Global Fund for Community Foundation: Strengthening & Supporting Community Philanthropy Approaches

Deadline: 20 July 2018 The Global Fund for Community Foundation (GFCF) is currently seeking concept notes for its 2018 grants programme aimed at strengthening and supporting community philanthropy approaches that: Strengthen the efforts of CPOs to respond to, change mindsets around and build support for complex, sensitive or apparently intractable issues at the community level (e.g. social cohesion and other community divisions, environmental issues, women’s issues, youth, other minority … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy in Mali: Seeking Applications for ‘Community-Based Activities to Build Civil Society and Youth Capacity in Mali’

Deadline: 20 August 2018 The U.S. Embassy in Mali of the U.S. Department of State has announced an open competition for organizations to submit applications to carry out a program (or programs) to help counter violent extremism through cultural events and civic dialogue. Programs should also include a media / outreach component to broaden local awareness and extend the impact of programming. This could include citizen reporting on events and workshops, training for said citizen journalists on … [Read more...]

RAF Community Grants Program 2019: Supporting Sustainable Cultural Development in Australia

Deadline: 10 August 2018 The Australian Government’s Regional Arts Fund is seeking applications for its Community Grants program 2019 to support sustainable cultural development in regional and remote communities in Australia. The program is managed by Regional Arts Australia and, in NSW, by Regional Arts NSW. The Regional Arts Fund is designed to benefit regional and remote arts practitioners, arts workers, audiences and communities. Objectives The objectives of the Fund are to support and … [Read more...]

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade: Seeking Applications for ‘Australian Aid-Friendship Grants’ Program

Deadline: 27 August 2018 The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) is seeking applications for the first Round of its “Australian Aid: Friendship Grants” that aims to bring a new and diverse group of partners from across Australia to contribute to the delivery of Australia’s aid program. The program is designed to support organisations to expand or enhance their existing international development work in the Indo-Pacific region through financially supporting a specific activity within … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy in Mozambique: U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) Program

Deadline: 15 July 2018 The Embassy of the United States of America is seeking proposals for funding under the Ambassador’s Special Self-Help Fund (SSH) to assist Mozambican community organizations and groups to develop lasting, self-sustaining projects that benefit entire communities. Funding Information Length of performance period: 06 to 12 months Award amounts: awards may range from a minimum of $1,000 to a maximum of $10,000 Total available funding: $50,000 Anticipated … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: New Zealand High Commission Fund for 2018/19

Deadline: 29 June 2018 Applicants are invited to submit applications for New Zealand High Commission Fund for 2018/19 which is a small grants scheme supporting community projects that contribute to wider community well-being and support development needs in Tonga. The projects must also be in line with the New Zealand Aid Programme’s mission of: Sustainable development in developing countries, in order to reduce poverty and contribute to a more secure, equitable and prosperous … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Yesod Professional Development Fund!

Deadline: 31 July 2018 Applications are open for Yesod Professional Development Fund to support Jewish community professionals and educators in Europe to develop their professional skills and Jewish fluency. Yesod is a collaborative framework focused on strengthening the future of Jewish life in Europe by investing in key individual Jewish communal professionals, educators and activists. They are committed to supporting the creation of vibrant, meaningful, Jewish life through strong … [Read more...]

Buderim Foundation’s Community Grants Program: Promoting Thriving Communities in Australia

Deadline: 20 July 2018 The Buderim Foundation is seeking applications for its Community grants program with an aim to promote a thriving community that is socially responsible, truly connected and supportive of one another. The goal of the Buderim Foundation is to enrich Buderim’s quality of life through community based philanthropy. Objectives Protects and preserves natural environment Assists people in need to live healthy and fulfilling lives Adds richness and diversity to … [Read more...]

Applications Open for VilCap Communities Africa Programme!

Deadline: 6 July 2018 Village Capital and the UK Department for International Development (DFID) Impact Programme are seeking applications for its VilCap Communities Africa programme to equip entrepreneur ecosystem leaders across sub-Saharan Africa with the tools, resources and connections they need to catalyse impact investment. Applications are now open for entrepreneur support organisations (ESO’s) to take part in forums on September 24-28 and October 22-26. Benefits The programme will … [Read more...]

Government of Canada: Enabling Accessibility Fund for Small Projects

Deadline: 26 July 2018 The Government of Canada is currently accepting applications for its Enabling Accessibility Fund for small projects. This Fund supports the capital costs of construction, renovation and/or retrofit activities in workplaces and communities, as well as the provision of accessible technologies in: Workplace stream: facilities where people with disabilities work, or could work in the future; and, Community Accessibility stream: community spaces where programs … [Read more...]

