Girls First Fund: Seeking Applications for Grants to Prevent and Respond to Child Marriage and Early Unions

Deadline: 31 December 2018

The Girls First Fund is seeking applications for grants to prevent and respond to child marriage and early unions.

The Girls First Fund is committed to reaching new and emerging organizations, as well as organizations with little or no access to larger donors.

Funding Information

In 2019, the fund will make one-year (12-month), core support and project support grants of up to USD $50,000 in six pilot locations.


The Girls First Fund will grant to a variety of strategies and types of organizations whose work is critical to ending child marriage and early unions. The Fund is most interested in approaches that support local solutions within the local context and that illustrate how girls, their families, and communities are involved in the design and implementation of the approach.

The Girls First Fund is particularly interested in hearing from organizations that fulfill some or all of the following:

  • Are girl- and women-led
  • Meaningfully involve girls in decisions about program design, implementation, and monitoring (i.e. are girl-centered)
  • Are creating a society that allows girls to make their own choices about their futures and enables all people to have the same access to rights and opportunity, regardless of their gender identity (i.e. are gender-transformative)
  • Support local solutions that address the unique religious, political, economic, social, and cultural norms and drivers that contribute to child marriage and early unions
  • Access the most vulnerable and excluded at-risk, married and formerly married girls
  • Foster community buy-in to enable girls to participate in, and be supported by, their communities
  • Have a focus on one or more of the following:
    • Girls’ leadership
    • Changing social norms, attitudes and behaviors that allow child marriage and early unions to continue
    • Improving girls’ access to and completion of 12 years of safe, free, and quality education
    • Improving girls’ access to sexual and reproductive health education, information and services, including safe abortion (where legal) and post-abortion care

Eligibility Criteria

  • Community-based organizations and locally-focused national or subnational organizations that work in the following locations are eligible to apply:
    • Democratic Republic of the Congo (Haut Katanga and/or Tanganyika provinces – ONLY)
    • Dominican Republic (National)
    • India (Jharkhand state – ONLY)
    • Nepal (National)
    • Niger (National)
    • Uganda (National)
  • The Girls First Fund defines community-based organizations and locally-focused national and sub-national organizations as follows:
    • Community-based organization (CBO): An organization that is engaged in the community, works from within the community, is accountable to the community, and is staffed by people from the community. A CBO focuses on issues and concerns directly affecting the local level (neighborhood, city, district). They include both formal and informal organizations. CBOs are sometimes referred to as grassroots organizations or locally-led organizations. CBOs include, but are not limited to:
      • Community groups
      • Self-help groups
      • Women’s groups
      • Girls’ groups
      • Youth groups
      • Indigenous groups
      • Associations
      • Networks, collectives, and coalitions
      • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
      • Civil society organizations (CSOs)
      • Charitable organizations
      • Faith-based organizations (must have a no proselytizing policy)
      • Labor unions
    • Locally-focused national or sub-national organization: An organization with an existing deep presence in, local connection to, and contextual knowledge of the communities where the proposed work will take place. It believes in participatory engagement and working with local information, local connections, and learnings to guide programming direction and strategies. It avoids a top-down program design. The head office and organizational leadership is based in-country; it is not an affiliate/branch of an international organization. It must be able to demonstrate experience of work in and with the communities where the proposed work will take place in order to be eligible.
    • Organizations that are not eligible for a grant from the Girls First fund are:
      • Individuals
      • INGOs
      • NGOs that are an affiliate or branch of an INGO – and/or – whose head office is located outside of the eligible country where the work will take place
      • Organizations with a known political affiliation, such as support from or to political groups
      • For-profit entities
      • Faith-based organizations which attempt to convert individuals or advocate for individuals to join or adopt a particular religious creed, ideology, belief, cause or view in connection with programming or activities
      • Research or educational institutions

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, visit

  • Owera Lincoln says:

    thank, where can I get application form

  • Rose says:

    We really need the finds.we are a CBO based in Kenya working with adolescent Girls and young women.Can I apply

  • Manish Saini says:

    Hi Rose
    Thanks, can I get application form

  • Musa Paul says:

    I Am living Tanzania ( The United Republic of Tanzania) and I am project Coordinator of NGO called VOICE OF YOUTH TANZANIA (VOYOTA). We qualified to do this work in our organization and we interested much in our core goals to prevent and respond to Child Marriage, Gender Based Violence,Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights and Early Union.
    But we are not yet qualified with regards to your targeted areas. So if it is please of you, I would like to know whether can I apply for ?

  • USHA Rani d says:

    My organisation sannihita is a perfect suit for fund. From Secunderabad, Telangana state, a new state, need support as no fund. Looking support to 290 girls To prevent child marriage.

    • Ritu at fundsforNGOs says:

      Hi USHA Rani d,

      FundsforNGOs is a social enterprise that provides fundraising guides, resources, and the latest funding opportunities to help you fundraise better and secure grant funding. We are not a funding organization and we do not provide grants.

      Good luck!

  • Opige kenneth says:

    I’m a executive secretary in opit kic group lamwo district Uganda are we eligible and if so what is link for application ?

