Open Funding Grant Opportunities for Protection and Promotion of Human Rights

(December 2018) On the occasion of the Human Rights Day '#StandUp4HumanRights', we have compiled a list of 15 open opportunities focused on Human Rights. EMHRF’s Standard Grants Program: Supporting Human Rights Organizations & Defenders Deadline: 20 January 2019 Euro-Mediterranean Foundation is seeking applications for its Standard Grants Program that aims at providing financial support to regional, national and local human rights NGOs and institutes as well as individuals, who … [Read more...]

Top 15 Funding Opportunities for Small NGOs from Small Grant-making Foundations

Small NGOs in developing countries struggle to identify resources which match up to their capacities and needs. Many large and known funding opportunities pose high-level competition and their eligibility criteria to apply can be so tough that most small NGOs fail to even submit their funding applications. However, there are a few, little known grant-making foundations that issue grant opportunities from time to time for such small NGOs which are not able to source funding from other sources … [Read more...]

25 Inspiring Grants for Human Rights, Peace, Democracy, and Social Justice

As threats to human rights, peace, democracy and social justice continue to exist around the world, there is a growing number of grants to inspire NGOs and individuals working to address societal issues and problems. Here is a list of 25 such grants open for you to apply and benefit from: EU Global Call for Proposals for Democracy and Human Rights Under the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) program 2018, the European Union is seeking proposals to support civil … [Read more...]

Open Grants for Environment, Conservation and Climate Change Issues

Here is a list of open grants in the areas of environment, conservation and climate change issues. Dutch Fund for Climate and Development The Government of Netherlands is seeking grant proposals for the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) to finance climate projects in developing countries...[more] Japan Fund for Global Environment Japan Fund for Global Environment (JFGE) is currently accepting applications 2019 grant program to provide grant to Non Governmental Organization … [Read more...]

What Opportunities exist for NGOs working for the empowerment of women and girls?

Updated November 20, 2018 NGOs working (and also those not working) for the empowerment of women and girls know how important it is to integrate gender equality in the work they are doing. Whether it is a human rights project or an agriculture-based livelihood development program, all forms of interventions have to ensure equal participation of women and men for equitable development. Gender equality is Goal 5 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) but it is also true that all the … [Read more...]

Upcoming Fellowship Programs for Career-building and Capacity Development

Fellowship programs from international agencies provide opportunities for individuals from developing countries to build careers and enhance capacities. These fellowships believe in awarding individuals with skills, knowledge and exposure so that they can improve their contribution towards bringing about positive change in society. Here we bring to you the top open fellowship opportunities for career-building and capacity development for individual professionals from around the world. Open … [Read more...]

How the Expo 2020 in Dubai will benefit NGOs: The $100,000 Impact Grant Program

The Expo 2020 Dubai will be held from October 2020 to April 2021 in Dubai bringing in people from hundreds of countries, representing international companies, universities and organizations. But do you know that NGOs and grassroots projects are also expected to play an important role in this event and there is an innovation impact grant program, providing funding of up to USD $100,000? The Expo 2020 Dubai is considered to be the first World Expo of the region (Middle East, Africa and South … [Read more...]

15 Inspiring Grants for Human Rights and Social Justice

NGOs working for the promotion and protection of human rights and social justice require a continuous flow of funds to ensure the sustainability of their work. Here, we have identified 15 inspiring grants to support organizations in their work to ensure a just and harmonious world. Open Technology Fund's Internet Freedom Fund Applications are open for Internet Freedom Fund, a primary way to support projects and people working on open and accessible technology-centric projects that promote … [Read more...]

‘Simplifying Logframes: A Guide for NGOs on How to Develop a Logical Framework (with Examples)

Working on your very first Log frame Matrix and are completely clueless? Or Are you intimidated by the Jargons used in the LFM exercise? Or Are looking for some suggestions to improve your Logframe? No matter what your concerns are, stress no further as you are at the right place. Here is a guide to simplify logical frameworks for development practitioners: 'Simplifying Logframes: A Guide for NGOs on How to Develop a Logical Framework (with Examples)' In this guide, we will … [Read more...]

New Funding Grant Opportunities for Women and Gender Projects

(October 2018) Check out new funding grant opportunities for NGOs working on women and gender projects around the world. Thomas Reuters Foundation's Gender and Equality Program Thomas Reuters Foundation's is organizing the Gender and Equality Program which includes workshops with practical exercises offered by the Foundation in any part of the world to give participants an insight...[more] Get Early Funding Grant Alerts Join fundsforNGOs Premium Member and get early funding grant alerts … [Read more...]

Why NGOs get banned from receiving foreign funds in India and how to avoid it?

On July 24, 2018, the Union State Minister of Home Affairs in India, Kiren Rijiju announced that nearly 19,000 NGOs in the country have been banned from receiving foreign funds under the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act (FCRA) of the Government of India since the year, 2011. Foreign funds are a major source of financial support for NGOs in India. Various private foundations, foreign governmental agencies, and individuals provide money for charitable causes in India in form of donations … [Read more...]

Funding Support to attend Upcoming Short Courses on Sustainable Development Topics

This article covers information about various funding and fellowship opportunities available for NGOs and individuals, especially in developing countries to participate in short courses on topics related to sustainable development. Different universities and agencies Europe organize these short courses with the objective to empower the capacity of NGOs and individuals in developing countries. In order to ensure their effective participation, agencies such as the Swedish International … [Read more...]

How can NGOs empower Youths with these latest opportunities?

Youths are powerful change agents with enormous potential to bring about the positive changes in society. Many NGOs prefer working with them and for them to achieve greater impact at grassroots levels as they are expected to become future leaders spearheading sustainable development processes. Many international agencies acknowledge the fact that without the involvement of today's youths, it is impossible to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. Youth NGOs and NGOs working for youths often … [Read more...]

Top New Grants You can apply this month!

Here is a list of latest new grants you can apply this month. Grants for Small Organizations to develop transformative leadership Voice Empowerment grants are meant for (smaller) organisations to develop transformative leadership, build confidence and skills, forge alliances with other like-minded organizations in their countries...[more] Expo Live’s Flagship Innovation Impact Grant Programme Applicants are invited to apply for the fourth cycle of the Expo Live’s flagship Innovation … [Read more...]