Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellowship: Developing Effective Leaders with Deep Understanding of Hunger

Deadline: 14 January 2019

Applications are open for Bill Emerson National Hunger Fellows Program that develops effective leaders with a deep understanding of hunger and poverty at both the local and national level that enables them to find innovative solutions and create the political will to end hunger.

Each year, 16-20 participants are selected from around the country for this year long program. They gather in Washington, D.C. in August for a comprehensive orientation and field training, where they learn about hunger, poverty and social inequality in the United States, the local and national programs designed to address the issues, and the various approaches to social change.


  • The Congressional Hunger Center establishes Fellow financial packages based on location, taking into consideration the field and policy site location cost of living. (One resource CHC considers when setting financial packages is this Living Wage calculator.) Typically, Fellows receive financial packages in the range of 38,000 to 43,000 over the duration of the fellowship. Fellows serve as Independent Consultants; They must secure and finance their own health insurance, and are responsible for saving for and paying their own taxes, as no taxes are withheld from Fellow pay.
  • Emerson Fellows also gain:
    • Membership in a dynamic learning community of Fellows
    • Connection to an extensive network of alumni, partners, and experts
    • Experience working with community and policy leaders
    • Training / mentoring / leadership development
    • Project management experience

Eligibility Criteria

  • Emerson Fellows will:
    • Actively work to end hunger, poverty, and oppression both during and after the Fellowship
    • Gain an understanding of and commitment to their role as social justice leaders
    • Contribute their expertise, knowledge and energy to their field and policy projects
    • Be a positive force for change in their host communities
    • Develop in a supportive environment where curiosity and teamwork are valued
    • Have opportunities to collaborate with diverse people, communities, and institutions
    • Share resources and ideas with each other and Emerson Program Partners
    • Build a Fellow, Alum and Partner network for now and the future
  • Emerson Partner Organizations will:
    • Represent varied approaches and strategies to ending hunger and poverty
    • Be supported as they develop projects that meet the needs of their communities and organizational missions
    • Actively work to eliminate oppression and injustice
    • Provide opportunities for Fellows to develop their leadership potential
    • Link efforts to fight the symptoms of hunger with strategies to eliminate root causes
    • Build partnerships with individuals and communities directly impacted by hunger and poverty

Selection Criteria

  • Commitment to racial equity and social justice
  • Demonstrated leadership qualities and skills
  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience
  • Flexibility and ability to adjust to new situations
  • Creativity and initiative in problem solving
  • Enthusiasm for learning from experts in the field, and searching for new models in anti-hunger and anti-poverty work
  • Experience working in low-income communities
  • Excitement about peer learning in a tight-knit community of Fellows

How to Apply

Applicants can apply online via given website.

Eligible Country: United States

For more information, visit

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