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IWMF’s Adelante Reporting Initiative Fellowship – U.S./Mexico Border

Deadline: 28 October 2018 Applications are now open for IWMF's Adelante Reporting Initiative Fellowship - U.S./Mexico Border. As part of the IWMF’s Latin America reporting initiative, Adelante, six pairs of journalists will travel to the U.S./Mexico border from February 22 to March 14, 2019. Reporting fellows will begin their trip in Mexico City, where they will complete a comprehensive security and first aid training from February 23 to February 26, 2019. Fellows will then depart for six days … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: Travel & Accommodation Grant Scheme for Journalists

Deadline: 30 September 2018 Applications are open for Travel & Accommodation Grant Scheme to support pan-African science journalism. Created by the Department of Science & Technology (DST) of the government of South Africa, the annual Science Forum South Africa (SFSA) meeting is the largest pan-African general science gathering dedicated to scientific research and innovation. The two-and-a-half-day programme will bring more than 3500 participants together for discussion and debate in … [Read more...]

Submit Nominations for AGAHI Awards 2018!

Deadline: 1 November 2018 Nominations are open for the AGAHI Awards 2018, an annual award series for journalists across Pakistan. These Awards provide a platform to celebrate and recognize the work of credible and dedicated journalists. AGAHI Awards were inaugurated in Pakistan for the very first time in March 2012; since then the awards have become an essence of several media development initiatives in Pakistan. The Awards are organized in collaboration with local and international media … [Read more...]

Embassy of the Czech Republic in Phnom Penh: Small-Local Transition Projects (SLTP) 2019

Deadline: 12 October 2018 The Embassy of the Czech Republic has launched its annual call for proposals for the Small Local Transition Projects (SLTP) 2019 directly managed by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Phnom Penh. Qualifying Projects The projects can focus on various sectors: support for civil society, including human rights defenders; promoting freedom of expression and access to information, including media freedom; promoting equal and broadest political and … [Read more...]

Media Literacy Council Call for Proposals: Better Internet x Youth

Deadline: 23 November 2018 The Media Literacy Council has launched the Better Internet x Youth Call-for-Proposals to support Digital Literacy community initiatives that promote online safety, responsibility and civility. The Council hopes to empower youths to initiate projects that will reach out to and benefit their peers as well as the community at large. A key criterion of the CFP is for applicant organisations to have existing youth networks and for them to include youth participation … [Read more...]

European Union: Seeking Applications for “Voice of Your Identity” Project

Deadline: 1 November 2018 The European Union is seeking applications for "Voice of Your Identity" Project which is a funding initiative with a range of partners designed to enhance coverage of human rights issues, particularly women's rights in the Jordanian media by supporting community media initiatives in the production and dissemination of content. These initiatives include civil society-led projects, especially women-led projects, and community information projects that promote human … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Central Asia – Azerbaijan Fellowship Program!

Deadline: 30 September 2018 The George Washington University – Elliott School of International Affairs’ Central Asia Program (CAP) is seeking applications for its Central Asia-Azerbaijan Fellowship Program. The Central Asia-Azerbaijan Fellowship Program (CAAFP) is intended for young professionals – scholars, government officials, policy experts, human rights and activists – who want to enhance their research and analytical skills and seek to become public policy leaders in their respective … [Read more...]

USAID-Belgrade: Seeking Applications for “Media Initiatives and Partnerships Support” Program

Deadline: 30 October 2018 The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is seeking applications for a cooperative agreement from qualified entities to implement the Media Initiatives and Partnerships Activity. The objective of the MIPS activity is to increase the skills of Serbian citizens to navigate a complex media landscape and effectively participate in modern economic, social and political life. MIPS will achieve this objective by deepening local engagement in efforts to … [Read more...]

Intrepid News Fund: Promoting Journalism focusing on Human Interest Stories

Deadline: 30 September 2018 The Intrepid News Fund launched its first funding cycle for 2018 to promote journalism focusing on underreported news and human interest stories from Latin America and the Caribbean. They accomplish this by funding travel, ground and research costs for independent journalists. Their funding is non-biased and seeks to challenge and encourage broader U.S. mainstream media coverage of the Americas. Their funding does not seek to influence the reporting and writing. … [Read more...]

Cultural Survival Call for Proposals: 2018 Community Media Indigenous Youth Fellowship Project

Deadline: 1 October 2018 Cultural Survival has announced a call for proposals for the Community Media Indigenous Youth Fellowship Project that will support young Indigenous individuals in their efforts to build their capacity as radio broadcasters and journalists through specific trainings, community radio visits or exchanges, radio production, conference attendance, and other identified education and training opportunities. This project will provide fellowships to six Indigenous youth … [Read more...]

Submit Applications for “AI and the News: An Open Challenge”!

