Call for Concept Notes: REACT Africa Sub-Saharan Competition in Burkina Faso

Deadline: 12 October 2018

Applicants are invited to submit concept notes for REACT Africa Sub-Saharan Competition in Burkina Faso with an aim to reduce poverty through a transformational increase in the use of renewable energy by non-network households in Burkina Faso.

REACT Sub-Saharan Africa (REACT SSA) is a US $ 63 million project funded by the Swedish Embassy to support renewable energies in sub-Saharan Africa; with a dedicated funding of US $ 6.5 million for Burkina Faso.


The objectives of the REACT SSA program are:

  • Support transformational business models tailored to target markets in order to accelerate access to clean energy at low cost, including more fuel clean, cookstoves, alternative solutions to the electricity grid.
  • Support commercially viable enterprises and markets in countries 25% of which will be owned and / or managed by women.
  • Support innovative ideas that stimulate new approaches in the sector renewable energy in sub-Saharan Africa
  • Collect and disseminate data on how increased access to clean energy can have a positive impact on low-income rural communities, in particular women and youth, through:
    • business models
    • an environment improved business through political influence and advocacy,
    • climate improved business through the attractiveness, replication and adoption of best practices.
  • Stimulate the commitments of stakeholders for a political environment, Legal and Regulatory Framework for Renewable Energy Companies in the target countries.

Target Areas

Applicants must provide clean energy products and services from quality and affordable, which benefit rural and peri-urban communities low-income urban dwellers, especially women.

This should correspond to one or more of the following areas of interest to be eligible for funding:

  • Small photovoltaic solar lamps, including lighting and phone recharge.
  • Small and basic solar home systems (less than 50Wp), including basic lighting, charging systems for telephone and radios, made available to a large number of households (but not limited to) through pay-as-you-go systems (pay-as-you-go).
  • Autonomous solar home systems of average capacity (50- 100Wp) for productive use, including charging systems phone, radio, appliances, etc. and that can be used on a small scale in rural enterprises or peri-urban areas or in household premises.
  • Standalone solar power systems (100+ Wp) larger than meet all the energy needs of households and while remaining affordable for low-income people returned.
  • Mini and micro-networks from solar energy, with networks distribution systems that meet all the needs of households and while remaining affordable for low-income people returned.
  • Production and / or distribution of efficient cooking solutions energy, p. Eg improved stoves and more fuel (eg ethanol and biogas) for low-income people rural and peri-urban areas.
  • Production and / or distribution models that support local entrepreneurship and the growth of SMEs, MFIs / local banks and women’s groups in a supply chain and demand for renewable energy products.
  • Autonomous equipment solutions with high potential for uses productive off-grid (eg solar pumping, cooling for agriculture).
  • Large off-grid energy solutions for institutions public and private institutions such as schools and clinics in peri-urban and rural areas.
  • Products / applications based on telecommunications that take support the demand for energy products and / or services renewable and supply chains.

Funding Information

The total amount of grants requested from AECF must be between US $ 100,000 and US $ 1,500,000.

Duration of the Program

5 years (year 1 for the launch phase + competition phase, years 2 to 5 for the implementation phase). The REACT SSA is funded by the Swedish Embassy.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicant’s company is a private company operating in the areas of financing and target technologies.
  • Applicant’s company is legally registered and physically established in Burkina Faso.
  • Applicant’s project idea will be implemented in Burkina Faso.
  • The project is expected to provide high-quality, affordable and affordable clean energy products and services for the benefit of rural, peri-urban poor or displaced (especially women).
  • Applicants must demonstrate that the project will contribute to environmental sustainability, including environmental and climate aspects.
  • Applicant’s company must comply with fundamental national and international human rights, labor standards, environmental management laws.
  • Applicant’s company should NOT be involved in an act of terrorism or support the activities of terrorists and allow regular due diligence in this regard.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, please visit Call for Concept Notes.


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