Nominations Open for IN_PACT Asia 2019 Awards Program

Deadline: 30 April 2019

Nominations are open for IN_PACT Asia 2019 Awards to honor Asia’s best purpose-driven institutions that are taking the lead in promoting collaborative action, creative thinking, best practices, and innovations for achieving social, economic, and environmental goals and benefits of Asian communities.

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The objective of the recognition is to promote the principle of collective impact for the sustainable development of the innovation ecosystem, to encourage, participation, commitments, and investments in support of change-making and inclusive innovations, to enhance an organization’s ability to attain and measure improvements in impact performance, and to forge partnerships for innovation, inclusion, and impact.

Program Information

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  • 10 Award Categories on social impact and innovation.
  • 5 Judges of Asian social designers and innovators.
  • 2 Award Winners per category (winner and runner up).

Categories and Eligibility Criteria

  • Responsible Business of the Year: This award is given to the business that has demonstrated true commitment to embedding sustainable business across all operations.
    • Requirements
      • Nominated businesses may be privately held or publicly listed.
      • Businesses that have been running for more than Five years and are profitable.
      • Should have demonstrated a long-term commitment to sustainable business practices and corporate social responsibility.
      • Should be able to provide evidence of strong advocacy for relevant causes, achievement of targets across the board, and clear implementation of sustainable business initiatives.
      • Should have an individual or committee whose responsibility is to deal with ethics issues Corporate logo must be provided along with submission.
  • Start Up of the Year: This award is given to the most outstanding startup that has displayed the greatest development over the last year.
    • Requirements
      • Startups will be considered as organisations that have been established for Five or less years.
      • Must have at least one innovative product which address a significant user problem.
      • Must have a sizeable market and have the opportunity to scale.
      • Should have made great progress as a young company and shows promise to become profitable.
      • Provides an investment plan and a viable exit strategy for investors.
      • Corporate logo must be provided alongside entry submission.
  • The Midas Touch (Best Investor): This award is given to the investor who has displayed the best investment acumen over the last year.
    • Requirements
      • For the purposes of this contest, “investor” refers to individuals engaged in non-profit to limited profit investment in social innovation.
      • Investors should predominantly be focused towards investments aimed at bringing about positive social impact or development.
      • Investor should have invested in at least one (1) startup that become successful financially and in terms of social impact.
      • Judges will focus on the overall achievement of the organizations invested in, the level and nature of the investment undertaken, and the degree of positive social impact generated by these investments.
      • A corporate logo, if applicable, should be provided alongside entry submission.
  • One to Watch Out (Best Early Stage Startup): This award is given to the Early-Stage Startup that has shown great promise and potential to become a successful business in the future.
    • Requirements
      • Startups with 2 or less years will be considered as Early Stage Startups.
      • Must have at least one (1) innovative product which address a significant user problem.
      • The startup’s product should at least be in its prototyping stage.
      • Judges will focus predominantly on the business ethos, and level of traction achieved since its inception, with particular focus on activity during 2018.
      • Corporate logo must be provided alongside entry submission.
  • Accelerator/Incubator of the Year: This award is given to the fixed-term, cohort-based, mentorship-driven program that has demonstrated the greatest ability to empower, up skill, and connect their cohorts and mentees towards the growth of their enterprises.
    • Requirements
      • For the purposes of this contest, Accelerators and Incubators are defined as: fixed-term, cohort based, mentorship-driven programs for training individuals.
      • Accelerator/ Incubator should have demonstrated effectiveness in its training of the enterprises and entrepreneurs, and should have provable contribution to their success.
      • Has a long-term ambition and strategic direction for itself, entrepreneurs, and enterprises Corporate logo must be provided alongside entry submission.
  • Best Co-working Space: This award is given to the co-working space that has demonstrated significant contribution to the growth of not just of its startups, but also to the greater area of social innovation culture.
    • Requirements
      • For the purposes of this contest, ‘co-working space’ refers to a privately-owned office space occupied and shared predominantly [MOU1] by social-innovation-based organizations, social businesses, and social enterprises.
      • Must have at least 2 organizations in the social innovation area as regular tenants.
      • Judges will predominantly focus on the culture within the co-working space, the achievements of the organizations within the space, and the future vision of the space.
      • Corporate logo must be provided alongside entry submission.
  • Women in Business: This award is given to the woman who have made a significant significant working in the senior leadership team of a business, social enterprise, or startup, who represents excellence in her field of work.
    • Requirements
      • Women in Business celebrates women innovators in leadership position, able to break the proverbial glass ceiling confronting women in the workplace or the obstacles facing female entrepreneurs.
      • Contributed or still active in social impact initiatives and other advocacies beyond the workplace.
      • Judges will focus on level and scale of achievement and their impact in promoting diversity and inclusion across different industries.
  • Best Business-NGO Partnership: This award is given to the collaborators (of the partnership or tripartite) who have created the most successful and impactful collaborative efforts in the past year.
    • Requirements
      • For purposes of this contest, ‘Business-NGO’ will be deemed as any collaboration between a for profit business and a non- profit social-impact organization.
      • The partnership should have been existing for at least 1 year and is formally documented by an Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) or a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) Tripartites are also eligible to win this award.
      • Organizations bound together by Service Contract/s are not eligible.
      • The partnership should have demonstrated a clear commitment to the continuation of a long-term, mutually beneficial collaborative effort.
      • Judges will focus on achievements resulting from the partnership, the feasibility of the continuation of the project in question, and the future aspirations of the partnership.
      • Corporate logos must be provided alongside entry submission.
  • Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: This award is given to organizations who have made significant efforts in making their workplace more accepting towards diversity and inclusion.
    • Requirements
      • The nominated organization may be privately held or publicly listed.
      • The nominated organization should be able to demonstrate clear efforts towards improving diversity within itself.
      • Judges will focus on the methods and processes that have been undertaken to improve
      • inclusion and diversity within the workplace.
      • Corporate logo must be provided alongside entry submission.
  • Academic Leadership in Social Innovation: This award is given to the academic institution that has demonstrated great effort and success in cultivating their students and faculty to become innovative and socially relevant.
    • Requirements
      • To qualify for the Academic Leadership in Social Innovation award, the nominated organization must be engaged in the education industry as either a for-profit or non-profit learning institution.
      • The institution must have facilities and programs that cultivate a culture of social innovation.
      • Must have forged partnerships that feasible, and viably supports the achievement of social impact.
      • Must have tangible efforts towards its advocacies and social movements.

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