Golden Tips for Writing Proposals from Top Donor Agencies

Proposals are essential for any organization, as they decide the success or failure of an organization. Writing proposal is one of the most critical aspects for any non-governmental organization to raise funds from the donors. It helps in cultivating the relationship between the NGOs and donors over a project. Writing proposal is not an easy task to perform, it involves a lot of brainstorming and learning from the past. As an NGO, you must be aware that it is both the uniqueness and the … [Read more...]

Top 25 Tips to Write Proposals Effectively

A proposal is an essential idea or plan which is one of the most significant aspects of NGOs. Therefore, it helps in cultivating a relationship between NGO and donor agency over a project. A quality proposal writing involves a lot of thinking, discussions, and learnings from past experiences. There should be an appropriate word choice for the conception of an idea. Writing a clear, thorough and targeted project proposal is therefore vital to an NGO’s success as it is the medium of projecting … [Read more...]