A Quick Help Guide on ‘AmplifyChange Strengthening Grants to Support Small & Medium Civil Society Organizations’


You were earlier notified about AmplifyChange Strengthening Grants opportunity for the same we will help you guide through the applying process so that you have best chance to get the proposal sanctioned under your civil society organization (NGO).

Let us first understand what exactly does Amplify Change wants you to do?
As per the opportunity released, the Amplify Change has clearly mentioned the program is to support organizations that are already working in the area of Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) issues. The grant will also support Advocacy and Activists groups who are striving to improve the scenario of SRHR as human rights in their respective target area.

What is meant by advocacy?
Social Advocacy aims to encourage positive change within the systems, legislation, institutions, communities, individuals, families and groups and remove injustice related to social, political or environmental.

What is meant by activists?
The one who advocates is an activist; to elaborate more it’s the person that fights the injustice through protests, lobbying or activism to bring about favored changes.

Later in the article, we will explain the Sexual Reproductive Health Rights issues in brief once you are clear on what is been expected from the applicant.

Amplify change has also clearly mentioned the experience of the organization or the group should be on these top 5 priority area.

  • Addressing gender-based violence, including sexual violence and female genital mutilation (FGM)
  • Addressing the causes of unsafe abortion including decriminalization of abortion
  • Challenging stigma and discrimination, attitudes and laws that undermine human rights, including on grounds of gender or sexual orientation of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) individuals
  • Improving sexual health of young people and girls, including comprehensive sexuality education (CSE) and addressing child and early forced marriage (CEFM)
  • Increasing access to comprehensive reproductive health services for poor, vulnerable and marginalized people

Understanding the outcome areas:
From the initiation of any project, clear outcomes are defined so that at the end of the implementation program the success of the project could be measured in the form of outcomes. Certainly, Amplify Change has also defined the outcomes of the released opportunity which is as follows.

  • Increasing individual awareness of SRHR as human rights
  • Improving access to SRHR resources, information & services
  • Transforming social norms
  • Changing policies & laws
  • Building stronger, more inclusive movements for SRHR

Support Grants range from EUR 40,000 – EUR 100,000. (If you want a budget going to higher side then you have to plan activities that consume that kind of a budget)

Note: For eligibility purpose, the compliance for an applicant is to respond on one or more priority and outcome areas of Amplify Change.

The opportunity released clearly indicates that you have to submit a concept note on the lines of the rationale of the project, scope of work, goals and objectives, a budget for implementation and project outcomes. 

You need to clearly understand the Sexual Reproductive Health as human rights. This will also help you to build a strong concept note.

Sexual Health + Reproductive Health = SRH

  • Sexual Health- Sexual Health is a personal sense of human being, as well as the absence of disease, infections or illness associated with sexual behavior. It includes issues of self-esteem, self-expression, caring for others and cultural values.
  • Reproductive Health– It is a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity in all matters relating to the reproductive system and to its functions and processes-WHO

Components of Sexual and reproductive health

[Rationale for the program]

Why sexual and reproductive health rights are an issue and why it is related to human rights?
Since ages, the health issues associated with sex, expression of sexuality and reproduction has been kept in dark and not many have stood up to ask questions clearing the issues related to it. The reason has also been that sexual and reproductive health are considered forbidden and therefore even the individuals suffering health issues related to sexual and reproductive health do not seek professional help and suffer in isolation. Both religious and morals are often used as an excuse to restrict education and services related to SRH. The most vulnerable community are individuals from the marginalized background, children, women, people living with the disability, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) individuals.

In order to increase health-seeking behavior among the mentioned groups and individuals, we as organizations should advocate for their rights and provide them enabling environment in institutions, hospitals, and systems that encourage and welcome people seeking sexual and reproductive health services.

Now you have understood the concept of sexual and reproductive health and its relation to context with human rights, using above points you can develop a strong rationale for your concept note.

Quick tips to develop Goals and Objective of the program as part of your concept note.

  1. Think in lines of conducting advocacy activities with religious and political groups.
  2. Conducting workshops with both government and private health care providers educating them on vulnerable groups like marginalized community, women, children, disabled people, and LGBTI.
  3. Making sexual and reproductive health education and services accessible in reality by sensitizing family’s members, individuals, civil society, individuals from political system and initiations.
  4. Provide activism to change policies and laws if they hinder SRH rights.
  5. The inclusion of other vulnerable groups in your program like female injecting drug users and female sex workers as they are more in risk for HIV and sexual abuse.
  6. Develop a crisis response team that will respond to gender-based sexual abuse, female genital mutilation, and violence by providing legal aid.
  7. Sensitization of community on unsafe abortion and including decriminalization of abortion.
  8. Workshop activities to provide comprehensive sexuality education to youngsters and girls.
  9. Your program should address malpractices like forced and early child marriages.
  10. Your program should increase the sensitivity of health care providers on the privacy of patients and their sexual behavior.

Perhaps there is no prescribed format for a concept note unless the funder has asked the concept note in a particular way otherwise you could follow the simple flow mentioned below.

  1. Name of the Organization
  2. Title of the anticipated Project
  3. Project background (define the target area and target population)
  4. The rationale for the Proposed Project
  5. Project Goals and Objectives
  6. Proposed activities to achieve the main goal
  7. Expected outcomes
  8. Organizational Background, including expertise and experience.
  9. Estimated Budget (attach detailed budget as Annexure)
  10. Details of project staff with qualification and contact Information of the NGO with contact details of the head.

Considering the fact that the funding agency does not have much time to spend on reading, therefore, a 2 to 3-page concept note will suffice.

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