Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA) has announced the fifth edition of the Forum on "Internet Freedom in Africa 2018" (FIFAfrica18). The Forum is a landmark event that convenes various stakeholders from the internet governance and online rights arenas in Africa and beyond to deliberate on gaps, concerns and opportunities for advancing privacy, access to information, free expression, non-discrimination and the free flow … [Read more...]

MLDI: Seeking Applications for Digital Rights Advancement Grants

Deadline: 9 August 2018 The Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI) is seeking applications for its call "Digital Rights Advancement Grants" to improve local access to legal assistance for online media and bloggers in order to advance digital rights and standards in online freedom of expression. Objectives As part of this project, MLDI is offering one-off 6-8 month grants of up to between GBP14,000 and GBP16,000 to organisations with backgrounds in defending and supporting the right to freedom … [Read more...]

IWMF: African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative Fellowship-Central African Republic

Deadline: 21 August 2018 As part of IWMF's African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative is currently inviting female journalists that will be selected to travel to Bangui, the Central African Republic (CAR) from November 1 - 17, 2018. While there is not a specific theme for either trip, IWMF encourages participants to prioritize fresh stories that focus on new media narratives from the region. Reporting fellows will begin their trip in Nairobi, where they will complete a comprehensive security … [Read more...]

IWMF’s African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative Fellowship – Cross-border: Rwanda & the Democratic Republic of Congo

Deadline: 21 August 2018 As part of the IWMF’s African Great Lakes Reporting Initiative, the IWMF is currently inviting female journalists to travel to Kigali, Rwanda and Goma, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), from November 1 - 17, 2018. While there is not a specific theme for either trip, IWMF encourages participants to prioritize fresh stories that focus on new media narratives from the region. IWMF also encourage applicants to apply in pairs for this trip, however, all … [Read more...]

Entries Open for Global Landscapes Forum Nairobi 2018 Photo Competition!

Deadline: 5 August 2018 Entries are open for Global Landscapes Forum (GLF) Nairobi 2018 Photo Competition. This year, the GLF Nairobi 2018 event aims to inspire action around Africa’s degraded landscapes by highlighting successful restoration stories on the ground. Capture Africa’s landscapes through your lens!Put Africa’s landscapes into the spotlight: be it the savannahs or mountains, wildlife or concrete jungles, human portraits, traditions or innovative restoration or your backyard! All … [Read more...]

U.S. Mission to Brazil: Broadcast and Digital Journalism Workshop

Deadline: 3 September 2018​ The United States Department of State’s Embassy in Brasília, Brazil, is seeking applications from qualified Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Educational Institutions and other qualified organizations for a Grant to implement the program entitled ‘Broadcast Journalism of Today’. This workshop should provide hands-on training to journalism students on all stages of producing news, via broadcast and digital media. This initiative aims to expose Brazil’s next … [Read more...]