Apply for Postdoctoral African Fellowship in Hydro-Economics! Sustaining Growth through Water Security

Deadline: 11 September 2017 The Reach Programme is seeking applications for its Postdoctoral African Fellowship in Hydro-Economics to provide an early career researcher an opportunity to develop their career in water security in Africa. The focus of this Fellowship aligns with the REACH Observatory, Sustaining Growth through Water Security. This Fellowship provides the recipient with an opportunity to develop their academic career in water security and in partnership with the REACH … [Read more...]

British Embassy Call for Project Proposals: Focusing on Smart Cities in Vietnam 2017/18

Deadline: 29 August 2017 The British Embassy has announced a call for project proposals focusing on the theme ‘Smart Cities in Vietnam’ for financial year 2017/18 to support projects linked to the UK government’s priorities in Vietnam. Objectives Provide a strategic vision for the development of an ITS for HCMC; Advise on an ITS framework that takes into consideration the transport infrastructure of the City and also allows flexibility for the City’s expanding requirements as well as … [Read more...]

IWMF Call For Applications: Central African Republic (CAR) and Rwanda Reporting Fellowships

Deadline: 29 August 2017 The International Women’s Media Foundation (IWMF) is currently inviting applicants for its Central African Republic (CAR) And Rwanda Reporting Fellowships to strengthen the role of women journalists worldwide. Both trips will take place from November 5-18, 2017. All Fellows will begin their trip in Nairobi, Kenya, where they will complete comprehensive security training and an orientation about the African Great Lakes region. Themes Central African Republic … [Read more...]

Apply for NERC’s Emerging Risks of Chemicals in the Environment Programme!

Deadline: 27 September 2017 The Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) is seeking proposals for research under a new NERC funded programme on "Emerging Risks of Chemicals in the Environment" with an aim to conduct research to predict how the environment and its functioning will respond to chemical exposure in the UK. The anticipated high level outcome is a move towards a transformation in the way chemical risk assessment is considered: one in which ecological relevance and sustainable … [Read more...]

Applications Open for SHI Foundation’s Research Grant Development Awards!

Deadline: 31 October 2017 The Foundation for the Sociology of Health and Illness (SHI Foundation) is inviting applicants for its Research grant development awards to provide ‘pump-priming’ funds for the development of high-quality, innovative and multidisciplinary research grants in medical sociology / sociology of health and illness. They are intended to support groups to work together to develop a research grant application and to submit it to a major national or international funding body … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Resilience Journalism Fellowship Program!

Deadline: 31 August 2017 Applications are open for Resilience Journalism Fellowship Program that is focused on the science of climate change and resilience — defined as a system’s capacity to absorb disturbance and still retain its basic function and structure. Financial support for the Resilience Fellowship program is provided by The Rockefeller Foundation. This fall, up to 15 journalists will gather in New York City for six days of study and discussion as part of the new Resilience … [Read more...]

Youth Travel Foundation Grants: Providing Financial Support to Young People Worldwide

Deadline: Various The Youth Travel Foundation is seeking applications for its grant programs with a mission to encourage young adults to complement their education and training through travel. The foundation fulfills its mission by providing financial support to young people with projects to cultivate their personal growth, promote sustainable development or discover the world. The Youth Travel Foundation encourages young people to further their education and training through travel and … [Read more...]

CISV International: Seeking Applications for Peace Fund

Deadline: 31 October 2017 CISV International is seeking applications for its Peace Fund that was created in 1988 to globally support CISV objectives, but it is registered independently and has different Trustees and governing instruments. CISV International is a global organization dedicated to educating and inspiring for peace through building inter-cultural friendship, cooperation and understanding. The aim of CISV is to help their participants develop the skills they need to become … [Read more...]

Call for Participants: Strengthening Food Security through Integrated Earth Observations & Ecological Assessments of Ecosystem Services in Kenya

Deadline: 1 September 2017 Under the Researcher Links scheme offered within the Newton Fund, the British Council, together with Universities of Leicester and University of Nairobi, will be holding a workshop on "Strengthening Food Security through Integrated Earth Observations & Ecological Assessments of Ecosystem Services in Kenya" in Nairobi from Sunday 26th –Thursday 30th November, 2017. The workshop is being coordinated by Prof Heiko Balzter, University of Leicester (UK) and Dr Faith … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Schwarzkopf Foundation’s Travel Grant!

Deadline: 6 August 2017 Are you between 18 and 27 years old and want to explore the continent this autumn, If yes, then apply for the Schwarzkopf Foundation’s travel grant. The Schwarzkopf Foundation is currently inviting applicants for its travel grants with an aim to get youngsters and young adults interested in Europe.  The journey should take place before March 2018 and shouldn’t start later than December 2017. Applicants should do their research on one of the following questions: … [Read more...]

