World Food Programme: Seeking Applications for Innovation Accelerator Programme

Deadline: 28 February 2019 The World Food Programme is inviting applications for its Innovation Accelerator Programme. WFP’s Innovation Accelerator identifies, nurtures and scales bold solutions to hunger globally. They support WFP innovators and external start-ups and companies through financial support, access to a network of experts and a global field reach. The Accelerator believes the way forward in the fight against hunger is not necessarily in building grand plans, but … [Read more...]

GROW Observatory offering Free MOOC on Improving Soil and Environment

Deadline: 11 February 2019 GROW Observatory, in partnership with the University of Dundee and Future Learn, is offering a FREE MOOC with FREE UPGRADE for a certificate! Apply now and become a citizen scientist and help improve your soil and the environment. Where can you find all sorts of useful and important information about your environment? You might be surprised to know it’s beneath your feet, in the soil. On this course, applicants will discover interesting things about their own … [Read more...]

Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists: Accepting Applications for 2019 Fellowship Program

Deadline: 1 March 2019 The Dag Hammarskjöld Fund for Journalists is currently accepting applications from journalists from the mainly developing nations of Africa, Asia (including Pacific Island nations), Latin America and the Caribbean to cover the United Nations General Assembly for approximately 10 weeks beginning in September each year. The fellowships offer a unique opportunity for promising young journalists from developing countries to observe United Nations deliberations and to … [Read more...]

2019 International Children’s Peace Prize to Improve Children’s Rights Worldwide

Deadline: 15 March 2019 The KidsRights Foundation is inviting applicants for its International Children’s Peace Prize 2019, awarded annually to a child who fights courageously for children’s rights. The motivation behind the prize is to provide a platform for children to express their ideas and personal involvement in children’s rights. KidsRights feels that children should be recognized, awarded and motivated in their fierce efforts to improve their own situation and that of the children … [Read more...]

Filmmakers Without Borders: Seeking Applications for Filmmaking Grants Program

Deadline: 1 June 2019 Filmmakers Without Borders is seeking applications for its Filmmaking Grants which support independent filmmakers around the world via grants and other funding initiatives. Supported projects include narrative films, documentary films, and new media projects that align with themes of social justice, empowerment, and cultural exchange. FILMMAKERS WITHOUT BORDERS (FWB) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to empowering the next generation of digital … [Read more...]

Go Green in the City Challenge 2019: Inviting Applicants from all over the world

Deadline: 25 May 2019 Applicants are invited to submit their applications for Go Green in the City Challenge 2019 they are looking for students from around the world who are willing to put their skills and ideas to the test. For 180 years Schneider Electric has been committed to changing the way they access energy. As a global specialist in energy management, with operations in more than 100 countries, Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: Climate Research for Development Fellowship Scheme

Deadline: 10 February 2019 The African Academy of Sciences (The AAS), the United Kindgoms’ Department for International Development (DFID) Weather and Climate information Services for Africa (WISER) programme and the Africa Climate Policy Centre (ACPC) of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa have announced the implementation of a multimillion dollar initiative to support Africa-led climate science research through the Climate Research for Development (CR4D) in Africa … [Read more...]

Nominations Open for Equator Prize 2019! Awarding Outstanding Local Community and Indigenous Peoples

Deadline: 26 February 2019 The Equator Initiative is currently accepting nominations for its Equator Prize 2019 that will be awarded to outstanding local community and indigenous peoples’ initiatives that advance innovative nature-based development solutions for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Equator Initiative is a United Nations-led partnership that brings together governments, civil society, grassroots organizations, and businesses to foster resilient communities by … [Read more...]

2019 IFREE Small Grants Program to Promote Human Betterment through Experimental Economics

Deadline: 1 February 2019 The International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics (IFREE) is accepting applications for its Small Grants Program to promote Human Betterment through Experimental Economics to Improve the Understanding of Exchange Systems. IFREE funds primary research in market and personal exchange systems IFREE sponsors: participatory, hands-on, educational, workshops, interdisciplinary academic discussions, outreach programs for those outside … [Read more...]

National Geographic Society to Support Participatory Science

Deadline: 10 April 2019 National Geographic Society is seeking proposals to support participatory science through the development or innovative use of data-driven, technology-powered tools that will increase the understanding, preservation, and protection of their planet. Applicants should design and/or implement tools that support citizen science work, particularly data collection or data analysis, in ways that create learning experiences for citizen scientists, including … [Read more...]

