IOM and Mastercard collaborates to support Vulnerable Migrants and Refugees in Romania

IOM, the UN Migration Agency in collaboration with Mastercard has launched an innovative partnership to support migrants and refugees in building a better life in Romania.  This collaboration will provide financial education for vulnerable groups and lead to the development of tailor-made financial products for migrants and refugees. These sessions will be provided free of charge weekly at the Migrant Integration Centre coordinated by IOM.

Head of IOM’s Office in Romania, Mircea Mocanu said, “We are confident that this partnership and support can empower migrants and refugees to become contributors to their host communities, which brings not only economic benefits for all, but also improves integration and social cohesion. She explained that successful integration must be a two-way process where migrants, refugees and the local community understand one another’s needs, expectations, practices and cultural differences.”

The first joint IOM-Mastercard initiative, launched last week, features the delivery of non-reimbursable financial support and incentives through pre-paid cards. Maintenance of the cards is cost-free for the beneficiaries and can be used for any purchase, whilst also allowing for certain restrictions as required by national legislation, donor conditions or IOM practices.

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