  • Opige kenneth says:

    I’m a executive secretary opit kic CBO group in Lamwo Uganda are we eligible and if so what is the applications link thanks

  • shallomk says:

    Thank you for this initiative, i would like to access the application form

    • Ritu at fundsforNGOs says:

      Hi shallomk,

      For more information regarding eligibility criteria and application process, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good luck!

  • okodoi james says:

    we are a mixed youth group located in kwapa tororo -Uganda,facing range of challanges like early pregnancies,schooldrop out,gender based violence and early mariages organised by some parents in our community.
    can we apply for this fund?

    • Reena says:

      Hi Okodoi james,

      Yes, Uganda is eligible to apply for this grant. To get detailed information on eligibility criteria and application requirements, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good Luck!

  • waya hope says:

    Good opportunity for CBO. WAYA is a community based organization in northern Uganda working with youth. Will try
    our luck. Thanks

  • Dhieu matiop Joseph says:

    Thanks for this initiative..Golden youth for peace and development compromises of both nationals and refugees..We are based in Kiryandongo district in Uganda.we meet all the above qualifications please thanks..
    Joseph MATIOP. Coordinator.
    Golden youth for Peace and development.

  • Olung Ronald says:

    Girls in Northern Uganda are most affected ,we plan to raise the proposal to support the

    • Ritu at fundsforNGOs says:

      Hi Olung Ronald,

      You can apply for this opportunity if you fulfill the eligibility requirements. To learn more on eligibility criteria and how to apply please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good luck!

  • lydia says:

    We are a very new CBO in Bugembe Jinja Uganda . alot of young girls are facing hardships like HIV infections and early marriages. Do we qualify for this please.
    Thank you.

    • Reena says:

      Hi lydia,

      Thank you for your interest in the opportunity. You can apply for this opportunity if you fulfill the eligibility requirements. To learn more on eligibility criteria and how to apply please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good luck!

  • Athrongse Thonger says:

    Nagaland is one of the state in India boarder to Myanmar (Burma) can i get any apportunity for funding for girl child education?

  • Elizabeth Arek says:

    We are a displaced organisation from South Sudan.Our society is called Help Yourself Society Limited.The Society is registered in Kampala, Uganda.Most of our work is done in
    Kampala and Kiriangdongo.Are we eligible to apply?

    • Reena says:

      Hi Elizabeth Arek,

      Thank you for your interest in the opportunity.

      To get detailed information on eligibility criteria and application requirements, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good Luck!

  • Nakabira Jennifer says:

    We really appreciate u services
    This will help girls in Uganda.

  • Nakabira Jennifer says:

    How can we apply
    The link is not opening

  • Okot Joseph says:

    Thank i am the HR for the organization call Rescue and initiate development for all Uganda[RIDFA] in Northern part of Uganda where we face war for more than 22 years and so far we have work for more than 7 years and risen telly we have got funding from Plan international Uganda on preventing Early Pregnancy and Early married because our area of work is on SGBV, Mental Health,Sexual Reproductive Health Right[ Preventing early married and early pregnancy to the young girls and boys in school and out of school] and their after Livelihood-some thing sustainable like income generating activities[IGA]. We shall put in action to write the proposal and by God Wish we shall be lucky, God Bless you,Joseph Okot


    need to know application procedures

    • Ritu at fundsforNGOs says:


      For more information regarding eligibility criteria and application process, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.
      You have to copy the link and paste it into a browser window.

      Good luck!

  • Muhindo Aaron Mukababirwa says:

    The Power of Three- Kasese is a registered Community Based Organisation at Municipality and District levels in Uganda and operates in the Rwenzori Region.

    It does charitable work in the community by providing support and protection to vulnerable children both in and out of school.

    Upon that back- ground, we would like to participate in this relevant activity.

    We kindly beg to be guided on how to access this fund.

    Hopping to hear from you soon.

    Yours faithfully,

    Aaron Muhindo Mukababirwa

    Executive Director

  • wekhanya alex says:

    kindly help with the email to send the proposals

  • marete s.m says:

    Thanks for that initiative of preventing early marriages. Here in Kenya such marriages are common among the maasai, Samburu, tulkana and pokots tribes. can we also be considered for funding.

  • Lickson Kabango says:

    We are CBO based in Malawi. Working with girl- child and young women. We really need funding and support. Can I apply

  • Michael Oduor says:

    thank you for this opportunity can a CBO from Kenya also apply? i have not seen Kenyan position here

  • Nabuduwa Grace Olive Musingo says:

    I am principal of a girls secondary school in Uganda.
    As schools we face challenges of schoool dropout due to early pregnancies and early marriage.
    We do advocacy for girl child to remain in school by sensitizing parents and the community.
    As a school are we eligible for this program?
    We would love to move this work to the next level.

    • Ritu at fundsforNGOs says:

      Hi Nabuduwa Grace Olive Musingo,

      For more information regarding eligibility criteria, application process and more, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good Luck!

  • eve nakiganda says:

    we are Sikyomu development organization for people living with HIV/AIDS we are COB and we yearn to apply based in Uganda,Mukono district katosi road .we are located around landing sites and islands so girls this side need help

    • Ritu at fundsforNGOs says:

      Hi eve nakiganda,

      You can apply for this opportunity if you fulfill the eligibility requirements. To learn more on eligibility criteria and how to apply please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good Luck!

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