National Geographic Society: Seeking Proposals for Conservation Technologies Grants Program

Deadline: 10 April 2019 National Geographic Society is currently inviting applicants for its "Conservation Technologies" in order to create novel tools and technologies to monitor ecosystem health. In the same way that human health is monitored in real time (e.g., thermometer, MRI, blood pressure), environmental diagnostic monitoring techniques are needed to provide practical measurements correlated with ecosystem health. Because of the complexity and interconnectedness of global … [Read more...]

National Geographic Society: Request for Proposals for ‘Documenting Human Migrations’ Program

Deadline: 10 April 2019 The National Geographic Society is seeking request for proposals for a program entitled “Documenting Human Migrations” to support impactful projects that through education or storytelling seek to increase understanding of and acceptance of migrants and migrant communities. These migrations are challenging social bonds and resource allocations across the world, motivating political agendas and potential backlash, but also creating new and dynamic multicultural … [Read more...]

UNESCO CFPs: Inviting Applicants to Participate in Academic Conference on the Safety of Journalists

Deadline: 18 February 2019 UNESCO in collaboration with a local university in Ethiopia (tbc) is organizing the Academic Conference on the Safety of Journalists, as part of its annual flagship World Press Freedom Day celebration. The Academic Conference aims at bridging the gap between academic research and the experience of journalists on the ground. The theme of World Press Freedom Day 2019 is "Media for Democracy: journalism and elections in times of disinformation". During the 23rd … [Read more...]

Stockholm Environment Institute: Call for Concept Notes for ‘Regional Environmental Event Support’

Deadline: 28 February 2019 The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) is currently accepting concept notes for regional strategic events in Asia that focus on advancing environmentally sustainable development with integration of gender and social equality and rights-based approaches, in addition to poverty reduction, into the themes and design of these events. The events should include a mix of representatives from government, private sector, civil society, research or academic institutions … [Read more...]

Action for Nature’s Eco-Hero Awards 2019: Rewarding Environmental Initiative around the World

Deadline: 28 February 2019 Action For Nature (AFN), an international non-profit organization, is currently inviting young people ages 8 to 16 for its 2019 Young Eco-Hero Awards to recognize and reward the successful individual environmental initiatives. AFN encourages young people around the world to carry out individual environmental action projects with the belief that young people can have a positive impact on the environment and are vital in changing the way we live on our … [Read more...]

The Bertha Challenge: Fellowships for Activists & Investigative Journalists

Deadline: 10 February 2019 Applications are open for The Bertha Challenge which is an opportunity for five activists and five investigative journalists, in five global locations, to spend a year deep-diving into one pressing social justice issue. Those selected will receive non-residential paid fellowships and a project budget to work independently and together to: INVESTIGATE the causes of and solutions to the Bertha Challenge AMPLIFY their findings to a wider targeted audience … [Read more...]

SIFA: Seeking Applications for Funding Window 1

Deadline: 15 April 2019 The Skills Initiative for Africa (SIFA)  is seeking applications for its Funding Window 1 "Large skills development investment projects proposed by domestic training entities in partnership with companies". The Skills Initiative for Africa (SIFA) is an initiative of the African Union Commission (AUC) supported by the German Government to strengthen occupational prospects of young people in Africa. The overall development objective for the Skills Initiative for … [Read more...]

National Geographic Society: Recovery of Species on the Brink of Extinction

Deadline: 10 April 2019 National Geographic Society is seeking proposals from around the world that will support on the ground priorities of IUCN SSC Species Conservation Plans (e.g. Action Plans, Conservation Strategies, Population and Habitat Viability Assessments) as well as conservation actions that are endorsed by the relevant IUCN SSC Species Specialist Group. In partnership with the IUCN SSC and Fondation Segré, the goal of this request for funding is to halt further biodiversity … [Read more...]

Tree Fund: Inviting Applications for Hyland R. Johns Grant Program

Deadline: 1 March 2019 Tree Fund is inviting applications for its Hyland R. Johns Grant Program, established in 1995 to honor one of the leaders in the arboriculture industry and a founder of the ISA Research Trust. The Hyland R. Johns Grant Program funds longer term research and technology transfer projects that have the potential of benefiting the everyday work of arborists. Funding Information Projects are expected to be completed within three to five years, with a maximum award … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: 22nd Eco-Generation Regional Ambassadors Program

Deadline: 20 February 2019 Applications are open for 22nd Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors Program with an aim to provide exceptional experiences with the opportunities to actively plan, to execute or participate in various environmental awareness programs in each region and country. Eco-generation Regional Ambassadors would carry the voice of the future generations at an international level. Since new visitors will gain their first impression of Tunza Eco-generation through … [Read more...]