Deadline: 12 October 2018 Applications are open for "AI and the News: An Open Challenge" which is organized and funded by the Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative, a hybrid research effort and philanthropic fund that seeks to ensure that technologies of automation and machine learning are researched, developed, and deployed in a way that vindicate social values of fairness, human autonomy and justice. Artificial intelligence and its subfield of machine learning is reshaping the landscape of … [Read more...]

Apply for GNI YouTube Innovation Funding Program!

Deadline: 12 October 2018 Applications are open for GNI YouTube Innovation Funding Program to provide selected news organizations around the world with grants to support building stronger video capabilities and innovating with video formats. Best practices gained from this program will be shared publicly, providing all newsrooms the opportunity to learn and apply insights as we work together to support the development of long-term, sustainable video businesses. Focus Areas This included a … [Read more...]

Ministry of the Kingdom of the Netherlands: 2nd Call for Proposals for Accountability Fund

Deadline: 30 September 2018 Does your organization work to raise the voice of marginalized groups in Myanmar, and do you strive to build an inclusive future where everybody has access to the same rights and priorities? Then the Kingdom of the Netherlands is looking to support you! The Ministry of the Kingdom of the Netherlands has launched a second Call for Proposals for the Accountability Fund to strengthen the role and position of civil society by giving a voice to those that have been the … [Read more...]

Applications Open for 2018 Photography Incubator Programme!

Deadline: 26 September 2018 Market Photo Workshop, with support from the Department of Arts and Culture, is seeking applications for its 2018 Photography Incubator Programme for photography enterprises and photography content production. The Programme provides practical experience and exposure to fully understand major aspects of the enterprise and practice of photography. This includes photography entrepreneurship and business management, archiving, gallery practice, curatorial production, … [Read more...]

Canada Council for the Arts: Media Arts Equipment Acquisition Fund

Deadline: 7 November 2018 Canada Council for the Arts is seeking applications for its "Media Arts Equipment Acquisition Fund" of Strategic Funds to support Canadian professional media arts organizations to develop technical infrastructure that fosters conditions necessary for the vitality and advancement of independent media arts in Canada. Benefits A contribution towards the purchase of media arts equipment for the research, development, creation, presentation, dissemination and … [Read more...]

UNKT/AJK Call for Application: Journalism Poverty Prize 2018

Deadline: 5 October 2018 The UN Kosovo Team (UNKT) and the Association of Journalists of Kosovo (AJK) are seeking applications for the 13th edition of the Journalism Poverty Prize 2018 in Kosovo. The call for application for the Journalism Poverty Prize 2018 is open to all journalists who are legal residents in Kosovo and who covered with their work the issue of poverty eradication in Kosovo. The award ceremony will be held on 17 October 2018 in Pristina and will involve representatives of … [Read more...]

Thomson Reuters’ Photojournalism Grants: Inviting Young Journalists from around the World

Deadline: 15 November 2018 Thomson Reuters is inviting applications for its Photojournalism grants program to recruit and develop a diverse new generation of young photojournalists. Photojournalism grants will help young photojournalists tell original human stories from around the world. Following the success of last year’s grant program, which saw eight recipients from across four continents selected from hundreds of high-quality entries, Reuters Pictures is again offering up to eight $5,000 … [Read more...]

American Geosciences Institute: Photography Contest to Celebrate Earth Science Week 2018

Deadline: 19 October 2018 The American Geosciences Institute (AGI) is seeking applications for its photography contest to celebrate Earth Science Week 2018. The photography theme for this year is: "Inspired by Earth." Humans, individually and in groups, use the planet’s natural systems for creative expression in many ways. These natural systems include the geosphere (land), hydrosphere (water), atmosphere (air), and biosphere (living things). With a camera, applicant can capture evidence of … [Read more...]

Entries Open for Human Rights Reporting Award Competition!

Deadline: 23 September 2018 The Balkan Investigative Reporting Network Kosovo, in cooperation with The Advocacy Center for Democratic Culture, ACDC, is inviting entries for a competition to win awards for the three best journalistic pieces on TV, in print or online media in Kosovo that highlight abuses of the rights of minority communities, women’s rights and LGBT rights. Through this initiative, BIRN and ACDC, as part of the project ‘OmbudsWatch – Promoting the Ombudsperson’s Role in Kosovo’, … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: Youth Exchange for Media Industry 2018

Deadline: 5 October 2018 The National Youth Commission in partnership with Japan International Cooperation Center and the Embassy of Japan in Manila are seeking applications for its program entitled "JENESYS2018 Youth Exchange for Media Industry" which will be held on 27 November to 4 December 2018 in Tokyo, Japan. The program aims to create a mutual understanding and trust among the peoples of Japan and the Asia Pacific region and encourage an understanding and dissemination of Japan’s economy, … [Read more...]