GEF-GPP: Seeking Project Proposals for Innovative Climate-Friendly Agro-Ecology Program

Deadline: 29 June 2018 The Global Grants Environment Facility (GEF) Grants Program (GPP) is inviting NGOs and CSOs to submit project proposals up to $ 50,000 in innovative climate-friendly agro-ecology program. The Small Grants Program of the Global Environmental Facility provides grants to non-governmental organizations and community organizations (NGOs / CSOs) in developing countries to enable them to cope with global environmental challenges while addressing the needs of sustainable … [Read more...]

GEF-SGP: Inviting Moldovan NGOs and CSOs for Strategic Project Grants

Deadline: 29 June 2018 Small Grants Program (SGP) of the Global Environment Facility (GEF) is currently inviting NGOs and CSOs to submit project concepts for strategic grants in the areas of interest of the program: Conservation of land-based landscape at community level ; Cleverly innovative climate agroecology; The Small Grants Program of the Global Environmental Facility provides grants to non-governmental organizations and community organizations (NGOs / CSOs) in developing … [Read more...]

New Horizons for Seniors Program: Funding for Community-based Projects (up to $5,000)

Deadline: 15 June 2018 Applications are now open for the New Horizons for Seniors Program (NHSP) to provide funding to organizations that want to help seniors make a difference in the lives of others and in their communities. This year, NHSP proposes a new way to partner with organizations that serve vulnerable seniors population. In support of the Government of Canada’s, commitment to focus on vulnerable populations, particularly, seniors, a small grant pilot project is offered and eligible … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy in Zambia: Seeking Applications for Ambassador’s Special Self Help (SSH) Program

Deadline: 28 February 2019 U.S. Embassy in Zambia is seeking applications for its U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self Help (SSH) small grant program. The purpose of this grant program is to provide small-scale assistance to Zambian organizations as part of an ongoing commitment by the U.S. government to support Zambian-driven development activities at the local level. This program is highly competitive and funding is limited, therefore not all applications are awarded a grant. Funding … [Read more...]

ECOM: Inviting LGBTQI Community-Based Organizations & Initiative Groups for Small Grants Program 2018

Deadline: 30 June 2018 Eurasian Coalition on Male Health (ECOM) is seeking proposals from LGBTQI community-based organizations and initiative groups for its Small Grants program under the regional program “Right to Health” with the financial support of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. The Goal of the Small Grants Program is to increase advocacy capacity of underserved subgroups of gay and bisexual men, other MSM and trans people, experiencing intersectional stigma … [Read more...]

Apply for Google Impact Challenge: Empowering Nigerians to Drive Community Impact!

Deadline: 4 July 2018 Applicants are invited to apply for the Google Impact Challenge Nigeria to support nonprofits and social enterprises with game-changing ideas to create economic opportunity in their communities. The Challenge asks local innovators how they would make their community–and beyond–an even better place. The public and a panel of local Judges vote for the ideas with the most potential, and pairs each winner with a package of strategic support, funding and Google … [Read more...]

Google Impact Challenge South Africa: Empowering South Africans to Drive Community Impact

Deadline: 4 July 2018 Applications are now open for the Google Impact Challenge South Africa in order to support nonprofits and social enterprises with game-changing ideas to create economic opportunity in their communities. Organizations apply with their most innovative proposals. Finalists get access to funding, mentorship and resources. Google and their partners will review applications and select 12 finalists. From the 12 finalists, the public will have three weeks to vote for … [Read more...]

Righteous Persons Foundations: Seeking LOIs to Support Jewish Community in United States

Deadline: 18 July 2018 The Righteous Persons Foundations (RPF) is seeking Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) for its 2018 grant program in order to support efforts that build a vibrant, just, and inclusive Jewish community in the United States. Funding Priorities The Foundation is currently directing the majority of its resources towards organizations and projects that are national in scope and: Foster Jewish arts, culture, and identity: To revitalize and illuminate Jewish identity today, RPF … [Read more...]

Call for Concept Notes: Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund Phase III

Deadline: 4 June 2018 The Business Sector Advocacy Challenge (BUSAC) Fund has announced a second call for concept notes under the third phase of the BUSAC Fund Programme. As a component under DANIDA’s Support to Private Sector Development Phase III (SPSD III) programme, the BUSAC Fund III engagement is expected to lead to an “improved business environment through enhanced advocacy capacity of private sector organisations and creation of platforms for private-public dialogue”. To achieve this … [Read more...]

Aziz Foundation’s Grant: Supporting Charitable Activities in United Kingdom

Deadline: 2 July 2018 The Aziz Foundation is seeking applications for its grant program to support charitable activities, usually to registered charities or charitable community groups, but sometimes to other bodies or individuals authorized by the Board of Trustees. The focus of the foundation’s work is in identifying and addressing the challenges faced by disadvantaged communities; developing new leadership from within these communities, and enabling them to participate positively in wider … [Read more...]