EPSRC: Resilient and Sustainable Energy Networks for Developing Countries

Deadline: 17 August 2017 Applications are open for "Resilient and sustainable energy networks for developing countries" to support an internationally leading programme of research to tackle the energy distribution challenges faced by developing countries. The programme is supported through EPSRC’s Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) allocation. The programme must focus on energy distribution in off-grid locations or locations with sporadic grid connection. A particular emphasis should be … [Read more...]

EU-Citizen Rights Project: Increasing Women Participation in Public Life for Egyptian Society

Deadline: 11 September 2017 The European Union (EU) is currently accepting proposals from eligible organisations for a program entitled “Increase women participation in public life” under the Citizen Rights Project to strengthen women's role in Egyptian society and increase gender equality in the country. The programme is divided into two lots: For Lot 1: To support community-based initiatives aiming at economic and social empowerment of women; For Lot 2: To support community-based … [Read more...]

British Council/Newton Fund: Seeking Applications for Southeast Asia Regional Researcher Links Workshops

Deadline: 19 September 2017 Applications are open for "Researcher Links Regional Workshops" that brings together early-career researchers from the UK and other regional partner countries to allow them to make international connections that can improve the quality of their research. These grants are provided by the Newton Fund, a UK Government initiative funded by the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, together with partner funders from Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, … [Read more...]

British Council: Supporting the Transformation of Higher Education in Myanmar

Deadline: 21 August 2017 British Council is seeking applications for its project entitled “Supporting the Transformation of Higher Education in Myanmar” to contribute at national level to Myanmar’s higher education reform. There is a critical need to build the capacity of university leaders and senior managers in higher education institutions and the Ministry of Education in Myanmar to be able to effectively respond to new national plans and lead real change in their institutions. This … [Read more...]

Climate CoLab Contest: Seeking Proposals on Sustainable Land Use and Waste Management Practices

Deadline: 10 September 2017 The Climate CoLab contest is inviting applicants to submit proposals on sustainable land use and waste management practices that can be effectively implemented and brought to scale, in order to address the challenges of global climate change. The main question on which the proposals are to be submitted is: How can we scale-up sustainable landscape & waste management to significantly reduce emissions while ensuring food, water & energy security? Key … [Read more...]

Lottery Environment and Heritage: Preserving And Protecting New Zealand’s Natural Environment

Deadline: 9 August 2017 Lottery Environment and Heritage is seeking applications to provide grants for plans, reports and one-off projects that will protect, conserve and promote New Zealand’s natural, cultural and physical heritage. Natural heritage projects promote, protect and/or keep our native plants (flora) and animal life (fauna) safe from harm Physical heritage projects restore, protect and/or conserve places, structures and large built objects that are important to our … [Read more...]

IDEX: Accepting Applications for the January 2018 Global Fellows Program in India!

Deadline: 30 September 2017 IDEX is developing the next wave of "social intrapreneurs" who will support, lead and advance the work of socially-focused enterprises around the world! IDEX Fellows undergo six months of leadership and business development training by working full-time for social enterprises across India. IDEX is searching all corners of the world for individuals who are committed and passionate about having a high-impact career and advancing the social impact space. It is seeking … [Read more...]

DFID: Developing Effective Private Education in Nigeria Challenge Fund

Deadline: 15 August 2017 Department for International Development is seeking applications for its "Developing Effective Private Education in Nigeria Challenge Fund" to support unconventional solutions to longstanding problems in the low-cost private education sector in Lagos. The Fund will support ambitious innovations designed by Lagos’ private schools’ proprietors, service providers and other entrepreneurs. The Fund’s aim is to support ongoing and emerging innovations in low cost private … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Commonwealth Fund’s Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy and Practice!

Deadline: Various The Commonwealth Fund is currently inviting applications for its Harkness Fellowships in Health Care Policy and Practice, providing a unique opportunity for mid-career health services researchers and practitioners to spend up to 12 months in the United States, conducting original research and working with leading U.S. health policy experts. Benefits Each fellowship provides up to U.S. $130,000 in support (which covers roundtrip airfare to the United States, a living … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Newton Fund Institutional Links Grants!

Deadline: 19 September 2017 Applications are open for Newton Fund Institutional Links Grants to build UK-partner country research and innovation collaborations centred on shared research and innovation challenges which have direct relevance to social welfare and economic development. This programme is designed to establish links beyond the level of the individual researcher and innovation practitioner, opening up opportunities for more sustainable, solution-oriented collaborations between … [Read more...]

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