How to develop a Budget for your Project Proposal?

Now Funding Agencies will be at your Fingertips

Developing budgets for your project or for even your organization is one of the most time-consuming tasks.

Often we think that a budget is a simple format attached to a project proposal and you need to fill it according to the activities and strategies proposed in the project. However, when you start opening up a proposal backwards, you will realize that the budget is a critical component of the project.

We have decided to develop a project proposal because we have understood and realized that there is a budget to support it. We also feel that the project needs can be fulfilled only if a budget is available for them. In fact, the budget determines the boundaries of the project. A budget is also one of the final determining factors for a project to receive its funding. If the budget is too high, the donor agency may either ask you to reduce it or in some cases, also reject the entire proposal if it is a highly competitive application process.


So understanding and developing a proposal is an important exercise of your proposal development process. In other words, “it is a program explained in monetary terms.”

The reasons why we need a budget is not just to plan your project expenses but also convince your donors that you will deliver value to whatever money they give to the project.


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  • kees koot says:

    How can i get funds for my projects cleaning water with waterplants.
    It looks for me quite difficult to do this
    Can you help me with a good start

    • Deepika says:

      Hello Kees,

      Every grant program has specific guidelines where application procedure for seeking grants is mentioned. The applicant has to apply according to the criteria suggested by donors.
      For funding opportunities and programmes, please visit You can find the application submission details on how to apply section of all the posts. For further details you can visit for more information link provided at the end of every post.

      Good Luck!

  • walter tobby akwech says:

    Hello my name is Walter Tobby Akwech a ugandan by nationality
    I have a community based project proposals based on rehablitation of the formally disadvantaged villages by former LRA rebells in northern uganda
    Sir these young boys and girls never got easy life since they were born they parents were all killed they need some activities to make them be active in the community
    I therefore kindly in seek for a donor inorder for the project to kick off
    Eargly waiting for the respond

    • Deepika says:

      Hello Walter,

      You can visit a good range of funding opportunities at Also you can take our premium membership and can have an access to approx 7000+ donors/foundations providing funds worldwide with their complete contact details. It also provides vast benefits like hundreds of sample proposals in almost every field, live webinar, training guides and funding resources in pdf available to download. Membership comes with a range of valuable features.

      You can consider our premium membership via-

      Thank you!


    NGO: ADET would like to ask you to help finding funds for its projects.

  • Tadele Mezemir says:

    Wonderful, Thank you for your free gift , May God Bless you abundantly ! ! !

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