Call for Nominations: South African National Orders 2019

Deadline: 31 August 2019

Nominations are now open for South African National Orders 2019.

National Orders are the highest form of recognition that South Africa bestows on deserving citizens. The President of the Republic as the Grand Patron of the National Orders, awards these orders, which are  inclusive and represent all South Africans.

National Orders

The Chancery of Orders is inviting nominations of individuals deemed worthy recipients of the following National Orders:

  • THE ORDER OF MAPUNGUBWE (Category: I Platinum; II Gold, III Silver, and IV Bronze) – The Order is awarded to South African citizens who have accomplished excellence and exceptional achievements to the benefit of South Africa and beyond.
  • THE ORDER OF BAOBAB (Category: I Gold; II Silver and III Bronze) – The Order is awarded to South African citizens who have made exceptional and distinguished contributions in the following categories: community service, business and the economy, science, medicine and technological innovation.
  • THE ORDER OF LUTHULI (Category: I Gold; II Silver and III Bronze) – The Order is awarded to South African citizens in recognition of outstanding contribution in the struggle for democracy; nation-building; building democracy and human rights; justice and peace as well as for the resolution of conflict.
  • THE ORDER OF IKHAMANGA (Category: I Gold; II Silver and III Bronze) – The Order is awarded to South African citizens who have excelled in the field of arts, culture, literature, music, journalism and sport.
  • THE ORDER OF MENDI FOR BRAVERY (Category: I Gold; II Silver and III Bronze) – The Order is awarded to South African citizens who have distinguished themselves by displaying extraordinary acts of bravery through which their lives were placed in great danger or who have lost their lives, including trying to save the life of another person or by saving property, in or outside the Republic of South Africa.
  • COMPANIONS OF O.R. TAMBO (Category: I Gold; II Silver and III Bronze) – The Order of the Companions of OR Tambo is awarded to eminent foreign nationals for friendship shown to South Africa. It is therefore concerned primarily with matters of peace, cooperation, international solidarity and support and is integral to the execution of South Africa’s international and multilateral relations.

How to Apply

  • An introductory paragraph with summary of the nominee’s achievements
  • A list of exceptional milestones reached by the nominee in his/her career and/ or international arena
  • A description of the exceptional, outstanding, dedicated service or act of bravery rendered by the nominee.
  • This form can be downloaded from the given website.

For more information, please visit

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