Reaching All Children Challenge: Harnessing Social Protection to Enable Vulnerable Children Access HIV Testing, Treatment & Care

Deadline: 5 February 2019

Can you show one or more evidence-based interventions that demonstrate how social protection supports HIVs testing, treatment and care for children in low and middle-income countries? If yes, then apply for the Reaching All Children Challenge!

The Positive Action Challenges in partnership with The Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS is currently inviting applicants for its Reaching All Children Challenge.

Prize Information

  • Winners will be awarded up to $5,000 USD to produce EITHER a scientific article OR a case study.
  • Scientific articles will be submitted for publication in a 2019 special issue of Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies.
  • Case studies will be published on the Coalition for Children Affected by AIDS website and range of advocacy materials.

Winners with the most compelling evidence will be invited to present their work at a meeting of the UN Inter-Agency Task Team on Social Protection, Care and Support and other in-person and digital advocacy events organised by the Coalition for Children affected by AIDS.


  • Special consideration will be given to applicants who show evidence-based interventions that demonstrate how social protection leads to HIV testing, treatment and care for the most marginalised or excluded children in low and middle-income countries.
  • Definitions:
    • Show: produce a compelling, data-driven presentation. The format of the presentation can take the form of EITHER a scientific article for an academic journal OR as a case study (narrative or video).
    • Children: aged 18 years or younger.
    • Social protection: UNAIDS defines social protection as “schemes that reduce gender and income inequalities and social exclusion, all of which increase the risk of contracting HIV. They also make it easier for people to access HIV and other health services, and can cushion the social and economic impact of HIV on households and individuals. Social protection diminishes the risk of HIV infection, increases adherence to HIV and tuberculosis treatment and fosters resilience… Social protection is more than cash and social transfers such as food and vouchers. It encompasses economic support, social health insurance, employment assistance and social care to reduce poverty, inequality, exclusions and barriers to accessing social and medical services.”  This Positive Action Challenge includes all categories of instruments as classified by the Joint Statement on Social Protection:
      • Social transfers: regular, predictable transfers (cash or in kind, including fee waivers) from governments and community entities to individuals or households that can reduce child poverty and vulnerability, help ensure children’s access to basic social services, and reduce the risk of child exploitation and abuse;
      • Social insurance: that supports access to health care for children, as well as services to support communities and other risk-pooling mechanisms, preferably with contribution payment exemptions for the poor, that reach all households and individuals, including children.
      • Social services: family and community services to support families and promote youth and adult employment; alternative care for children outside family environments; additional support to include vulnerable or excluded children in education; and social welfare services including family support, child protection services and assistance in accessing other services and entitlements;
      • Policies, legislation and regulations: that protect families’ access to resources, promote employment and support them in their childcare role, including ensuring access for poor people to basic social services, maternity and paternity leave, inheritance rights and antidiscrimination legislation.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.

For more information, visit

  • Regina says:

    The project is very much interesting if it would not have hindrances especially to to those who are from the low middle income countries.

    • Reena says:

      Hi Regina,

      Thank you for your interest in the opportunity.

      To get detailed information on eligibility criteria and application requirements, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good Luck!

  • mary says:

    i would like to submit my application but can not access the web site

  • Manoj Adhikari says:

    I want to apply on Plhiv children section .i have lots experience on this section through my work .But i havent idra for the proposal .Could I got any suggestion please .I am from nepal.

  • Manoj Adhikari says:

    Hello i am from nepal . I have lots of experiencess on PLHIV children through my work experiencess on HiV in nepal .But i havent idea to developed proposal .Any suggestion please .

  • Elvisley says:

    I’m so interested for this opportunity, I would like to submit my application but I’m not good enough in english, can I use french please?

    • Reena says:

      Hi Elvisley,

      Thank you for your interest in the opportunity.

      To get detailed information on eligibility criteria and application requirements, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good Luck!

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